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  1. At least Jordan Morris will look good tonight repping the colors of his University. Also, it's kind of ironic that they'll be debuting the red kits tonight in San Jose, so close to Stanford.
  2. Well since they just got knocked out last night, I'll guess we'll have to wait a while to see if they make any changes.
  3. Here's the updates to the Man City and Chelsea kits. Nothing drastic, just the adjustments to the side stripes and neck trim. Next up is England, and then most likely PSG before I get into some Adidas teams.
  4. I had a feeling someone would say that. I don't necessarily disagree, but I think it's mostly fine for a clash kit that would be worn fairly sparingly. Plus, neither of those clubs use shorts that are the same color as the shirts, and the burgundy/maroon color has quite a bit of historical ties to the club.
  5. Holy hell the sleeves on the new PSG shirt are absolutely dreadful and ruin an otherwise decent design.
  6. Couldn't agree more. Frankly I felt like their last set was nearly perfect, and a fantastic mix between modern and classic. They could've easily found a way to adapt and update it to fit Nike's newest template rather than going all in on the gradient nonsense.
  7. It's a Nike catalog template based off of Inter's 2015/16 away kit, hence the snakeskin pattern. So aside from the colors it's not really a custom design. Here's another example of the template being used:
  8. Yeah, that's generally how it goes. Oregon never even had a formal unveiling of their new set last season, although that was due in part to them not really having a cohesive set to begin with. But to your point, many of the teams that tend to have quite a few uniforms, helmets, alternates etc. seem to keep people guessing for as long as possible.
  9. I was able to finish up the updates to my Barça and France concepts, so here they are. The collar on the Barça home kit is now yellow, and a split red/blue collar is now on the away. For France, the collars are dark navy on the home and red/navy on the away. Other than that the only changes are to the short stripes to match Nike's 2017/18 design. I'll likely get the updates to my Chelsea and Man City concepts done tonight, and I'll post 'em in the morning.
  10. It's just dependent on the individual teams. Some teams do it around their spring game, some teams do it in the summer, and some even wait until the fall. I'd guess we'll start to see some new things in the next month or so.
  11. Alright thanks! I'll go in and fix that and the neck trim. Should have some updates posted later today.
  12. Glad you like the Chelsea kits since I know they're your club! I did partially use the 14/15 kits as inspiration as I really loved that kit lineup. Plus, I haven't been a huge fan of their last two secondary and third kits, respectively, so I thought a return to a yellow secondary and more of a blue/teal accented third kit would be a good move. And regarding the neck trim on Nike's 2017/18 template, I just noticed that earlier today with the Barça mockup. It appears as though the trim is pretty similar except the colored part is at the top, so it should be a quick fix. I'll get on that and post the updates shortly. Do you know if the striping on the shorts is any different this year? I've been kind of waiting to see if it's staying the same or if it changes to match the new striping on the sides of the shirts.
  13. I'm back today with Chelsea, who will be wearing Nike kits for the first time come next season. I wanted to stay fairly simple and traditional with the primary kit, so I left it completely blue and white. In addition, I used a sublimated hoop pattern on the front and back of the shirt. The back neck tag features the red sword from the flag of London. For the secondary kit I chose to go back to a golden yellow base, with navy and royal blue accents. The shirt features a broad navy chest stripe with thin royal blue stripes inside of it. For the third kit I went with a dark navy, almost black, base and paired it with bright teal accents. Also, I chose to eliminate the "tyres" from the Yokohama sponsor logo because it seemed unnecessary and it looks better without it IMO. Lastly, I used the Premier League champion sleeve badges since, barring a major collapse, Chelsea will be the champions. If/when they announce a shirt sleeve sponsor, I'll update the concept to reflect that. Also, I have one final update to my Man City concept. I darkened the burgundy/maroon color and made it more reddish. I also changed up the third kit and switched the bright green accents to a bright, almost fluorescent yellow and took advantage of the Premier League's new yellow printing. I also wanted to make sure the color schemes of the Man City and Chelsea third kits weren't too similar, so the yellow seemed to be a good solution.
  14. I really don't think the pinstripes resemble the Adidas stripes all that much, especially with the thicker stripe placed above it. Yes, there are three stripes, but the width and spacing is completely different than the Adidas mark. I did take that it into cosideration while designing it, but I really think it's a non-issue. And regarding the Man City third kit, I actually wasn't basing the color off of the rumors. For the Nike third kits I'll be using the 2017/18 global third kit template, but I'll be changing up the color schemes to what I'd like to see.
  15. Oh I know, but that's still different from pulling it down completely. It's still there on their website and social media, and the plan to officially replace their current logo in July hasn't changed. I agree with you that the way they've handled it it is a bit bizarre, but they did say when they initially showed the new logo that the change wouldn't officially go into effect until July. Apparently that included all platforms, and they returned to their current badge on all platforms after they provided a glimpse at the new one.