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  1. Of course, I fault the club as well. Considering the shirt sponsorship was by far and away the most valuable in world football, and still is today (albeit by a slimmer margin), it seems pretty clear that United's priorities in negotiating the deal didn't include how the logo would appear on the shirts. Alas, it's becoming increasingly clear that that's just the world we live in these days, even if it means ruining one of the more inconic and sacred uniforms in all of sports.
  2. If either the terms of Chevy's brand guidelines or their contract with Man United mandate that the logo appear that way, then there's nothing United and Adidas can do. Chevy gets all the say in the matter since they're the ones paying big money for their logo to appear there.
  3. The Ajax home kit has been officially released. It looks quite nice, and definitely better than the fake version that was doing the rounds not too long ago. Also, the first real image of the Man United third shirt has leaked:
  4. ^Yeesh, that would've been one ugly matchup had NYCFC worn the hypnokits against Orlando in their secondaries. Thankfully that didn't happen, and instead we were treated to a repeat of one of the better matchups of the season so far. And credit to New England and Columbus for recreating their own beautiful kit matchup as well. Both of those games looked really nice, just as they did the first time around. One minor quibble about the New England/Columbus match, and that was the camo numbers the Revs wore for military appreciation. Luckily they weren't all that noticeable in action. Here's how they looked up close: To wrap things up, here's photos of the weekend's final three games, with the info for the keeper and ref kits as well. New England/Columbus: Keeper kits: light blue (New England) vs. green (Columbus) Refs: red Orlando vs. NYCFC: Keeper kits: black (Orlando) vs. green (NYCFC) Refs: yellow Minnesota vs. LA: Keeper kits: green (Minnesota) vs. black (LA) Refs: red As has already been mentioned, the Minnesota/LA game was another unfortunate gray vs. white affair. I wish I could say we've seen the last of those for this season, but there will almost undoubtedly be more instances of it as the season progresses, including when the Loons visit Vancouver and LA. Hopefully Minnesota returns to a darker gray for their primaries after the current teamwear-esque kits are retired. They've definitely proven to be problematic, and having white as the secondary kit option hasn't helped much either. The league should hopefully be taking notice, and that goes for the godawful gray and white Parley kits as well.
  5. Important to note that the image FH posted is actually a fake, but the design will indeed look like that, or at least very similar. I happen to think it's a really nice recreation of the iconic '95 kit (see below), and it helps that the design is a bit more subdued than the original. Funny enough, I actually think Nike's template does this shirt a lot of favors in that the solid navy sleeves make for a much classier look than the original, which had the pattern carried over from the chest to the sleeves.
  6. To be fair, the contrast would've been just about as awful if LA had worn their navy secondaries. Minnesota's shade of gray is right at the point where it contrasts terribly with both white and navy. The only matchup with sufficient contrast would've been Minnesota in white vs. LA in navy, but it wouldn't have been ideal to make Minnesota change at home.
  7. I watched Atlanta/Houston on my computer and didn't have any issues with the kit matchup. In fact, I thought it looked quite nice. Red vs. orange can make for some really ugly matchups, but not in this case since Atlanta's red is a fairly dark hue, and Houston's orange is somewhat light. Plus, the black stripes on the Atlanta shirt, as well as the black shorts and socks, made it so contrast was more than sufficient with Houston's orange/white/orange kit. You suggest that Houston should've worn their black secondaries, but how on earth would that have provided necessary contrast with Atlanta's kit? Both teams would be black from the waist down, and that's rguably what causes the most issues in terms of contrast for refs and players. That would be an absolute nightmare, and it would be just as bad for people watching the match as well. And regarding the bolded part, are you talking about all the green around the Adidas logo on the electronic ad boards? If you are, I'm not completely sure but I assume that's just an illusion created by the photo since it's fairly close up. There could've been some motion in the graphic at the time, and the photo was snapped during that, or the electronic display could've just messed with the camera and caused that illusion since the photo was focused on the players.
