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  1. Changes to Titans uniforms in 2018 are 'not minor'
  2. Uniform concept I made when I was 8

  3. Here's some stuff I've made in the week I got back to school (my computer got stolen and nothing in my house can run illustrator well, so I made all of this stuff on the school computer in Ai). This will probably be used for an upcoming baseball series, as I already have a few teams done. Tell me whatcha think! CARDINALS: Here are the variations of an update for that old Cardinals primary logo (1956-1966) and alt (1967-1997) with the bird swingin' a bat that goes better with the current birdset. PADRES: I didn't realize this, and I'm sure this might not have dawned on some people, BUT THIS IS A SPANISH MISSION TOWER, NOT A UNIVERSITY LOGO I created some variations of coloring for those people that like brown for some reason <roasted></roasted>, one with brown/orange/gold, one with brown/gold, and one with navy/gold. I'm trying to figure out what to do for partial logos, but those'll come when the rest of the teams are rolled out hopefully by next year C&C appreciated
  4. Baseball!! NEW LOGOS, THEY LOOK GOOD i promise

    yo, it's ya boy back at ya with some spicy and fresh logos. About to post a new (and only partially finished) series, but here's one last preview with the 'Stros
  5. Personal Rebrand

    @CS85 Black on white, here ya go. Also, I never really thought of it like that. I've kinda just thought of it as like a dog tag design, as well, it fits nicely on a dog tag. I've tried out another custom font, but it isn't necessarily one you were talking about. One like the Oilers, one not so much
  6. Personal Rebrand

    Just showing off my new design. Been thinking about it for a while but made this in a day. My old logo looked a bit amateur to me recently so tell me what you guys think! My initials are H(ouston) I M(ark) Old logo: New Logo:
  7. Baseball!! NEW LOGOS, THEY LOOK GOOD i promise

    yessir. Got a series comin' up for these bad bois.
  8. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    A few things: Miami is fine. Just fine. The block numbers are a strange contrast with the otherwise modern set, and it can work, I'm just not feelin' it too much. I do like the M you made. Maybe add a nameplate and see if you can come up with a font that suits the set more, maybe even the current font. The Chargers aren't really my cup of tea. I like the concept, but leave the yoke color to the yoke, otherwise it looks just kinda weird. Maybe take off the full wordmark, just leave "CHARGERS" and then I think the set is vastly improved. Numbers on the helmets are also fine, and I am glad you matched the jersey numbers with the helmet numbers. The Jets are, well, interesting.(?) That's a lot of black, dude. Take off the shoulder numbers, sir and I think it looks a lot better. Maybe make a pants stripe that is similar to the shoulder stripe and I think it could be one of the better Jets concepts out there. Vanilla. Mother. Whale. This should not be an athletic font. It looks good, sure, but should it REALLY be on a classic uniform like the Colts? No. Pick a simpler but still semi-modern font (IDK any, but I'm sure out of the both us, we've stockpiled at least 250 fonts. One's gotta work.) then it becomes perfect. For the Rams, certain double outlines need to die. This is one of them. I love the creativity with the Saints. Minimize the size of the Fleur de lis and that one is easily my favorite one you've made so far. I love the Raiders logo, but I don't think it should have an updated helmet. It reminds me of a military helmet or like one of those climbing people's helmets (yes, climbing people). The updated face is top tier, but maybe go back to that classic helmet and slightly alter it to make it look sharper and cleaner. The black helmet is amazing. I love it.
  9. Personal Rebrand

    Welp... It's about time I come finish it off. @BrandMooreArt, I just want to say that I love your work and I admire what your skill, so I couldn't have been more grateful that you decided to comment on my personal rebrand. I have taken those thoughts into consideration and created a custom typeface that I personally enjoy, and probably is better than the previous one I was using. I also squared off the edges and I think it made a hellofa difference. My theme for the usage was originally be Texas A&M themed, but, yanno, the UH conspiracy an' all, so I decided to go an Oilers route. tell me what y'all think! CREDIT @raysox FOR THE HELMET TEMPLATE
  10. MLB Redesigns Series

    @MJD7 ayy is that the natural, my boy Jeff Francouer on the Braves set? Just poppin' by to credit you on memorializing my favorite worst baseball player. Fantastic work otherwise, everything is so damn unique and fantastical and I love it. This series is so great I just *might* take some "inspiration" from what you've done for a future series of my own
  11. Baseball!! NEW LOGOS, THEY LOOK GOOD i promise

