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    NHL Adidas jersey swaps (Hurricanes added 6/15)

    @ColorWerx, hook this man up
  2. Htown1141

    College Football Field/Stadium Database - Texas Tech

    If you could do it like Andrew Clem, I'd be down. I know that would take A LOT of work, though, so I mean this is still fantastic and I hope you go through with actually making a database.
  3. Here's some stuff I've made in the week I got back to school (my computer got stolen and nothing in my house can run illustrator well, so I made all of this stuff on the school computer in Ai). This will probably be used for an upcoming baseball series, as I already have a few teams done. Tell me whatcha think! CARDINALS: Here are the variations of an update for that old Cardinals primary logo (1956-1966) and alt (1967-1997) with the bird swingin' a bat that goes better with the current birdset. PADRES: I didn't realize this, and I'm sure this might not have dawned on some people, BUT THIS IS A SPANISH MISSION TOWER, NOT A UNIVERSITY LOGO I created some variations of coloring for those people that like brown for some reason <roasted></roasted>, one with brown/orange/gold, one with brown/gold, and one with navy/gold. I'm trying to figure out what to do for partial logos, but those'll come when the rest of the teams are rolled out hopefully by next year C&C appreciated
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    Baseball!! *tweaked* logos, it's good trust me

    Also, here's a Blue Jays thing I've been holding onto for about 9 months (It's my baby)
  5. Htown1141

    Baseball!! *tweaked* logos, it's good trust me

    Y'all know how the Marlins had an infinitely superior marlin as their primary but used a dumb one on their hats n' stuff? I fixed that.
  6. Okay, so as you do in May, I was online looking at Lions jerseys on of all places , and I saw 2 different jerseys: one from what it says is 1996, and one that says 1993, HOWEVER, look at those TV numbers!!!! Now look me in the goddamn face and tell me these are the same :censored:ing fonts. Do it, tell me it's nothing. I :censored:ing dare you. Tell me its fine to buy a $250 'authentic' jersey that doesn't even have real double stitching on any part of the goddamn numbers. :censored:ING DO IT. Make sure to plan your funeral in advance. 1996: 1993: THIS IS SOMEONE'S JOB. LITERALLY A 5 MINUTE GOOGLE SEARCH BY ME JUST WASTED THEM. I HOPE THEY GOT FIRED, FELL INTO A PIT, BROKE THEIR LEG, AND DIED DUE TO NO ONE REALIZING THEY COULDN'T GET UP FROM THE PIT THEY FELL INTO. DIE, MITCHELL AND NESS. OR I WILL PUT YOU TO SLEEP. (okay but mods please don't suspend my posting privileges for threatening a large multinational company, or whoever inevitably tells me that this doesn't matter)
  7. Htown1141

    Mitchell and Ness can go to H E C K

    Thanks, but I mean, I'm right here. You don't have to tell someone else right in front of me
  8. Unless this was an over-MY-head joke, 1488 is the nazi number and 69 is the sex number
  9. Htown1141

    Mitchell and Ness can go to H E C K

    For some reason I knew these things but also I didn’t? Thank you for letting me know about the latter, because I usually get extremely upset at MLB replica and authentic jerseys (made by majestic I know) for failing to stitch ALL the parts that should be stitched, i.e. on the Astros home jerseys they don’t stitch the blue, only the orange onto the jersey. Then they have the AUDACITY to screen print FAKE STITCHING onto the blue
  10. Htown1141

    Mitchell and Ness can go to H E C K

    But if I was really in need of a Barry Sanders jersey, I would HAVE to. The main problem I really have with M&N isn’t their failure to create authentic throwbacks, rather it’s that they’re the only ones making them with high quality materials, or just the only ones outright. I wouldn’t care if there was a better option on the market, but since they’re able to add $100 to the price of their jersey just because of a patch you can stitch on yourself for $10 and some effort AND fail at making that jersey look like the one it’s supposed to be replicating, I feel it’s justified to get upset. As for like the threats and stuff, I already explained it’s for entertainment.
  11. Htown1141

    Mitchell and Ness can go to H E C K

    okay fair, and honestly I'm in agreement with you. It was just exaggeration for entertainment's sake, really I swear. No for for real. I promise.
  12. Htown1141

    Seahawks old logo vs new logo

    I made a joke about how y'all would yourself if they brought the colors back, and no one laughed.... (Shameless plug for a dead thread is shameless)
  13. Htown1141


    The blue thing on the collar is really weird, and if you’re going to make the sleeves a certain color, I’d suggest the other sleeve style, sort of like faux-vests, maybe? Also, your personal logo shouldn’t be in a place where it could potentially hinder the actual design. Place it on the back of the jersey, where the MLB logo usually is, or on the top of the chest, preferably to one side, not in the center. P. S. Have I ever told you the story of @llfhockey?
  14. 3, 8, or 20 would work well as a primary
  15. Htown1141

    Buffalo Bills Mount Rushmore Image

    If only this was made in September!!! also I echo what people have said above, and maybe work more on making the rocks in the background look similar to the heads. I like the idea a lot and i hope you keep working on this
  16. Htown1141


    Well, there ARE a lot of edges to it.
  17. Htown1141

    Jacksonville Jaguars Unveil Stripped-Down Uniforms

    If I could quote our goodfriend @Zeus89725:
  18. The photos won’t load, but promise me they have numbers?
  19. Um... then, like, idk, maybe press “ctrl A” then “ctrl +” on your keyboard (numlock +, not the other one) and then do lettering and numbering. If that doesn’t work, get a new program. Please. Not for my sake, or anyone else’s, but yours. Too many people have been ripped to shreds on here for failing to listen to suggestions given to them by people who’ve been doing this stuff for a while, and I suggest that maybe it’s something to take into consideration when literally your last concept was just a jpeg of a bear that was the 4th thing off of google, a ripped madden logo, and fill bucket tooled uniforms. Also, if you want to get good at MS paint and post stuff you’re genuinely proud of, that’s cool too! I really admire people who know the ins and outs of that program tbh, and those on here that use paint keep working at it keep getting better because they pride themselves on the content they create. I hope you feel the same way about your content.
  20. Htown1141


    I agree with all of the things above, but specifically the MLB logo bugs me. Make it fit nicely on the collar, and also make it flat. I’ve found that the little things make all the difference
  21. Okay, OR, rebrand the Texans for this. Also, the pants stripes should extend to the whole pant, striping should at least pretend to be consistent, your alternate helmet doesn’t have stripes on the front. Maybe it’s just me, but the belt and such should be same color as the pants
  22. Htown1141

    Baseball!! *tweaked* logos, it's good trust me

    Here's a snake I made a year ago trans..... ition did you give this album a listen? Did you love it? Did you hate it? What would you rate it? You're the best, you're the best, what should I review next?
  23. Htown1141

    Baseball!! *tweaked* logos, it's good trust me

    I literally just did a quick google search of a snake jaw and I’m now extremely embarrassed that it has a horse jaw. Also I was kinda going for the “d that resembles the snake” but I understand the sentiment and agree with it to an extent. Back to that grind EDIT: I appreciate the honest C&C, it’s like the first response that has given me helpful feedback since January, albeit in between then and now, my major thing at the time was one in which the whole point was to get no honest feedback.
  24. Htown1141

    Baseball!! *tweaked* logos, it's good trust me

    Oh my God! Is that.. shading on a logo of mine? Like honest to God shading?
  25. Htown1141

    Unabridged Stanley Cup Infographic