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  1. daveindc

    Los Angeles Rams Confirm Throwback Uniforms For Super Bowl

    Agreed. Nobody confuses the two teams. It would be like confusing the LA/California Angels with the LA Dodgers. Their specific colors and designs are enough to set them apart. No need to change anything, other than for the Rams to fix the mismatched blue helmet and jersey.
  2. daveindc

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Those dark red/ lime green schemes are great IF they decide to go with a red and green combo. It'll separate them from the Minnesota Wild, and give them a connection to Seattle sports at the same time.
  3. daveindc

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Maybe their rationale was to "fit in" with a common color scheme in NHL. They already know NHL fans in Seattle are going to support them regardless. That said, I personally think they should go with a unique shade of blue and lime green. Maybe steel blue like the previous Seahawks set, or something similar:
  4. daveindc

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    The gear is still associated with that NHL Seattle group in particular, which was already using red and black. It's like the Portland Diamond Project selling navy blue gear. I guess both groups just wanted to use a common color scheme in their respective sports. I know the PDX group mentioned on Twitter that the navy blue isn't an indication of a decision on actual team colors. Don't know about the NHL Seattle group.
  5. daveindc

    NFL changes 2019

    Love that red face mask. The white always looked weird to me.
  6. daveindc

    2019 MLB Changes

    Hard to see the fans dropping the "Tomahawk Chop". Maybe they can start doing the "Soldier Salute".
  7. Yeah, it has been discussed here plenty of times. Some people feel the current royal blue would look too bright on the helmet, and the Rams should find a median. Some, including myself, feel the current blue is perfect and will look great under that Cali sun. I would assume the Rams will correct this with the new uniforms regardless. Angelo State is a good example:
  8. daveindc

    NFL changes 2019

    Hard to see them getting rid of either color at this point. They might as well embrace both royal and navy blue like the Mavericks.
  9. Wouldn't surprise me if we see them more often. Between those and the navy camos, they'll still have plenty of blue in the rotation.
  10. Sounds like he's describing the brown alt, and maybe also the cap logo. White lettering, piping, and logo. Maybe something like this: A good amount of white to prevent a "hot dogs slathered with mustard" or "UPS driver" look that the writer joked about in the article. Fowler laughing while mentioning that there's a lot of white seems like a response to these type of jokes from the writer that must have been said to him.
  11. daveindc

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    @Gothamite @SilverBullet1929 And yet when some random poster on here says things like "I talked to a buncha real deal fans, and none of them likes those colors!!!" you automatically go with it. I think I will go with what social media provides instead. That's my final thought.
  12. daveindc

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    The flaw of Wikipedia is incorrect facts. Facts and opinions are two different things.
  13. daveindc

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    But yet in another thread, when it was pointed out that the Jets' Instagram account sought feedback on the black practice jerseys and it came back mostly negative, you gave that post a "Like". 3.1 million people follow the Heat's Instagram account alone. The widest range of people are on social media today. All kinds. Not just a certain type like you're trying to imply. It's not limited like how it was 15-20 years ago. There's even social media groups specifically created for fans to gather and communicate. Often these specific groups will actually meet up at games and events. Real relationships are developed on social media today. For you to disregard today's social media as "nonsense" and "not real life" is actually pretty laughable. Not sure why you're trying to compare this to Wikipedia, because we're just talking about the opinions of a fan base here, not facts.