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  1. Official shots of the Man City away, including the first look at the shorts and socks:
  2. FIrst real shot of the Flamengo third:
  3. Pumas home and away officially unveiled:
  4. The Hawks are asking fans which uniform they'd like to see the team wear at home (though it's hard to say how much the fan input will actually factor in to the decision): I wonder if any other teams, and if so, which ones, will follow suit and ask for fan input as well. I could definitely see the Hornets doing something similar, and probably a few other teams as well.
  5. The same beat reporter also went on to say this: So it seems there's still a possibility that they could end up having an ad patch after all, and it probably just depends on the offers they receive and whether or not they can find one that makes them change their mind.
  6. Even more images of the Real Madrid third kit, including a look at the shorts and socks: Pretty much everything portrayed here is accurate (at least according to the info that's been relayed to me), but the crest on the shorts should be monochromatic to match the shirt.
  7. Official shots of the Bayern away kit: Mockup of the Flamengo third shirt: The graphic on the sleeves is inspired by the seats inside the MaracaƱa:
  8. Road teams will probably just have to bring two, or in some cases three sets of uniforms on road trips so they're covered regardless of what uniforms the home teams elect to wear. For example, if the Blazers had to go to either Houston, Chicago, or Toronto on a road trip, they'd probably have to bring their white uniforms in case one of those teams elected to wear black or red at home. Or they could probably even get away with just packing their red and black uniforms most of the time. It honestly won't be that different from what it has been. A lot of teams already packed multiple sets of uniforms for road trips, and if anything there will now just have to be more communication between the teams to make sure the road teams have a uniform packed that provides sufficient contrast from the home team's selection.
  9. I suspect most teams will continue wearing their traditional home and road uniforms most of the time, regardless of their official designations, or lack thereof.
  10. Yes they do. Look closely at this jersey:
  11. Better shot of TCU on the VU template:
  12. First real shot of the Roma third shirt:
  13. Club America away officially released:
  14. Mockup of the Roma third: It's a bit tough to tell, but the base color is meant to be dark brown.
  15. Looks like Navy slightly updated their uniforms for next season: In addition to moving to UA's latest template, the six stripes that were previously on the torso are now on the shoulders, and the pants now have navy side stripes/panels. Other changes include a slightly smaller chest wordmark, sleeve numbers instead of shoulder numbers, and a navy collar instead of gold. The white jersey will almost certainly have the same changes. Here's the old navy set for comparison:
  16. Atlas home and away, the first of theirs to be made by Adidas:
  17. Santos Laguna home:
  18. FC Nantes away:
  19. Man, I really hope they return to wearing this combo, even if it's only for one or two road games a season. It just looks right.
  20. Eibar home kit: Leak of Fluminense's first Under Armour home shirt:
  21. First real shot of the Bayern third shirt:
  22. Newcastle away officially unveiled: Olympiacos home and away officially unveiled: Sparta Prague home officially unveiled: Bayern prematch top:
  23. Orlando Pirates home and away officially unveiled:
  24. Liverpool third, and third keeper kit, both officially released: