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  1. San Jose Logo Tweak (Jerseys Coming)

    It's a definite improvement. Perhaps thickening the teeth and right side black head line will give it more of a sharper feel. How does it look with a few dashes of orange?
  2. Wallabies Logo 2.0

    Here we go
  3. Wallabies Logo 2.0

    Yep, and now Subaru can't be unseen. Will change that, perhaps to an original southern cross with oversized stars. I tried with just the one ear but it looked too streamlined, whereas I wanted to keep the ruggedness of the coat of arms. It's also as if as though the head is slightly turned to its right, bringing the back ear forward.
  4. Wallabies Logo 2.0

    Hey Guys, I decided to take another route redesigning the Wallabies Logo. I took some inspiration from the kangaroo on the team's coat of arms. But it still feels as if something is missing. The yellow background is what it'd look like on a guernsey.
  5. Wallabies Logo

    I decided to try my hand at redesigning the Wallabies logo, but have since been unsure about how to improve upon a couple of these designs. Any improvement ideas would be awesome.
  6. Melbourne Storm Rebranded

    Thanks for the suggestion, but my skills are way too limited. Plus purple and navy are a jerk to work with, especially given how similar the shades are. Out of curiosity, has there ever been a Melbournian team that utilises any of its city's landmarks in their logos? Seems like a good concept given the decent buildings we've got. My bad, League and AFL are the only types of football I grew up with. Update.
  7. Melbourne Storm Rebranded

    I grabbed the purple from the logo, although it might be a bit different to the shade they wear on field. I'm not a huge fan of the mascot and (to me) the strongest thing about the current brand is the lightning bolt (that they hardly use). But I do get the University of Michigan vibes, although at least the 'one capital letter' look would be unique in Australia.
  8. Melbourne Storm Rebranded

    Hey guys. I decided to have a crack at Melbourne Storm's outdated look. I've redone both the primary logo and the home jersey. Here is the current logo and jersey. C&C welcome.
  9. MLB 2016 Changes

    They've been pretty inaccurate regarding All-Star game unis for a while now. Check out this trailer for the 2012 game. It shows a majority gold Uni for the National League for the 2012 all star game in KC, something that never existed outside of the game.
  10. Name That Font!

    Hi guys. Any Ideas? Can't find any that replicate the S and K.
  11. Local Baseball Club Concept

    Thanks for the input guys. I've tried to consider all the criticism, especially Spartan's and Officeglenn's. I've given the body some more weight and added a few minor (I hope) improvements . The new one is on the left.
  12. Local Baseball Club Concept

    Hi guys. I've decided to give my local Baseball club a facelift. The current logo is a shambles but the unis are pretty decent. You can see the current logo here. I'm mainly after some criticism about the Kookaburra. I was going for a Tottenham Hotspur silhouette logo look, but something seems off about it. Primary Cap Patch Script
  13. AFL Team Logo Refresh

    Hey guys. You can see my full concept here.

    Love your work ren69. I've got a moderately easy one for you. Would it be ok if you made it relatively bigger too? Thanks in advance.
  15. AFL Team Logo Refresh

    Here's what I've gotten to now. It seems to have too much empty space due to the difference between the extended 'K' and condensed 'S'. I'll experiment with a stacked 'SK' (a la SF Giants and Padres cap logos) and see where I get to from there. Criticism and ideas are very welcome.