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  1. Some soccerball examples that spring to mind, all named after real people... Vasco de Gama - Brazilian side named after the Portuguese explorer. Tottenham Hotspur - said to be named after medieval nobleman Sir Harry Hotspur. Willem II - named in honour of the Dutch king. Kaizer Chiefs - named after one of their founders, South African player Kaizer Motaung. Club Athletico Douglas Haig - an Argentine team honouring the British First World War Field Commander. Nortwich Victoria - non-League side named after Queen Victoria. FC Santa Claus - Finnish outfit named after the jolly red-clad present giver.
  2. I'd go so far as to say it's bloody terrible.
  3. I recall talk of the Premier League introducing a rule for next season requiring shirts to have a plain panel on the back for names and numbering. If this has gone through then I guess this Newcastle shirt will be lacking full stripes.
  4. ...and their caretaker manager is the wonderfully named Fred Grim. Superb.
  5. I see they're using a Hull City shirt to show the new font in the best possible light. A wise decision.
  6. I think it's more a case of Emirates putting a clause in their contract rather than Arsenal making a stand of some sort, so you're free to be able to sleep at night.
  7. Not Arsenal though! Word is that their deal with Emirates precludes other sponsors appearing on their kit.
  8. Remember those Premier League sleeve patch sponsors? Well, Manchester City are the first to announce theirs - Korean tyre manufacturers Nexen Tire.
  9. Supporters who want Wenger out as he's 'killing their club' might get their wish as he lifts his third major trophy in four seasons. Perhaps they should have a chat with their counterparts at Blackpool, Coventry, Charlton or Leyton Orient, to name but a few?
  10. The Championship doesn't have sleeve advertising - for the time being at least - but teams can wear sponsors' logos on the back of their shirts and on their shorts. I'd guess that if a Premier League club with a sleeve sponsor was relegated said sponsor would look to have first dibs on one of these alternative spots. That said, some sponsorship deals are dependent on Premier League status so have severance clauses written into them in case of relegation.
  11. The collective deal will be made up of smaller clubs with less clout, the big boys will be able to negotiate more profitable deals for themselves.
  12. Ciao! The Lega Primo d'Italia - CCSLC’s Serie A-based fantasy soccer league - is looking to find a replacement owner for CS Monte Carlo with immediate effect. The Monte Carlo roster features the likes of Ciro Immobile, Lorenzo Insigne and Adem Ljajić, and prospective owners can apply HERE.
  13. Meanwhile, Leicester City have gone and sacked Claudio Ranieri.
  14. It’s not that uncommon a practice in pre-season matches before a team's squad numbers are finalised - players will just wear numbered shirts devoid of a name, usually the starters will be in traditional 1-11.
  15. Umbro used to alternate releasing home and away kits each year, with the new clobber being unveiled on Saint George's Day (April 23). I seem to remember that continuing for a while under Nike, before we fell into the same schedule as other teams. On the subject of Umbro, and the use of co-ordinates on the new Orlando City shirt's sleeve - Umbro used co-ordinates as part of the promo for their team's new kit launches last summer. They feature prominently in the ads and are usually to be found on the inner collar of the shirt...
  16. They sorely missed Clattenburg last night.
  17. Go Hull Black Wolves, that's what I say! Folk claimed to have encountered a monstrous werewolf in these parts last year, but clearly it was just the local GBBA club's mascot on his way home from the ball game.
  18. General consensus in these parts is that Marco Silva's doing a reasonable job.
  19. That's the question. Vice-Chairman and noted buffoon Ehab Allam put a rare statement out yesterday, saying that the current squad needs only 'two or three key additions' during this transfer window - a very optimistic opinion at best. I can't see us spending much money, given how the owners have been more focused on taking it out rather than putting it in. It's worth noting too that Silva has only been appointed until the end of the season, so it's fair to say that if we go down he won't be sticking around. And as an aside - this is the first time that Hull City have appointed a manager who's younger than I am. I'm getting old.
  20. A chap in the local sporting media has tweeted that the players have apparently been told by the owners to expect a new manager to be in place later this week. Mind, given that tomorrow marks 1,000 days since said owners stated the club was up for sale and that they'd be gone in 24 hours you might like to take that with a very large pinch of salt.
  21. Mike Phelan has been sacked by Hull City. I'm struggling to think who would be desperate or stupid enough to come here.
  22. I was once told that a suitably distant ancestor of mine invented the whistling tea kettle. Given that I'm British it's statistically likely.
  23. I'd guess so too - and perhaps the odd Smackdown/RAW appearance from time-to-time (especially when it's taped over here). There's talk of a full-time Network show, I don't know if that'll come to pass but I can see them running occasional specials at the very least. WWE is running the UK Championship with the support of a number of UK promotions it's on good terms with - Rev Pro, PROGRESS and ICW, as well as Ireland’s OTT - but there's no doubt that they'll retain creative control of their title. From the UK perspective it's additional exposure for the promotions and their talent, and from the WWE's point of view they're in pole position to pick up any British/Irish wrestlers with potential. One thing to note though - wrestling was once hugely popular on the TV here, shown as part of ITV's World of Sports programme. The show was axed back in the late 1980s as interest in domestic wrestling declined and the more flamboyant style of WWF and WCW became popular. However, a couple of months back ITV announced they are looking to bring professional wrestling back to our screens - a pilot episode has been recorded and is to be aired over Christmas/New Year. I suspect the WWE's sudden interest in UK wrestling is less about celebrating British talent and more a desire to squash a potential rival to the promotions they currently enjoy a good relationship with. Grado's signed up to the World of Sports show, so he'll be kept well away from the WWE UK Championship for the time being at least. Phew!
  24. Do you know what? That was really, really good.
  25. Meanwhile, WWE has announced a new United Kingdom Championship. They're having a 16 man tournament and everything. Where do I put my name down to enter?