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  1. You dont have to have a jersey schedule
  2. Terrible
  3. I like the removal of the side panels
  4. The old nimes crest is so much better
  5. Toledo designed that, thats straight from the catalog
  6. I always been a fan of the shorter stripes
  7. That's not true at all, Lonzo is considered the best one, the middle one is a fringe NBA player at best, the youngest has a chance to be good.
  8. Looks so much better than last year's home kit
  9. No it doesn't, those are truly awful
  10. The sponsor is awful
  11. That looks real to you guys?
  12. Should be full time
  13. Sheffield united did it better
  14. "Let's do the exact thing Chelsea did last season"
  15. Hate the triangle thats being added to collars