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  1. My only problem with the Arizona Stealth is that the shape is of a B-2 and B-2s are located closer to Kansas City so imo it would work better there.

  2. This is such a great series! It makes me wish I could play with some of these teams like in a video game haha. I love how you incorporated the conference logos on the jerseys too. Is there anyway we can see bigger versions of those logos or a branding of the conferences themselves?

  3. I'm with bucknut42 on this your doing great things with the B1G teams. I'm kinda hoping I could see all 14 be done, maybe like a series with this front profile theme I find it extremely interesting ! As for this latest gopher I like both of these I guess I would have to side more with V2 I'm personally drawn to. Just curious are you thinking of hiding the shape of Minnesota on this guy like Michigan and Minnesota?