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  1. Lights Out's NCAA Football: MAC

    Oh my, those RedHawks look incredible
  2. Dayton Dynamo rebrand

    Yeah the Dynamo name came back for that reason! It was the name that resonated with soccer for the most people in a survey. I thought about airplanes but I think with the propellor thats enough airplane visually. And you're right, we need a version of the Bachelor to find the right font.
  3. Dayton Dynamo rebrand

    The Dayton Dynamo are a semi-pro soccer team in Dayton, OH. Their original logo is nice, but while they take 2018 off to pursue going pro in 2019, I decided why not see if I can make it more unique. The stripes are from the Dynamo's away jersey in their first season in 2016. The barber shop stripes became their staple and last season they had 4 jerseys featuring them (3 of them were subtle). The propellors with their swooshes come straight from the original Dynamo logo. DJ Switzer from Wrong Side of the Pond created the logo, and says the propellors are inspired by the ones on the Wright Flyer. The gear represents the manufacturing industry on both the flag and seal of the city, so I wanted to incorporate it into this logo. I need some help though. While this is the idea I like, the font is absolutely terrible and I don't really know how to find something that would look great. So this is just a placeholder for now. So please, I'm open to any help and ideas, especially with the wording up top.
  4. US Super League (64/64)

    Here I was about to say the J looks too much like a T and then my brain kicked into a higher gear. Looks dope
  5. I get a hockey vibe from Old Boys, but thats okay. I dig it. Maybe not the same pattern for all three though
  6. US Super League (64/64)

    That Pacifica crest is amazing, all of this is great
  7. The Swanguardians- Supporter Group of the TSS Rovers (PDL)

    I really like what you've got! Incredible name, and glad you support your local soccer too!
  8. These are gorgeous! Too bad it seems the thread is dead. I'd love to see more if you have it!
  9. US Super League (64/64)

    These are all great so far, Beacon Hill looks incredible! Hype to see what's next!
  10. I am loving this, keep up the good work!
  11. NFLDL

    Pumped for Dayton!
  12. One NBA, Under Nike: Seattle Returns

    Shut up and take my money. When 2K comes out and I relocate the Kings to Seattle can I use your beautiful logo? And if I can edit the jerseys as well as these can I borrow this as well? Excellent job with this concept, this needs to happen in real life