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  1. 9.9284737246/10 update the throwback interlocking "IN", schools do it all the time (update throwbacks). Right now, it just looks awkward, so maybe increase the height of the "I". Other than that, I love it.
  2. I want to, but I really don't know what to say. It's like you've gotten to the point where you've won and doing anything more or less on these uniforms would just disrupt their beauty. Keep up the good work, I can't wait for the SEC!
  3. @CS85I got you I tried it with 2 different versions of the "broken" logo (one with a heavier weight. Just personal preference, I like the thicker break in the lines and the blue HM in the 2-tone. I think it just seems a little bit better )
  4. What do you mean by making it hollow? I'll certainly try it out but I just don't know what you mean
  5. I have taken your suggestion. I also didn't even realize that the HM wasn't completely centered until this morning, but I couldn't post anything until now bc life. Here are 4 options Here is the 3'rd option (my fav) in the aesthetic
  6. Gracias for the compliment Here it is with the wordmark, over a semi-decent photo of the Appalachians for the *aesthetic*
  7. Just showing off my new design. Been thinking about it for a while but made this in a day. My old logo looked a bit amateur to me recently so tell me what you guys think! My initials are H(ouston) I M(ark) Old logo: New Logo:
  8. Inspired by CAB's concept (<---hint hint click click), I decided to try to finish up his designs for minimalist logos. I know that hasn't been posted on for like 2 years by OC and it hasn't been commented on in like 6 months, but I've had it bookmarked for a while so let me know what y'all think! Here is the SEC
  9. As for the logo, I like it. Work on the weights of all part of the letters, and I like the mountain idea. However, it feels a bit forced. I'd suggest trying to make the letters mesh into the mountain, or try to make letters part of a new mountain design.
  10. I agree that the shoulder yoke needs to be changed, but change it to the way it was on the 2d template. Also, if you're going to ever work on a back side of the uniform again, don't make the yoke go all the way around/ through the NOB. It isn't practical nor is it pretty. And take off the "LOS ANGELES" from the word mark on the jersey. It doesn't serve any purpose, and it's too small to be legible. We know it's LA, I mean it's on the shoulder. Also, don't make the LA logo 2 seperate colors. It also looks tacky and also doesn't serve much purpose.
  11. Whenever someone prefaces their concept with "done in paint", I go in lowering my standards a little bit. These, however, are absolutely fantastic! I really love your BC uniform and the striping constistency gets me all giddy😂. I love the Clemson uniform, too, but I think that if you're going to have the sublimated tiger motif, maybe carry it somewhere else throughout the uniform, because otherwise it looks out of place IMO. But overall great work!
  12. I don't really get what everyone's love of standard block lettering is, especially for unique/modern uniform sets. An example of this is the bengals IMO
  13. First time doing a filter I'm proud of for my high school
  14. I don't know if this is right but I don't think the numbers are equally weighted. The horizontal parts look thicker than the vertical parts, and it just makes the number looked weird. Also, the italicized numbers make the whole set a little too collegiate and it really kind of brings down the whole jersey. And the Agency FB (that's what I have it downloaded as on my computer) NOB font is often very overused and it looks like you stretched it out. Maybe condense it a little or go with a different font and flip the outline and the letter color on the color rush set, and overall I think you have a very well made concept. Keep it up, very good job overall. Excited to see more!
  15. I like NY, but maybe use the college font and make a helmet stripe that matches and you have a very solid concept