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  1. TheFonz1848

    Non-sports logos that could be good sports logos?

    I always liked how "Rocket League" logos can pass on as MLB postseason logos. Division Series: American/National League Championship Series: I dare someone to recreate these logos as mock MLB postseason logos.
  2. TheFonz1848

    2018 NBA Post Season

    The insufferability of these Warriors fans calling themselves 'long-suffering' are why we hate them and Giants fans.
  3. TheFonz1848

    Choking / Cursed Franchises

    The Kershaw-era Dodgers. Actually, the post-1988 Dodgers if you think about it: • 11 postseason appearances without a World Series championship, the most in MLB history. • 5 consecutive division titles without a World Series championship. Hell, not even the 1990s Braves waited this long in strings of division titles for one championship (won their 1995 championship on their 4th division title).
  4. TheFonz1848

    Super Bowl LI Logo Concept

    Hi. Now that the Patriots have made this game legendary, I can't help but think that had your particular logo was used, it would've been icing on the cake as a Super Bowl which will be remembered for the ages. I was also wondering if you can tweak this logo a bit by removing the star? For some reason, it screams "Dallas Cowboys" for me.
  5. TheFonz1848

    NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    So London is now the new bait-tag for future NFL relocations...right?
  6. TheFonz1848

    Championship Banners

    Hey man. I just started going on this board, and I like these banners. Can I get some? -Anaheim Angels: 2002 American League and World Series champions, all their AL West titles. -Anaheim Ducks: 2007 Stanley Cup champions, all their Western Conference titles, all their division titles. -LA/St. Louis Rams: All their pre-Super Bowl championships, Super Bowl 34 champions, all their NFC titles, all their divisional titles. Thanks!!!