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  1. Arizona is getting new uniforms anyway
  2. Love Nevada's new unis
  3. A million clapping Gifs
  4. This sounds so dumb, they no longer have an elite qb, NFL caliber lineman on both sides of the ball to masks deficiencies. The same so called gimmicks are now a staple through out college football.
  5. That's looks really good
  6. Miami is supposed to get new uniforms for the FSU game and will have them for the rest of the season
  7. I'm sure V tech will find some way to wear that template in the future
  8. That actually looks good
  9. It's a start
  10. The w looks out of place
  11. Those are not event cities, maybe Memphis
  12. Nobody knows who Jack ham is nor they care, I hate Penn state, but their uniforms are their uniforms nothing is changing because its a classic in people's eyes.
  13. That's a major reach
  14. White back, black numbers is much better