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  1. Not gonna lie...this is good stuff. If we were still in the '90s everyone would be loving all of this.
  2. I seriously doubt the wife beater template will be used...that's gotta be fake. There's no way you 're gonna fit Antetokounmpo on there.
  3. The Bucks haven't announced anything in terms of the jersey sponsorship. Don't know where you got this from.
  4. Good catch...gotta love leaks. The team is unveiling the entire logo package on Thursday just ahead of the draft. I'm guessing the secondary and tertiary will be almost identical to what the Bucks use now.
  5. I'm also thinking they might have to wait until the WNBA season is over, since they are under the Adidas contract as well. I don't believe they are under their own separate Adidas deal. I'm guessing draftees will be holding up jerseys without the swoosh on them.
  6. Did you miss the Suns or am I blind?
  7. Doesn't look like the wife beater jersey cut anymore either.
  8. You were saying?
  9. If you didn't point this out, I would have never even noticed. It's not off by much.
  10. Bucks 50th anniversary logo. Not bad...nice and clean and not overdone. Not sure if there will be room to cram this on the jerseys or not, but it will be available on other merchandise.
  11. I should hate that NC State uni way more than I do.
  12. Logos will be unveiled on June 22 - draft night.
  13. I'm actually searching for some kind of list of finalists or other options.
  14. Well, I guess we are the "Herd". No logos yet. There's no way there weren't better choices than this.
  15. If you want a good idea of some of the NBA things coming on the retail end, just look to the new NFL stuff that is coming out now. A lot of the NBA stuff will be identical. That goes for UA as well with the combine apparel.