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  1. Htown1141

    Personal Rebrand

    I've been messing around with different applications and I think I'm the most confident I can be with it.
  2. Htown1141

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    The more ya know
  3. Htown1141

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    as searching for ideas for a 'dodgers stay in brooklyn' concept and came across this: I clicked on the link and it said the page isn't available. Who knows tho
  4. Htown1141

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Old primary logo marlin > literally everything else. It’s a shame that they didn’t use it on more material. Anyone know why?
  5. Htown1141

    Professional America Football Association; An Update

    I’d say for the white uniforms, instead of having a B-W-B stripe, make it a R-W-B stripe or a B-R-B stripe. The red jersey IMO should be a B-W-B stripe, and the blue one a R-W-R stripe. I love the size differential in the middle, and I think the number font will grow on me.
  6. Htown1141

    Washington Redskins Baseball Concept By Kong Tom

    If you want to test yourself, make a wordmark based on the ‘R’, or use their current wordmark if you want to get rid of the redskins logo. I know you tried out some wordmarks, but I don’t know if it would look that bad. As for what the Yankees do, their cap logo and jersey logo are the same concept, but relatively distinct from one another. If you want to go that route, that would also be interesting.
  7. Htown1141

    Kentucky Wildcat Mascot: Now with version 3

    Solid! Solidly solid. Keep hackin’ away at it
  8. Ahhhh, but that doesn’t account for the fact that the white in that 1-color is replaced by black, making the highlights into shadows Also: Cincinnati’s numbers could be larger and Illinois doesn’t need the logo on the shoulders. If it were up to me, I’d say create a stripe based on the logo instead. More creative and could look really good if correctly implemented.
  9. Htown1141

    Kentucky Wildcat Mascot: Now with version 3

    I’d say look at some of @hettinger_rl‘s work, he’s a master of working on projects like this. Also look at a lot of the mascot logos from the era, specifically like BYU or LSU/Auburn/Clemson/Mizzou or something to figure out what are more feline features for this type of thing. The main thing that’s getting me is the eye. Just look at the eyes on other mascot logos of he era, and all of them pretty much look the same. If you’re trying to do something like this, look no further than that eye.
  10. Htown1141

    The 1972 Project: Florida Atlantic Owls

    What does the left side of the CSU state pride helmet look like? Is it a backwards C?
  11. Dammit my computer’s hard drive decided to give me the finger, so I just kinda moved onto other stuff. I decided that I love 90’s sports design t-shirts (my dad has some starter shirts from the rockets title runs) and something about their really cheesy and dumb look really sticks out to me. So I made one for Texas A&M’s 1993 conference title. I’m new at this and this was my first shot at it (it’s a pun because I first posted it on dribbble) but here it is on a t-shirt mock-up.
  12. Htown1141

    Professional America Football Association; An Update

    (copy the one that ends in .png) also looks much better!
  13. Htown1141

    Professional America Football Association; An Update

    How people do logo work in gimp dumbofunds me. I can barely even do nfl logo pixel art! Congrats, it looks great for what you were trying to do. Maybe like a highlight line on the pistons or something, and I say you got a winner
  14. Not yet, just gotta like, care or something at the same time I have the energy to work on such a large project