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  1. Spartak Moscow home and away: Not bad in a vacuum, but ditching the traditional chest band, especially on the home, seems like a move that is sure to be extremely unpopular amongst the supporters.
  2. I'm pretty confident it's real actually. The tags on Nike basketball jerseys are always on that side and in that general shape, and the circular logo on the right side of the tag looks like this new Nike basketball logo that Conrad uncovered a few months ago: And I'm not sure what you mean about the orientation of the Jordan logo. It looks right to me, and if anything it might just look skewed because of the way the jersey is being held up.
  3. Even more images of the Chelsea away shirt: I feel like this goes without saying, but the shorts/pants that the model is wearing are just for training/leisurewear.
  4. Important to note that those jerseys just show the number of pick they were each selected, not the numbers they'll actually wear.
  5. Cruzeiro home and away, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the 1997 Libertadores title:
  6. AZ Alkmaar away:
  7. One of the launch images for the new Man United home kit: BSC Young Boys home and away: Also, Schalke's deal with Umbro has been officially announced. It'll take effect in July 2018 and will reportedly run for three years, with an option to extend until 2022. http://m.schalke04.de/en/news/170625_umbro/page/2948--86-86-.html
  8. Also, apparently the number of stars on the sleeves vary by size. Smalls have seven stars on each side, while the L and XL both have eight. Not sure about the mediums, but I would guess seven.
  9. Spurs Nike jacket and prematch shirt:
  10. First look at the shorts and socks (albeit the infant version) of the Spurs home and away kits: Looks like the shorts will be the same for both kits, and there will surely be white shorts available as well. From the infant version, it's unclear whether the actual socks will be plain or if they'll feature the linear pattern on the calf, so we'll have to wait and see on that.
  11. Aberdeen with a very Bavarian-looking away kit:
  12. Couple more shots of the Chelsea away: Also, Ferencváros home:
  13. According to Footy Headlines, Nike won't be selling a replica version of the US Gold Cup shirt, instead only offering the authentic version and the t-shirts that closely resemble the jersey. Dissapointing if true, although I'm definitely taking it with a grain of salt for now until there's official confirmation that FH's info is accurate. http://www.footyheadlines.com/2017/06/pay-155-usd-or-you-wont-get-a-new-kit-nike-to-release-no-replica-usa-2017-gold-cup-kit.html?m=1
  14. Official images of the Spurs home and PSG away:
  15. Mockup of the Vapor Aeroswift training shirt for Spurs: