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  1. Any other girls on this board?

    If so, I'll take my two week suspension.
  2. Any other girls on this board?

    No mistake. It's also not the first time you've shared an IP address with "her." Oh well, guess this stupid program doesn't work like I thought. WHY!? Like honestly why even bother, are you that insecure about yourself that you feel the need to pose as a female gymnast? Honestly, nothing better to do... although, I do talk to the REAL person mentioned every now and then, but I couldn't convince her to come to the boards.
  3. Any other girls on this board?

    No mistake. It's also not the first time you've shared an IP address with "her." Oh well, guess this stupid program doesn't work like I thought.
  4. Any other girls on this board?

    :-P cool do you think it's ok that i posted this? i feel kind of weird about it, but i've also never started a topic before... Sure, no harm. Just be aware that the more, er, immature members are going to start going ape now. A couple months ago we had a "member" claiming that "she" was on the Arizona gymnastics team, leading to an infamous marriage proposal-type scenario. Ya know, that's not very nice. Nice to know there are people that don't think I'm myself. Anyway, I come and browse from time to time, not frequently active though. You forgot to mention that you were in Colorado using the same computer as our favourite 100mph throwing, AFL playing, eyebrow ring-rockin' friend Nick1733. IP Addresses are a bitch. Ummm, that's impossible. Either you're mistaken, or you need to double check something.
  5. Sports Movie Errors

    Actually, Permian lost to Carter in the semifinals, they played the game wherever the Longhorns played at the time, the game was in the rain, and if I remember correctly the final score was either 17-7 or 17-3. Strangely enough, Carter went on to win the state championship, only to later have it stripped due to playing w/ ineligible players.
  6. Sports Movie Errors

    Also in Friday Night Lights, many of the players are seen wearing Riddell Revolution helmets, and we all know they weren't around back then... During the final game against Carter (which is in itself is a factual error) when they show the coach near the end of the game, you can see two Panthers players, one has the black stripe on his helmet, but the one right next to him does not.
  7. Desktop Screenshots

    RocketDock, very nice. I use that program too. Can't you put the Recycle bin inside the Dock? It's in there, I just can't get rid of it from the desktop. Is there a way to do that in XP?
  8. Desktop Screenshots

    Bought a computer for my friend for her graduation, I've been setting everything up for her, and here's what the desktop looks like...
  9. Stupid annoying songs

    Then you also have Daughtry, now while he didn't win, he's been pretty successful and I like his music. Of course, I HATE American Idol and I never watch it, and I even rag on my friends that do. So you have: Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood & Daughtry out of what? Too many to count.
  10. 2008 NBA Playoffs

    Homer much? Your grammatical and spelling errors have given me a headache.
  11. Sears Catalog pages with NFL stuff

    I actually have the bedspread in my room right now, not being used, but I have it... and I also have the mini pennant set from the late 70's/early 80's, in mint condition.
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    That song is really good too. Have you heard Animal I Have Become? Sure have... I just got One-X and I like pretty much every song on it. "Never Too Late" is my 2nd favorite song overall. Two good non-radio tracks are "Time Of Dying" and "Over And Over"
  13. What Are You Listening To?

    A song I just heard the other day, now I can't stop listening to it... "Riot" by Three Days Grace
  14. Stupid annoying songs

    Please don't get me started on Soulja Boy. I mean, yeah, he's a funny cat, the music is nice for kids to dance to, but he can't rap to save his life and he basically took the artistic form of the genre and all over it. But I figure that hip-hop's coming full circle, because fans of the genre are slowly starting to either 1) Get tired of terrible rappers rapping about the same thing or 2) Grow up. Lupe & Atmosphere's success are signs that good hip-hop is starting to get some recognition. I actually like the remix this guy did: I also like the Rock Remix done by Travis Barker. However, I HATE the original.
  15. Stupid annoying songs

    Holla Back Girl by Gwen Stefani "I don't know what a holla back girl is, all I know is I want her dead."