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  1. No, the league still has a naming rights sponsorship with Hyundai. They lifted the restrictions on clubs signing other automotive partners, so Melbourne City was able to sign a sleeve sponsorship deal with Nissan.
  2. West Ham away kit: And one of Barça's keeper kits for next season:
  3. Melbourne City home shirt, the first to feature a city blue base after the FFA finally approved the club's requests to adopt the primary look of their parent club (not saying I'm necessarily in favor of the switch, just noting that it took a few years to get approved).
  4. I think that's just a team by team thing in MLS. I remember reading an article a couple of years ago that said the Timbers' players receive around 10 of each jersey per season and if they end up trading all of those then they're personally responsible for paying for each jersey after that. I'd imagine the other clubs in the league would have similar policies, though I certainly could be wrong on that.
  5. It seems as though the MLS site will be posting the kit matchups for each game this season, so I thought it'd be a good opportunity to start a thread dedicated to just that. Feel free to comment your thoughts about each matchup from week to week, and don't hesitate to post any pictures of the matchups either. I'll do my best to post the kit lineup charts for each game as soon as they become available. Here are the matchups from the opening week thus far: Friday 3/3 Saturday 3/4 And just a quick housekeeping note; the keeper kits in the lineup charts are not accurate, so this is what you can actually expect to see:
  6. Personally I'm okay with it as is, especially since the league patches are in team colors and/or colors that match the kits. By always having the league patches on both sleeves (except for Dallas), the league is, at least for now, restraining from letting teams add sleeve sponsors on the shirts. It's unfortunate that the CCL patches have to be applied over the league patches, but there really isn't a need to have seperate sets of shirts with the league patches removed or only on one side since other competitions like the US Open Cup and the Canadian Championship don't have sleeve patches.
  7. Again, it's just a matter of the simulated lighting and shadowing making the color appear lighter in certain shots. You can see in the images below that it's definitely meant to be darker than the light royal blue color. I agree that it should still be darker, but it does appear that it's intended to be navy.
  8. I watched the video and it's definitely meant to be navy, it just looks lighter depending on the shadows and lighting they tried to simulate.
  9. Uhh, what exactly is messed up about them? Everything looks right to me, from the wordmark, to the number font, to the collar and armhole trim, the side panels, etc.
  10. This graphic has been floating around for some time now, and the uniforms shown in it are just examples of the generic uniform options that are available in the UA teamwear catalog. There's already been confirmation from Cal that the uniform in the graphic is not at all indicative of what they'll actually end up unveiling.
  11. Inter kit officially released, complete with a new font: And the West Brom home kit, based on Adidas' Tiro17 teamwear template:
  12. Chelsea third kit mockup from FH:
  13. The new Ajax home kit looked absolutely beautiful in the Europa League final today. I love the contrasting collar and sleeve cuffs, and the tonal Adidas stripes make for a really clean and classy look. The only minor quibble I have is with the new kit font, but it's really not too bad and I don't think it takes away from the overall quaility of the kit.
  14. We should. They square off in Montreal next Tuesday for the second leg of their semifinal tie. Unless the Impact inexplicably decide to wear their secondaries at home, we'll get the same kit matchup once again.
  15. There weren't any league matches yesterday, but there were two Canadian Championship semifinal first leg matches featuring MLS sides. I figured I might as well include the kit matchups here, and I'll likely do the same for the US Open Cup games that feature MLS clubs. Ottawa vs. Toronto: Keeper kits: black (Ottawa) vs. light blue (Toronto) Refs: yellow Vancouver vs. Montreal: Keeper kits: red (Vancouver) vs. light blue (Montreal) Refs: yellow The game in Ottawa kind of looked like a Toronto instasquad scrimmage, but it was still a decent looking game. The kit matchup in Vancouver/Montreal was the same as when they squared off in league play earlier this season, and it proved to be a pretty good looking affair once again (though I'm still not a big fan of Vancouver's home kits).
  16. ^Yeah, I noticed that. I'd guess they just don't have the new shorts in yet so the players had to pose in the old ones. It's really not a huge deal since the new shorts are almost identical to the old ones, but with the stripes being truncated instead of full length. Also, here are the shorts and socks for the Juve home kit:
  17. Full Galatasaray kit:
  18. The jerseys at the draft (which were the on-field version of the VU template) had two stripes, so it's definitely not just a mistake. The new retail jerseys with the two stripes are indeed indicative of what will be worn on the field.
  19. The stripes are truncated, but they (thankfully) appear to be gradient free.
  20. A couple more pieces of the new Chelsea Nike gear:
  21. That's been known for nearly a week now, and there's already been some discussion about it on here.
  22. Apparently we'll have to wait another week to see 'em. http://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/bronco-beat-blog/article152138062.html
  23. Just as this mockup shows, they are indeed switching to the new template. Here are the retail versions of the home and throwback: They likely just used the old jerseys for the rookie photo shoots because they either don't have the new ones in yet or because it was more convenient to whip up the old ones.
  24. ^Yeah, even on their own, the shades of red and orange that Atlanta and Houston use are pretty easy to tell apart. It's a little bit different on fabric since it gets darker with sweat from the players, but even then the different colors were still easy to tell apart. Couple that with the fact that Atlanta's kit is heavy on black, and Houston's is paired with white shorts and accents, and you have a really nice matchup that definitely has sufficient contrast.
  25. Also, here's the first look at the PSG third kit, which also gives a better idea of what the camo pattern on Nike's global third kit design for next season will look like: I strangely don't mind the camo pattern all that much, and I like that it's implemented on the shorts as well. Having said that, it'll probably look really ugly on some of the third kits just depending on how noticeable it is, and it'll get really old really fast after seeing it on all of Nike's Premier club teams around the world. *Edit: Here's the Footy Headlines mockup.