    I also did that made the font a bit smaller and the letters closer together, but then the rest of the roundel looked empty and I didn't know what to do with the rest of it. I mean it ain't too broke, is it?
  12. Baseball!! NEW LOGOS, THEY LOOK GOOD i promise

    @officeglenn interesting you point out the bottom center of the circle option for the text, but i ended up with a presidential seal problem, and I do not like my letters upside down. I worked on the Cards, I sharpened the corners and I'd say it looks a lot better. and I got around to working on the cross here's an updated version @Dan O'Mac and my favorite right here:
  13. I've looked at this tread occasionally, and I just want to say I love the creativity you've put into these designs. The unique-ness of these looks, and the over the top design aspect on some of these are really darn fun, rockies and marlins especially, and these seem realistic for like a TATC type of thing, but like as a pullover promotional. Also, just curious, but why no NOB? If i remember correctly, teams had NOB's on their pullovers, so is it just like a constraint or did you just decide to not put them on? Either way, this is one of my few favorites series on here now and keep up the good work, my man.
  14. Found this when I played as the lions in the new Madden NFL mobile Head to toe blue, and honestly, I like it. Looks a little panthers color rush-y, but maybe the lions should take it into condsideration (also: they still are using the black-outlined lions logo)
  15. The Mad Scientist's NBA

    Everything about this works. Maybe try to add cohesiveness to the logo set (primary, wordmark could both have the thickness wordmark font) but other than that I am in love with this set
  16. Canadian Football League --> Canadian Rugby League

    I love these ideas in a vacuum, but some of them just don't really work. BC: I like it a lot i suppose, but the piping is just a bit much for me. I hated it on the NHL uniforms, i hate on the falcons, and I hate it here. Also make the sublimated lion just a tad darker on both the home and away sets. 7/10 Calgary: nothing too special, but solid. 6/10 Edmonton: looks like it would be an instant classic IRL. I'm a sucker for chevrons. But that alternate drags down the set (piping, outlined EE logo) H: 8/10 A: 8/10 Alt: 4/10 Saskatchewan: I see sublimation is your thing. Gets kinda stale the third time you do it, but I like this most out of the sublimated sets, sans Alt. H/A: both 8/10 Alt: make the neon wheat dark grey, kill the piping with fire, and its solid. But otherwise, 5/10 Winnipeg: whatever I said about Edmonton's home and away goes here. I'm against camo usually, but this is my one of few exceptions, as long as you end up going full camo on the uniform (perhaps a sublimated camo :)) 7/10 overall, nice sets, but my main three gripes are: -Give each team their own number, this is the CFL (or I guess CRL), not the EPL (that's why Edmonton and Winnipeg's home and away aren't 9/10 or 10/10, depending on what fonts you end up going with) -Get rid of sublimation on Calgary or BC (preferably Calgary). 3 teams with the same design elements looks tacky -:censored: piping.
  17. The Mad Scientist's NBA

    Sir, I believe that is Association, icon, *stupid placeholder*, and *other stupid placeholder* i love the simplicity of the template, and it works well with the looks you've produced. I really like the simple elegance of the suns uniform especially. Excited for Dallas and Houston!
  18. Minnesota Timberwolves Concept Court

    1: Don't thread jack 2: is that Arial Black as the baseline font? Get it together man! Also, the star looks out of place and there should be a mid court tipoff circle and the roundel genuinely would look better in the middle, so maybe move the star where the roundels currently are
  19. Denver Nuggets NBA Redesign by DT Concepts

    mountains on the pants is actually a pretty interesting and unique idea, and it works really well. My only thing would to maybe add some sky blue to the wordmarks and numbers, and that's all i see with it. Great job!
  20. Make a better scarf.
  21. MLB Concepts (MLB Complete, MiLB Chihuahuas 7/30)

    That thin H is not helping the overall look, especially when on the roundel the font is stretched very wide. Also maybe get rid of that weird outline on the star. It doesn't do anything to bring cohesiveness to the rest of the set. And IMO the northwestern striping does not really make sense on the socks. Idk what you'd do instead but it just looks out of place I guess. But I like you sticking with the original font (2013 being the original ) and the piping looks really nice on the uniform.
  22. Helmet mockup

    Pretty damn good maybe try a red, non matte face mask and see, and make the red parts of the logo/helmet stripe not matte? I think it'll really make the red stand out and bring more flair to and otherwise conservative, yet very good helmet design. Just a thought ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. If that's not really an option, I really like the look you've got.