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    Well, there ARE a lot of edges to it.
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    If I could quote our goodfriend @Zeus89725:
  3. The photos won’t load, but promise me they have numbers?
  4. Um... then, like, idk, maybe press “ctrl A” then “ctrl +” on your keyboard (numlock +, not the other one) and then do lettering and numbering. If that doesn’t work, get a new program. Please. Not for my sake, or anyone else’s, but yours. Too many people have been ripped to shreds on here for failing to listen to suggestions given to them by people who’ve been doing this stuff for a while, and I suggest that maybe it’s something to take into consideration when literally your last concept was just a jpeg of a bear that was the 4th thing off of google, a ripped madden logo, and fill bucket tooled uniforms. Also, if you want to get good at MS paint and post stuff you’re genuinely proud of, that’s cool too! I really admire people who know the ins and outs of that program tbh, and those on here that use paint keep working at it keep getting better because they pride themselves on the content they create. I hope you feel the same way about your content.

    I agree with all of the things above, but specifically the MLB logo bugs me. Make it fit nicely on the collar, and also make it flat. I’ve found that the little things make all the difference
  6. Okay, OR, rebrand the Texans for this. Also, the pants stripes should extend to the whole pant, striping should at least pretend to be consistent, your alternate helmet doesn’t have stripes on the front. Maybe it’s just me, but the belt and such should be same color as the pants
  7. Here's a snake I made a year ago trans..... ition did you give this album a listen? Did you love it? Did you hate it? What would you rate it? You're the best, you're the best, what should I review next?
  8. I literally just did a quick google search of a snake jaw and I’m now extremely embarrassed that it has a horse jaw. Also I was kinda going for the “d that resembles the snake” but I understand the sentiment and agree with it to an extent. Back to that grind 👏👏👌🙌🙏💯💯 EDIT: I appreciate the honest C&C, it’s like the first response that has given me helpful feedback since January, albeit in between then and now, my major thing at the time was one in which the whole point was to get no honest feedback.
  9. Oh my God! Is that.. shading on a logo of mine? Like honest to God shading?
  10. Unabridged Stanley Cup Infographic

  11. Unabridged Stanley Cup Infographic

    Also, Ilanders. I love this though
  12. Adidas NFL Series / In (Short) Hiatus

    Shameless plug is shameless, but do one part of the maryland flag on one shoulder, and the other part on the other shoulder, because right now it kinda just looks lazy above anything else. Also, I feel like the font could be a little thicker or have a bolder outline. Just MO, keep up the great work!
  13. This better? (Ice Ice Baby lyric that relates well with this thread being dead for a while)
  14. Woo, another deep playoff run with all the pieces in place, to only (probably) get killed by Detroit in the title game. I think I’ve seen this before 🤔🤔