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  1. My issues with the Sabres is more concept base than execution. The only thing I would change is making the horn outlines sharp. As the concept goes i don't think a skull works most of the time as it shows the animal is dead. sometimes it can work if skeletons are apart of your brand or name. I know the Milwaukee admirals use it but I think that can work. With this though, it's a dead Bison and it looks like his head was just chopped off by Sabres, which i don't think bodes well for the overall image.
  2. I would like to see one with just the shield. I know it's probably based off their shield logo already with the 2 sticks but worth a try.
  3. One of the only things that is bugging me about the logo is where the top of the sticks protrude out. That little lip the shield makes to me makes it feel off. Maybe if you continued up the red on the sides to connect with the stick? In my mind it looks better without it, but just a suggestion.
  4. Beautiful. That is all.
  5. Yes, it wasn't for no reason. There is a request forum if you need to ask for something. However, this thread is for posting a concept from the get go, not asking for things.
  6. Unfortunately that template that Colorado uses for their alternates, the Toronto template, and the Coyotes are all pretty similar and I think that was Reebok preparing for the Adidas template so it's an easy change. Might be seeing a lot more teams in the template style this year.
  7. Thank you. I was actually thinking about doing a tutorial vid for how I use this template soon. Quick answer: I select the outline of the logo, or whatever I'm using on the front. I then go to the effect layers and gaussian blur it each one just enough to not see the mesh anymore, but not so much that the lighting effect is ruined.
  8. Also going to bump this logo so people can see on the second page now.
  9. This is another great example thread about how much the boards can really help someone when people can be respectful and take criticism well. Not very often we see someone really spend the time to work on a logo through all the bumps in the road. Serious, very nice job so far. This has gone from what I would say clipart, to very close to an actual logo. To me, I think the lava flows should be cut off by the roundel so Hawaii is over just the black bar. I think the explosion having just a slightly darker black doesn't really do anything, it just seems like a color mistake since it's so close to that dark gray. So, I'd say either make the explosion the same gray or give it some more light detail like the first example ren gave. Don't go too much with the detail, just thick enough and some thicker shades so we can tell it's smoke and different from the mountain itself. I'd also explore what you can put on the rest of the roundel. Maybe extend the word Hawaii around? And alternate with the world volcanoes taking up more space? Again though, wonderful progress.
  10. If anything it's closer to the Hurricanes striping as the Leafs dont have a double striped hem. I also don't think the Leafs own the double stripe look.
  11. Will think about making a concept logo to go along with this. For the time being though, here are just the two jerseys. With the Sabres (supposedly) going back to Royal blue full time next year I start to question what their winter classic will be. Unless they're keeping the gray outlines, I dont see them just doing the original jerseys because then they'll be unveiling two jerseys that look almost exactly the same. I guess I could see that being a huge money grab though...Regardless, I chose a similar style to the 40th jerseys they had but simplified. Moved the original crest to the shoulders and placed a number under the script. I'm not a huge hater of the front numbers to begin with, but I feel under a script it looks nice to balance it out. Other than that, it's pretty typical. For the Rangers, I don't see this design being probable but it's a design I've really liked ever sine I did a similar concept about 2 years ago. Only difference is I didn't use the shield. I went with a straight up block font with no drop shadow for it to be simpler. The blue and red shade is a tad lighter then their actual shade and I brought down the saturation on both. To me, this is my ideal Winter Classic jersey matchup. Excited to see what Adidas gives us though. Also uploading detail to the Buffalo crest.
  12. The only gripe I have right now is the watermark. I understand the use but it kind of makes some of the detail lost to totally get what im looking at. From what I can see I'm wondering if the antlers I'm seeing has a different perspective than the head. One thing I've always had a problem with were antlers with logos. Only other thing right now is he might be starting to look more wolf or bear with the nose area. It's very boxy and wide while white-tailed deer have a more pointed smaller nose. Very nice linework though.
  13. Recently on the Nets I think the Blue and the Red don't really add anything on white and black. Especially over the black color, it's going to be very hard or even impossible to see it from a distance unless you make those two colors really bright, but even that would look very weird. Then on the white jersey it just looks like I need those 3D glasses to see the right thing. Maybe there's a way to make red and blue part of the uniform, but over black and having a red, blue, red, blue pattern to me doesn't work. Maybe it's something lighter like the collar having a red and blue outline? I also feel you should think about what your 76ers are going to look like. Do you think the red and blue stars are going to be too similar?
  14. I can get that, maybe, but there can still be a better way.
  15. Living in NY I had to study this exact book a couple years back. I dont mind the illustrative vectored graphic. I think the trees and cars could use a touch up but my biggest problem is the red sidebar and font choices. Yours, like previously stated is designed very well, just maybe not for a driving manual.