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  1. Htown1141

    MLS rebrands by mcrosby: Portland

    For Portland, the wordmark is a hard pass. Gives it a lot more of a Brandiose or semi-pro vibe than most of the others in this series, but without it, it’s a solid update to one of the better logos in MLS. However if you really want a version with the name of the city, I’d go roundel.
  2. Htown1141

    Lion logo concept (plus soccer I guess?)

    @builtbymachines for this project I've kinda been pushing my limits a little bit. I can't stand negative space, therefore I haven't used much of it in my work without it equating to a hidden letter or whatever (see: current logo). I reworked the mane (my graphics teacher said it had a 'kraken thing going on") and hopefully improved the mouth area a little. @Jake3.rooI'll make sure to try different color palettes when I feelconfident in my design, thanks for the green/gold suggestion. Like I said previously, I worked on the mouth a little more to hopefully give it more of a lion look. Still an on-going process, I know there's plenty more to work on. (my favorite is the bottom right I think) the ever so valuable ctrl-y in illustrator
  3. Name: Isaac Marchewka Age: 36 City: Vancouver Province: BC Occupation: Son of Western U.S. newspaper magnate League Name: Canadian Driveball Federation (Fédération canadienne de Driveball) Number of teams: 10 Cities: -West: Regina, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg -East: Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Hamilton Length of Schedule: 12 games (round robin + 2 division games that alternate every year) Playoff format: top 2 in each division play in division championship, name those trophies something dumb like the NFL does (Lamar Hunt, George Halas), division winners play each other in a championship game Field Size: CFL size Field markings: whatever it takes to fit on a CFL field Unique rules: @JH42XCC has it right, but I think as a society we're drawn to more points, no matter how we get 'em. Also, maybe work on expanding reach and developing importance in local communities by sinking investment money into sustainable potential minor league teams, like a team in London or Quebec City or something CBC rights: 2 games per week- one per division, playoffs, news coverage of important roster moves or league news should be prioritized depending on initial fanbase support
  4. holy :censored: I really need to finish that MLB series lmaoooo anyways, for my digital graphics class we had to design a personal logo, and when I asked if I could just "sit back and chillax" because I already rebranded back in November, her response was an animated no. SO, I decided to whip this out in a day in order to get the project over with, but also expand my branding skills beyond a cool monogram and interesting typeface. I wanted to create a logo, and I think I did that pretty well. Lemme know what I can do to improve it, as this IS for a grade. Chelsea variant:
  5. OR.... Texans in columbia and red, with the titans (yes lowercase) in navy and like bronze or something
  6. Htown1141


    OKAY Y'all, sorry I haven't been doing anything on here recently, a lot of personal stuff and the introduction to modding madden 19 on PC has taken up my time I usually use for actual, substantial content that I could add to portfolios to send off to colleges and internships. Sorry, I know you guys didn't come here for my life story. First up: Cleveland Browns I'm really excited to show you guys that the Browns have been SO CLOSE to being a good look. It genuinely pains me that they could have a modern classic, but instead found value in giant wordmarks. All that is really needed is cut the sleeve stripe off at the damn sleeves, get rid of the different colored stitching, use that gorgeous number font as the focal point (as it should be), and extend the pants stripe all the way down. I know that sounds like 5 changes (which it is), but it really doesn't add up to a substantial difference. (I did add a serif on the 5 so that it fit with the rest of the font, but that's the only thing i changed besides color and getting rid of the drop shadow) As always, I'll be doing more in the future, make sure to like, comment, subscribe, and visit my patreon.
  7. Htown1141

    BellaSpurs vs The NFL (Titans Update Added)

    BUCS: pls no on the white helmet. You can't do a white helmet logo on a white helmet, it looks collegiate/unprofessional. Other than that, it looks like a standard buccaneers concept, while not bad, is kinda disappointing. Maybe a number font that isn't a standard block I guess? That would probably be all you need for it to stand out and look good, while at the same time not deviating TOO far away from the source material (I assume you're basing it on the 1996-2013 look). PATS: the numbers look incomplete/slapped on without outlines. Other than that, it's pretty solid. Maybe try it with a navy or red facemask and without a helmet stripe just for kicks, but solid overall
  8. Htown1141

    Personal Rebrand

    I've been messing around with different applications and I think I'm the most confident I can be with it.
  9. Htown1141

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    The more ya know
  10. Htown1141

    NBA Changes 2018-19

    as searching for ideas for a 'dodgers stay in brooklyn' concept and came across this: I clicked on the link and it said the page isn't available. Who knows tho
  11. Htown1141

    Miami Marlins 2019 Rebrand

    Old primary logo marlin > literally everything else. It’s a shame that they didn’t use it on more material. Anyone know why?
  12. Htown1141

    Professional America Football Association; An Update

    I’d say for the white uniforms, instead of having a B-W-B stripe, make it a R-W-B stripe or a B-R-B stripe. The red jersey IMO should be a B-W-B stripe, and the blue one a R-W-R stripe. I love the size differential in the middle, and I think the number font will grow on me.