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  1. the browns didn't have a helmet stripe, y'all. Am I missing something?
  2. accidental post, but why I'm here....
  3. Htown1141

    Jets Uniform Concept By Kong Tom

    Like the Lions? I'd say got the more traditional way and put it on the front of the uniform, above the numbers. Having it on the side is kind of redundant for the Jets specifically, who use their team name on their helmet
  4. Htown1141

    Jets Uniform Concept By Kong Tom

    I didn't really mean it as a compliment. The original idea was so abhorrent that you couldn't possibly have done better. DM me for some sports fonts or something, as what you have is, in fact, the 3rd worst number font for a sports uniform (excluding actual sports fonts, such as the Bucs). The statue of Liberty is so dumb and shoehorned that for it to work in the slightest, it would have to be larger and sublimated, as to still be significant and nowhere near as jarring. Also, the 'sash' is ugly. Objectively ugly. However, with what (I imagine) being your original idea, I doubt it could be much better I do like is the use of 2 greens.
  5. Htown1141

    Jets Uniform Concept By Kong Tom

    There’s no possible way to improve this.
  6. Htown1141

    New York Jets are confirmed to be getting new uniforms in 2019

    I think that was me
  7. Htown1141

    Stolen Work

    that's what I thought, just a thing I picked up on
  8. Htown1141

    I did a thing, y'all!

    This was also fun
  9. Htown1141

    Stolen Work

    saw this in an sbnation video, i think I've seen this mavs logo on the boards or something
  10. Htown1141

    the admiral

    We have a podcast? Also, darn. He was probably my favorite non-concept creation user on these boards. I hope he can get reinstated Never mind, yeet
  11. Htown1141

    I did a thing, y'all!

    I did a portrait of Larry Bird!! Taking requests!
  12. *sigh* as long as I’m at this creative roadblock, might as well reply. Paragraph by paragraph, because I’m petty and also on a road trip. My goal was never really to think of things that would be acceptable in our current state, this project is more of a mental exercise for me. As someone who has intentions of going into this line of work, I feel that doing things like this, pushing the envelope, is what I need to progress, not only as a designer of uniforms, but logos and wordmarks, as well. I do know about the 1956 uniforms, and how poorly they were received. However, if I felt that it was necessary to go with something that could be seen as a real-world design, I wouldn’t do anything to the birds on bat look, except maybe put “St. Louis” on the away uniform. I’m not denying how integral the birds on bat look is to the current cardinals identity, rather exploring ways to portray such an iconic franchise in a new way. I understand why it may not be the best look to Cardinals fans or baseball traditionalists, but I tried my best not to copy an existing look yet still preserve elements from their existing design, even if I went to drastic measures to do so. Okay everybody, listen to this hot take: the pullover era of baseball gave us some of the greatest uniforms of all time, in any sport. And the reason for that specific N/W/R/W/N look is because it’s based off an “untouchable” uniform’s sock pattern. I would’ve been fine with a simple red stripe, or none at all, in fact it would’ve been easier. However, I wanted to find a way to find a balance between exentricity and sensibility, but I suppose it may have been a little too much. This is completely valid. The only reason I didn’t use it was because of laziness (a fantastic trait for someone who wants to go into a field in which every tiny detail is important, I know) and that I had already finished most of the concept without realizing it wasn’t the angled “T” I’ll admit that neither are my best work. For the home alternate, I didn’t have an idea so I just copied a design from a series I did back in 2015. Probably could’ve come up with something better for the away uniform, as well. And since you brought those kids baseball sets up, I can totally see it and I’m kicking myself for it. Show me a blue cardinal and I’ll do it. That’s fair, but I did try to update it the best I could without giving it a brandiose treatment. And for what it’s worth, I updated the wings and feet (one of them at least looks good). Thank you for your your honest feedback, and you did make some decent points. I’ll make sure to update my cards concept the best I can when i get the chance
  13. Htown1141

    Hockey beyond the Iron Curtain...

    Easily one of the coolest ideas for a concept series I’ve seen in a while, and the way you’re doing it is really creative. I’m in love with this already, and the logo looks fantastic, reminds me of Marvin the Martian for some reason