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  1. These are pretty nice, but it's tough to judge them without getting a look at the sides and/or back of the jerseys as well as the shorts. And I wouldn't be afraid to use some trim on the collar and armholes for a lot of these designs as I think Nike will adapt it's template to fit the look of each team, similar to what they did when they took over the NFL contract and basically adapted most teams' looks to their template.
  2. The image I posted is just a screenshot from the teaser video for the new kit, which showed the logos from the club's history. This is what the new shirt will look like: If anything it seems to take inspiration from the kits worn in the 70's and early 80's and it bears an especially close resemblance to the kit worn in 1984, when they became the first English team to win the treble.
  3. UNCW has used it in recent years. There are probably more that have used it but they're the ones that come to mind. Interestingly, they've used Brooklyn's template as well.
  4. Congrats, hope you feel good about yourself after that.
  5. From the New Balance teaser video, it looks like the socks on the Liverpool home kit will have the same stripe design as the cuffs and collar of the shirt. This is shaping up to be the best Warrior/NB Liverpool kit yet IMO.
  6. I'm aware, I just find the joke utterly moronic, no matter how serious it's intended to be. As a Blazers fan and Oregonian, I've heard that joke enough for a lifetime and it's about as played out as a joke could possibly be.
  7. That joke is so old and unoriginal. I can't even tell you how many times I've seen or heard people say that.
  8. It's just a shortened version of this slogan: It's really not that odd IMO. It's just about players holding themselves accountable and getting their work done. It's especially relevant considering their recent decline and the change in regime. It's certainly a nice change of pace from "win the day" and "you vs. yesterday".
  9. They also seem to be using neon accents a bit more lately. The shirt above uses neon yellow/green trim, as do the shoes for the spring game, and the profile pics for their official Twitter and Facebook accounts use it as well (in addition to the new wing pattern). Might be something to look out for in the spring game, and possibly going forward as well (though that would kind of contradict the Oregonian's report about them sticking to actual school colors).
  10. We've basically known that since shortly after the news broke that Nike had won the NBA contract. And I believe Adam Silver just about confirmed that in an interview a year ago.
  11. Footy Headlines had originally said that there'd be a special 125 year crest based off of their first badge, and I think many others followed along with that rumor. It seems as though that information was incorrect though because all of the information I've seen and/or heard recently has stated that the crest would just be the regular liverbird with commemorative text added to it.
  12. The new Liverpool shirt is pure class, assuming FH's mockup is accurate.
  13. FIFY. But anyways, these are pretty nice. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the Rockets base a new set around their black alts and you did a nice job creating matching white and red versions.
  14. As has already been said, the NYCFC/Orlando and LA/Seattle matchups were both extremely hard to watch due to the grayscale Parley kits. The LA/Seattle game was even harder to watch at times (though it did get a bit easier as the game went on) because of the LA sun and the fact that the Sounders kept the metallic/shiny blue names and numbers rather than switching to white like NYCFC did. If Adidas and MLS decide to do this again in years to come (which they frankly probably will) let's hope they think about potential clashing issues and use team colors in a more prominent way than just the logos on the front and printing on the back. Luckily the weekend concluded with a much-needed pop of color in the form of Colorado's secondaries and it set up a pretty nice and unique matchup with Minnesota's primaries.
  15. They're being auctioned off in limited quantities and I believe the proceeds are going to the respective teams' charities.