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  1. Bartolo Colon on the Rochester Red Wings
  2. Also regarding the JMU and Furman uniforms, one is FAR superior!
  3. On an FCS discussion board one poster claimed Furman copied JMU and stated that these uniforms are nearly identical. This is why I don't discuss sports aesthetics on strictly sports forums.
  4. I love Colorado's color scheme but I just am not a fan of the mountain on the sleeves. What if you took that boarder of the repeating mountain logo you've created for your presentation and used it as a sleeve stripe?
  5. Me after looking into this.
  6. You can't fool me! That's just the Saint Bernard, Gumbo! I should know. I bought this sweet pin on ebay of him
  7. I couldn't find an image of it on its own but here is NDSU's first logo when it was first NDAC.
  8. Sorry, this was the firs thing that came to mind when seeing those.
  9. If you put a Minnesota Vikings Helmet on the Raider from the Oakland logo and positioned two Baltimore Ravens on his shoulders would that make him Odin?
  10. White cleats, especially if its just one or a couple players wearing them reminds me of baseball as a kid and that one kid who'd forget his cleats and have to wear his white tennis shoes. I grew up in a small town and kids and parents weren't always concerned with correct equipment. Our summer baseball league was very relaxed. haha
  11. (Warning not a hockey fan so in NO way an expert. In fact first time seeing this logo) My interpretation after seeing this was that it was implying that the bull face was painted on to the hockey mask but they did a poor job defining eye holes so I am not sure if there are actual eyes behind the mask or do the eye holes have the irises omitted kind of like a jack o lantern. edit - yes I do see that the horns go past the edge of the mask adding to the visual confusion.
  12. Or that the Mississippi in the Minn/St.Paul area is too wide for two twins to shake hands while on either side of it.
  13. Does this pic remind anyone else of Joey Mousepad, The DonBot and Clamps?