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  1. I can get that, maybe, but there can still be a better way.
  2. Living in NY I had to study this exact book a couple years back. I dont mind the illustrative vectored graphic. I think the trees and cars could use a touch up but my biggest problem is the red sidebar and font choices. Yours, like previously stated is designed very well, just maybe not for a driving manual.
  3. Well, this is ...something I applaud you for going so outside the box on this, very difficult to do with the Cowboys. Let's start from top to bottom IMO: Helmet: I think just having a normal stripe would looks so much better, or leaving it a thicker normal stripe on either the front or back, then ending off in a stripe if you want to change the original helmet. Jersey: First thing, the numbers have to be separated. Smaller on the unis also. The side panel design is interesting, I'm thinking maybe it would look even cooler if you only kept the top part of the stripe or the bottom part of the spike then removing the star. Removing that star and the one on the chest I think is a must so that the design isn't overloaded with the logo as there will be 9 total on the uni, and even just from the logo on the helmet, people will get the idea. Not a fan of the bar going across the chest but if you like it, I would say work on the blue stripe going through it. Either decide to make it more intentionally asymmetrical or just remove it that blue stripe. The Shoulders, I think would look better without the white outline. That, or just having the star shape instead of the circle and star. Pants: Removing the logo like the side of the jersey, or just having it very small on one side, then doing the same idea I had with the side, either keep one spike on top or the bottom. Or like the helmet idea, have it gradually turn to a spike. Also, on the player model, would there be a blue part to the pants? If so, that's a complete no to me. Hope to see an update soon, not with necessarily what I've brought up but maybe more thought process to how the uniform as a whole is brought together. Right now it just looks like throwing stars and spikes on a blue jersey.
  4. At first, I thought the "eyes" in the original were just sunglasses. Perhaps that could be a way to go? I still feel like the eyes are very awkward in this one. I think the biggest problem with the hands is that the fingers look like small noodles rather than rigid boned fingers. Maybe a look at more reference images to get how the fingers would look, how they would bend, etc. Right now it just looks like the hand is plopped on top of the beam which instead you want it to look like it's wrapping around. Perhaps dont show the full fingers, because that's whats making it look broken or like noodles. Maybe show his hands like knuckles on a fist to show he's gripping the beam? Then you have less bend to work with, and that shape is much more common and easier to achieve.
  5. I can totally see that. Without it, it actually looks pretty bare, if I take it out there needs to be something there. It was taken from the alternate logo but I feel for this it was more of a "scratch" or a ripple from the Shark. Personally I don't think it makes it look busy, but I do think there needs to be something there if I remove them.
  6. Actually, that idea was taken from their new alternate logos (not sure if they're going to use them soon on jerseys). But I loved that aspect of the logo, so it was an easy decision to move it to this one.
  7. My next move was definitely doing that to the teeth. And where was your idea for the orange? I personally dislike orange overall for the color scheme, but depending on where I can see how it looks.
  8. Trying to streamline the logo. I always loved the look of the shark in this logo but it always seemed way too busy. First, I removed the orange like I usually do when starting a San Jose concept. Always try and decide where the lighter gray should go. This time I went minimal with the gray. Then I started to remove some of the smaller linework that I feel doesn't really add anything to the logo. After that, I took a look and thought, does this logo need the broken stick? Sure it adds more of the idea of aggression, and well, it's a hockey stick to signify the sport the Sharks play. However, doesn't break a hockey stick show that the shark does not like hockey? Or maybe the shark just ate a player? I know the story behind the idea that it's eating the Pittsburgh Penguin, but the stick just doesn't do it for me. At first, it was really weird, but it grew on me. Lastly, I tweaked the color scheme a bit. The teal is a tad brighter and the black is actually just a dark charcoal gray. Maybe not noticeably different but I liked that look better than the pure black. Let me know what you think, jerseys will be up soon!
  9. Love the glow you added to the Big Ten one.
  10. Thank you, I'm really curious as to what the final product is. Not gonna lie, I dont have high expectations. So maybe it'll help me be more pleased with the outcome.
  11. Vegas Golden Knights Home and Road Concept The basis of this concept was inspired by the new draft hat that leaked about a week ago. It had similar striping going around the back of the hat, and I figured it may be a leak to the jersey design? Anyways, I used a very similar design to an old Vancouver Canucks concept I did awhile back. I always thought the 'V' arm and side striping would always look cool on a jersey (if done right) and I feel it's pretty successful here too. The one struggle I had with this concept (along with a problem I see with a lot of Vegas concepts) is the color scheme. It's a unique color scheme, which is great, but I thought it was very tough to get a good balance between the black and the steel gray. I also brightened up the gold from the original logo and used the brighter gold found on their ColorWerx page. I did have fun with this though, as I've wanted to complete a Vegas concept for awhile now. So, if you read this, thank you. I hope you like it!
  12. Peoples process on things is very different. For me, I try to get the logo as closely as I can to what I want the final to look like in sketch form. This means the outlines of shapes are pretty close to how I want them. I think your sketch is far more compelling than the digital version. I would say go back to that sketch you have, trace it or even start over if you have to and really get most of the detail you want. Making sure your outlines of shapes are even and getting nice crisp curves or angles. Very good start, obviously if that doesn't work for you there are other options. Just another quick note, sports logos I feel look much better with more bold shapes and less fine lines. So any line or shape that is coming off of something by a centimeter, try and find a way to make it match up or flow into the next shape better, in this case, the antlers meeting the head. There's a sharp indent that I feel could be taken care of. Can't wait to see this build further!
  13. I can see both of your suggestions. The process and decisions made were VERY tough. What's good for Houston, the NHL, the whole sports world without getting too close to an established brand? I felt with the horns being the other way it was enough to be different from Mooterus and may be refreshing to some Dallas fans hopping on the Houston bandwagon? Jerseys are a tough subject. I'm actually not too pleased, the colors are very off and the logo on both home and road are missing some things. Still trying to work things out with the company but I'm not going to give them any good advertisement (Yeti Sportswear).
  14. This means a lot coming from you sparky! The font on the jerseys was a huge question for me. Nice to finally get some feedback on that!