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    I am a French student and I would like to show my work and have some criticism. Sorry for my english I am here to improve my language too.
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  1. Hi thanks! I've start it ! not close to be done I'll finish it soon. will be my next post I've made like 50 % of it
  2. Hi lads, Here is few more stuffs I've made ! Enjoy !! Sindarius Thornwell Jayson Tatum Micheal Jordan Johnathan Motley Josh Hart
  3. Yo I been busy these days, I'll not take requests from now. There is 2 that I've done lately Nigel Williams-Goss Justin Jackson
  4. Hi, just to tell you lads, Yesterday I've twitted one of my design on Dylan Ennis, the player himself and the Oregon's Basketball official account retweet and like it my work...... Wooow feel like I've won a trophy lol had to share this with you >> This push me to develop my work and work harder!!
  5. Really good overall! where did u get that tamplate it's really niiice !
  6. Hi, here is some changement on some I've made earlier and few that I haven't published yet
  7. Hi there, this is my portfolio , I've been busy these days , I was working on posters that I've posted here the folio is not done yet, but You can go and see how they look now enjoy :
  8. haha, customers asked for US jersey, and thanks mate I appreciate
  9. sorry for the delay, but he's finally done! what you think?
  10. I've done some changements here, I had the skin lights and the jerseys brand etc ...
  11. Here is the final version's test
  12. Here is the improve with @dakotapalm's help
  13. No problem mate, and thanks for the idea this look much better indeed I'm impressed to see how this changed the whole expression ! Awesome First of all thanks for your kind words ,I really appreciate this push me to work harder to improve. I'll take this request but I got like 2-3 design to make before this one.
  14. Hi, thanks for your opinion, how do you think I can possibly improve this? any ideas?