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    I am a French student and I would like to show my work and have some criticism. Sorry for my english I am here to improve my language too.

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  1. Hi ppl here is the GOAT enjoy!
  2. Hi, why not Can try....
  3. this would be cool indeed, I think about selling them ahhhh nice I put a lot of efforts in these
  4. Here is some that I've made, Alex Morgan been done today so what you guys think?
  5. This morming I was thinking about doing golfers yh, I have planed to do Alex Morgan aswell to try female athletes.
  6. Guys u can follow me on twitter here: @SNFArtStudio cya soon
  7. Matt Ryan
  8. well, I'm working on pics with Illustrator, I draw shapes the simplest way possible without details.... that the big part of it
  9. David Ortiz, what you think?
  10. Hi first of all thanks, I'll see what I can do
  11. Hi ppl... here is a big attentpt, here is Tom Brady ! tell me what you think about it I've redrawn some areas because I wasn't happy with the result, so let me know
  12. Maradona.... what do you think ?
  13. Hi there here is....... Dennis Rodman
  14. haha I still rate this player
  15. Tracy McGrady.... my favorite player!