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  1. The Whales have not been a very talented team for a few years. They've managed to stay on top of the division due more to other teams in the West underachieving than their own talent. They're already looking to start the rebuilding process, modeled after what the Krewe have done over the past few years. I love that you even reply to this jibberish
  2. grant1woods

    Italian National Team

    You misused it, but you continue to post concepts with it? I'm asking you to stop using it. Unless your intent is to sell it, I don't see what the problem is...
  3. grant1woods

    National Women's Soccer League Concepts

    Is the entire league sponsored by ChromeCast
  4. grant1woods

    Continental Hockey Federation (Washington Added)

    You get so defensive when people don't like your designs and then the only to things you comment are "who's next" and "not funny". Are you 5 years old?
  5. grant1woods

    Hand-Drawn Soccer Drawings: Alton Federation of Soccer

    Spectacular! You are amazing at this hand drawn stuff!
  6. grant1woods

    NFL expansion

    The font of the "Los Angeles" is a little to complex to fit in. I would simplify it a little.
  7. grant1woods

    An NFL unlike anything you've ever seen. (Chargers added)

    The Greek Titans rolled over in their graves.
  8. grant1woods

    NASCAR Designs to Kill the Time (Apple)

    Dildo Factory.Net would be cool.
  9. I love these "history of a _" threads! Love the helmets!
  10. grant1woods

    NFL Concept Helmets

  11. grant1woods

    Sports League Logos - Texturized

    "Bowling and Speed Stacking... my two favorite sports" said no one ever
  12. grant1woods

    UCI sort out. (Giant and orica)

  13. grant1woods

    2015 Bro Bowl uniforms

    I doubt this, the player number and name can be on the jersey...
  14. grant1woods

    NFL Wallpapers

    Could I have one of Tom Brady (3200 x 1800)