  8. I generally agree with you that they shouldn't use an abundance of white, but I'm making an exception for the new kit since it looks to be somewhat of a throwback to the late 70's, early '80's kits. I think it's pure class and a really fitting tribute to their most successful years. Some may argue that it doesn't make sense to have the kit resemble those of the late '70's and early '80's since they're celebrating 125 years, but I think they were smart to honor their most successful teams during their 125 years in existence.
  9. Here's how yesterday's matchups looked. Montreal vs. Portland: Keeper kits: black (Montreal) vs. red (Portland) Refs: yellow Atlanta vs. Houston: Keeper kits: green (Atlanta) vs. light blue (Houston) Refs: yellow FCD vs. San Jose: Keeper kits: light blue (FCD) vs. green (San Jose) Refs: yellow Seattle vs. RSL: Keeper kits: black (Seattle) vs. light blue (RSL) Refs: yellow Philadelphia vs. Colorado: Keeper kits: white (Philadelphia) vs. light blue (Colorado) Refs: red Vancouver vs. SKC: Keeper kits: light blue (Vancouver) vs. green (SKC) Refs: yellow DCU vs. Chicago: Keeper kits: blue (DCU) vs. green (Chicago) Refs: yellow Also of note from yesterday, Philadelphia wore camo numbers for Military Appreciation Day: Ironically, the camo numbers arguably matched the gold on the kits better than the yellowish-gold numbers they usually use. But anways, I thought Montreal/Portland and Atlanta/Houston were the best of the bunch yesterday, though I'm still curious how the former would've looked if Portland had gone with their secondaries. That said, I thought the green/white/white provided a really nice contrast to Montreal's striped kits. The same can be said for Houston's orange/white/orange against Atlanta's primaries. Out of curiosity, I hope to see my Timbers wear green/white/green at least once this year to see how it looks, but it probably won't happen since I can't think of a scenario where they would need to wear white shorts but not the white socks as well. As far as the other games go, I thought FCD/San Jose, Seattle/RSL, and Philadelphia/Colorado all looked pretty good too, but a step below Montreal/Portland and Atlanta/Houston (again, just my opinion). Speaking of Philadelphia/Colorado, that matchup really made me think that the Union should adopt a look similar to the Rapids' yellow/blue/yellow for their own secondaries as sort of a tribute to the Philadelphia flag. @Digby created a concept around that very idea not too long ago and it looked really nice. It'd certainly be a lot better than their drab white, navy, and gold away kits.
  10. Those Rapids concepts are very unoriginal IMO. The home kit is eerily similar to one of my recent concepts that I posted on here (not sure if that was intentional or not), and the away kit is basically a mash up of their current away kit and the previous version. I'd just suggest showing some more creativity and originality.
  11. ^You'll hate this post then. Liverpool and Leicester both debuted their new home kits today as well: Liverpool's new kit looked fantastic, while Leicester's just looked decent IMO.
  12. Another one of Chelsea's Nike training shirts for next season: Hopefully the light gray away kit doesn't have dark sleeves like this training top does. Also, Milan debuted their new kit today and it looked just as beautiful as expected. The new name/number font looked really sharp as well.
  13. That's already been posted but yeah, I generally agree with what you said. The stripe design is a bit random, but it's still better than this season's since the blue is richer and more visible. Plus it'll be combined with proper black shorts and socks, rather than the garish yellow socks of this season's kit. I think it'll look fairly nice overall, and it should still be a really nice looking Milan Derby next season considering how beautiful AC Milan's upcoming home kit is.
  14. Here's the first real look at the shorts of the Man City home kit:
  15. Just one match last night, and it was an ugly one between NYRB and Toronto. It wasn't quite as bad as last season's version since the Red Bulls' new primary doesn't have red sleeves and Toronto's has more dark gray, but it still wasn't appealing at all. Way too much red. NYRB vs. Toronto: Keeper kits: light blue (NYRB) vs. black (Toronto) Refs: yellow Looks like the league still isn't posting the graphics, so I guess we'll see what the rest of this weekend's matchups look like when they kick off.