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  1. It bothers me more that the C is only used in the logo and is not part of any wordmarks.
  2. Fake or not this has me thinking...is it possible they move the primary logo into a roundel instead of the rhombus they've been using? The shooting sun itself seems much more conducive to being inside of a circle and I think that actually looks good.
  3. That would certainly be a welcome move. It was inexcusable not to have any purple on that home uniform.
  4. I think the Suns were just going to make a few tweaks. Not sure what that may mean, but removing the butt stripe from the shorts would be a good start.
  5. There's no reason the main caps shouldn't be 3930s...you know a nice clean fitting hat that anyone can wear. The high crown stuff looks completely ridiculous on most people.
  6. Just a continuance of the Adidas garbage I see. Can we stop with the high crown flat brim crap please?
  7. Not feeling it. I'd rather they stay away from Dolphins colors.
  8. I don't know if it's just at Marlins Park or data from somewhere else but somewhere they were saying for merchandise sales the orange caps outsell the black ones almost 2-1. Don't know why the team doesn't seem to like them. With a color palette like they have it is foolish that they rely on black so much.
  9. Wearing the orange hat once in awhile wouldn't kill them either.
  10. Great...now I can't unsee that.
  11. Well, hopefully someday they learn from the Astros and do it the right way.
  12. Is the Houston fan base screaming for red and yellow back or not? Or don't they really care?
  13. Look like crap = play like crap. This is what they get for dressing the way they did in this series.
  14. Didn't you get the memo?...the Rockets can't go back to red and yellow because they are McDonalds colors or ketchup and mustard. At least that's the beyond stupid reasoning you hear from some folks.
  15. I'm just happy we don't have to see this kind of crap at the NBA draft anymore. Adidas stretch fit hats are horrible.