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  1. Death to the Block S

    Stanford one is very cool but kind of looks like a chinese letter to me, was that intentional?
  2. MLS Redesign (4/9, Minnesota United added)

    I love how the NYCFC away kit looks like a baseball jersey. Awesome touch.
  3. Rebranding the Washington Capitals

    All-grey outline looks better for sure IMO.
  4. Florida Panthers Concept

    These are beautiful. I really hope they look somewhat like this.
  5. As a Fire fan... I love that. It's gorgeous.
  6. NFL Concepts - 4/32 - Cardinals

  7. NHL Adidas Redesign

    The Blackhawks look like Man United. Please no.
  8. New Soccer Template by raysox

    I've been trying to get into soccer concepts and this is the kind of template I've been looking for. Looks great.
  9. McCarthy's NHL

    Those Blues uniforms are perfect. Great job.
  10. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    They're on the site as well. Just go to the team, find the jersey, click on it (open the page of the jersey), right click the image, and open in new tab Here's the Kings: http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/1/14/full/4332_los_angeles_kings-special_event-2014.png
  11. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    This site actually has it. http://content.sportslogos.net/logos/1/5263/full/8729_arizona_coyotes-alternate-2015.png
  12. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

  13. **TEMPLATES**

    I'll second this. A quick and easier way to find newer templates would be very nice.
  14. Paint Users Paradise 2.0

    Hope this helps