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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    USF announced it’s switching from Under Armour to Adidas:
  2. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    I'd like to see UCF come out with a fresh new design next season. They have a lot of design potential, yet their uniforms are very bland and generic.
  3. NBA Rebrand :: Sonics Added! - 31/31

    Wow, Minnesota looks great. The ears kind of look like mountains, or M's. Was that intentional?
  4. PDC Coalition Cup FINAL

    Columbus. Great job on this entire series, I respect all the time and dedication you put into these and it really does show. I think timberwolf is onto something. #WindellForCreamers
  5. PDC Coalition Cup FINAL

    I really like Ottawa, but... Stockholm is real sleek. I have to go with Ottawa though.
  6. PDC Coalition Cup FINAL

    Columbus all the way!
  7. PDC Coalition Cup FINAL

  8. PDC Coalition Cup FINAL

  9. PDC Coalition Cup FINAL

  10. PDC Coalition Cup FINAL

    Moncton Ottawa
  11. PDC Coalition Cup FINAL

    Calgary Ottawa
  12. NBA Rebrand :: Sonics Added! - 31/31

    I don't like the rounded versions, I like the second version the best so far.
  13. NBA Rebrand :: Sonics Added! - 31/31

    He's alive! Glad to see you back to take on another series. I love what you did with the MLB and NFL, and I expect no different from this series. I'm excited to see what you come up with. As for the Raptors logo, I disagree with the comments above and I think the tongue looks fine. I don't know what it is (it might be the eye) but something gives me a really strong dinosaur vibe on this logo which I really like (the current Raptor's logo set doesn't). Also, are you going to do more progression videos for this series? I enjoyed those in your last series.
  14. PDC Coalition Cup FINAL

    Halifax Quebec
  15. PDC Coalition Cup FINAL

    St. John's Yukon