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    I am a French student and I would like to show my work and have some criticism. Sorry for my english I am here to improve my language too.

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  1. Thanks, trying my best to get it better, next step is to make teams brands! anyone got any ideas, I don't feel like vectoring the whole team name etc, there must be an easy way. I'm here if anyone got tips for that
  2. Hi here is Malik Monk what do you guys are thinking?
  3. Thanks guys I appreciate
  4. Hi sorry for the delay, was busy these days, this is a little different! any feedback?
  5. Hi, I got a school project so I'll do it when the project is done or almost done. No Prob.
  6. Hi, I've made Harry Kane, what you think ?
  7. Thanks mate I appreciate, always difficult to draw athletes that you don't know, I'm happy to se that you recognize him well
  8. Here is Jake Browning , so what you think?
  9. Hi here is Nathan Adrian. C&C to get better are welcome.
  10. Here is Leonard Fournette , any feedbacks?
  11. This is a try.... waiting on your feedback Franck Mason III
  12. Hi ppl here is the GOAT enjoy!
  13. Hi, why not Can try....
  14. this would be cool indeed, I think about selling them ahhhh nice I put a lot of efforts in these
  15. Here is some that I've made, Alex Morgan been done today so what you guys think?