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  1. Top tier concepts across the board, and I love the 'Generals' moniker. Best of both worlds, I suppose
  2. Stolen Work

    I know this isn't a logo, but still. My poorly done gimp experiment MLB: Hot Hands had a thing stolen of Kris Bryant for a YouTube thumbnail. I know this isn't a big thing or whatever but it's still annoying and I'm pissed and this is pretty much the only community that understands
  3. Wait..... so there's a team called the sabres who use navy and gold in Nashville with the NHL existing. So you're telling me that the Buffalo Sabres AND the Predators said "that's cool"? Also i love this series
  4. This is on par with Jon Bois. Pretty good. seriously though, this is one of the best new fantasy league concepts out there, and I am very excited to see where this is headed. Honestly, my only gripe is the outline on the panthers wordmark. Make the thing black without an outline, and bam! 10/10
  5. Your Ideal MLB Ballpark Outfield

    AsYmMeTrY iS cOoL
  6. Austin Bats NBA 2K logo

    The use of commas there make you sound like someone who has admitted who has admitted defeat. Do not give up. You are good, the logo looks good. Make it great(TM) using advice given to you. I believe in you. If others don't, dab on 'em. I took a month to draw a cow, you can take less than a month to make this a great(TM) logo.
  7. Baseball!! NEW LOGOS, THEY LOOK GOOD i promise

    @Carolingian Steamroller Here it is in powder (did this on my iPad as a quick mockup)
  8. Baseball!! NEW LOGOS, THEY LOOK GOOD i promise

    Y'all know of the cow logo that was considered when the royals became a team? You don't? Look it up in another tab, then, but here's a thing relating to it.
  9. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'
  10. Uniform concept I made when I was 8

  11. Baseball!! NEW LOGOS, THEY LOOK GOOD i promise

    yo, it's ya boy back at ya with some spicy and fresh logos. About to post a new (and only partially finished) series, but here's one last preview with the 'Stros
  12. Personal Rebrand

    @CS85 Black on white, here ya go. Also, I never really thought of it like that. I've kinda just thought of it as like a dog tag design, as well, it fits nicely on a dog tag. I've tried out another custom font, but it isn't necessarily one you were talking about. One like the Oilers, one not so much
  13. Baseball!! NEW LOGOS, THEY LOOK GOOD i promise

    yessir. Got a series comin' up for these bad bois.