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  1. Bravo!
  2. Man that's bad. The only good part is the white jerseys.
  3. I wish the Michigan alt would simply be maize pants on the road. Miss that combo.
  4. The biggest problem with Zona is their helmet logo is too small. I swear It was larger in the 90s when try only had the white helmet.
  5. It's very unusually quiet on the new CFB front this year. I seems we had several reveals through recruiting season the last several seasons.
  6. Does anyone know why Michigan was the visiting team (wearing white) in the Orange Bowl? It was my understanding that the higher ranked team in New Years Six games is the home team.
  7. Ahh, you mean the spearhead for the endzone direction arrow. Yes, that's a nice touch.
  8. They had this font last year.
  9. Love 'em. The number font goes well with the sharp angles of the VT logo.
  10. Looks kinda like the windows on this building; the Michigan Union.
  11. Any idea as to what that Michigan pattern signifies?
  12. Ha. That uni reminds me of the West Canaan Coyotes'.
  13. What's worse: Having your team outfitted by Nike with the Jordan logo, or your team's unis designed by Adidas? It's not even close.
  14. What does "Oskee Wow Wow" mean? Oskee was what the defense yelled if an interception was made to alert everyone to block for the return back when I played in the 90s.