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  1. Agreed. Kendrick is just a master at his craft. "FEAR" and "DUCKWORTH" are real standouts imo.
  2. So, there's a guy in Cleveland who has killed 13 people and :censored:ing live streamed himself killing someone. What the :censored:. I can't wrap my head around this. What have we done wrong as a society to lead to this?
  3. Better reffing would be nice, but you're right, it seems that we're going to need to a move to 6 fouls to really alleviate the issue. I feel for Karnowski. Dude played the biggest game of his life, and it just wasn't his night. Williams-Goss also wasn't as dynamic as he was in the matchup against South Carolina. Wasn't attacking the lane or UNC's bigs as much as he should have, though the endless whistles and free throws probably played a part.
  4. Sports are truly no fun.
  5. This game is a joke. No rhythm, refs are calling literally every slightest bump. It's getting ridiculous.
  6. Yeah screw women and their stupid sports. Breaking a 100+ game winning streak isn't impressive in the slightest.
  7. What a :censored:ing game... Florida getting the early tip on Sunday seems like a huge disadvantage, they just played an exhausting OT game and then they'll have to play again with about 36 hours of rest, compare that to South Carolina getting a pretty snug win and hours of additional rest... it might not matter but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Florida has tired legs in the second half.
  8. Sean miller is definitely cursed. :censored:ing Xavier man, seemingly always in the sweet 16 (except for last year). Mark Few has no excuses now. If he loses to Xavier now, Gonzaga is never going to the Final Four.
  9. That actually scared the living :censored: out of me... really out of place jump-scare.
  10. Good grief, that east region is a cluster:censored:. While it's pretty good to see Duke out early, I'm really not happy about Baylor lucking out and getting a pretty easy path to the Final Four. Hopefully South Carolina or Wisconsin take care of them.
  11. Eh... I'm not so sure. The bubble was really weak this year, so all of the teams that missed out really weren't that good. But the selection committee shafted Wichita State for what feels like the fourth or fifth year in a row. They're the eight-rated team on KenPom, they should be at least a 5, at worst a 7. Plus they have to play Kentucky in round 2. Other than that, I agree with you. Talking heads on ESPN were complaining about Duke, but Duke has lost 8 games, including some really sketchy games and has been wildly inconsistent all year. The selection committee did a much better job this year as compared to last. On a side note, I'm bummed out by the Bouchett injury, I really liked Oregon to win it all before that news. I have Villanova, Arizona, Oregon, and UNC in the Final Four with Arizona beating UNC in the championship game. This year is weird, I genuinely have no clue who's going to win, I could easily see 10 or 11 teams winning it all this year. Should make for an interesting tournament.
  12. Ended 54-48 with an overtime thrown in. Torture, torture, torture.
  13. Yes, but in all three of those cases, Iowa happened to be outmatched playing against much better teams. While getting blown out consistently is bad, it's not like his team is that much better than the opposition, in fact it's been much worse.
  14. WILD CARD Oakland 17, Houston 13 Seattle 27, Detroit 17 Pittsburgh 38, Miami 17 New York 35, Green Bay 31 DIVISIONAL New England 31, Oakland 10 Pittsburgh 28, Kansas City 27 New York 20, Dallas 14 Atlanta 35, Seattle 20 CHAMPIONSHIP New England 41, Pittsburgh 31 New York 42, Atlanta 35 SUPER BOWL LI New York 24, New England 20 This year definitely has that "Giants improbably get hot in the playoffs and beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl." feel to it. Though I really wouldn't mind being wrong. I'd like to see Atlanta take it, as they are the only likeable team that I see having a chance to go all the way. Not that there's anything particularly wrong with Dallas, other than they're my team's rivals. The other contenders (Patriots, Steelers, Seahawks, Packers) all have unlikeable elements. It's a damn shame Derek Carr broke his leg really, Oakland is the one team I could've seen beating the Pats in Foxborough aside from the Steelers.
  15. Ferentz won't get fired because going 8-5 is acceptable at a school like Iowa, that isn't a powerhouse and doesn't recruit exceptionally well. Even if Iowa fired Ferentz, who could they possibly get that is better than him as a replacement? Also, Ferentz didn't lose a game in November last year, and only lost on the road to Penn State this year. Considering he beat a Top-5 Michigan team and blew the doors of conference rival Nebraska this November, I am extremely confused as to how Iowa has "cashed out" 2 years in a row?