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  1. I finished this in like 15 minutes.
  2. I did a thing, y'all!

    Tbh, my thought process for it was: "Colors for miami? seems like it would be the 80's heat uniforms with the vice blue." "design for the numerals? I think I remember seeing a bunch of art deco esque concepts on the boards. But also, football laces and bevel so I look like I'm trying." "The font itself? I'll do whatever I can fit into the grid thing in illustrator" I need a better thought process.
  3. I did a thing, y'all!

    Can someone do the thing to I can post on dribbble? I mean like, I dont know what the hell I'd post, but I know it'd be kinda okay at least. Not @davidson levels of quality, but it wouldn't be cancer.
  4. City/State Color Identities

    I'd make the weird rocket things on the side of their jerseys white and their numbers black maybe with a white outline. Otherwise I love it 10/10
  5. I was originally going to go the @llfhockey route and go full BFBS and fighter pilot design, as I remember everyone that and concepts similar. I do think I went too original, though, as I don't think I've seen that many jet accent stripes on the boards.
  6. do horizontal stripes on the (yoke?) and you'll win a creamer for best concept
  7. Yeah, so, does this work? or are y'all going to yell at me again?
  8. Y'all can get your first ALT IN THE SERIES You want tradition? HERE YA GO I WANNA DIE
  9. Whatever I'm tired I don't have school for 4 days and all of those days will end up being used for the shoulder stripes on the Jets I hate this.
  10. I couldn't go back to the old stripes bc it doesn't fit S T R I P I N G C O N S I S T E N C Y
  11. Me: they had black pants for like, a dec- Y'all: *grab me, throw me in a body bag, hit me with mardi gras beads until I remember that something "outside of the box" is hideous*
  12. Are black pants okay as an (AWAY) alt? I think black pants are okay as an (AWAY) alt.
  13. hypebeast hockey

    Needs more camo and throw in some off-white just because "it looks cool"
  14. hypebeast hockey

    add an extra zero