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  1. Here are the teams Arizona: Wow!!! I started my NFL series that I'LL TOTALLY finish!!!! Atlanta: That new logo is trash because it has red highlights! I can fix that! (On a serious note, death to piping) Baltimore: I feel like this is an even bigger F-U to the city of Cleveland Buffalo: (EDIT) I had a stupid quip here but I accidentally made the Giants uniform that everyone makes on here so I think I'm going to take the lazy route (as one does for an average NFL series) and reuse everything here for NYG Carolina: Was it too creative?? (rhetorical, it was obviously yes) Chicago: Okay but seriously though, am I getting too original in my concepts? Cincinnati: Okay but like block numbers really add to the creativity of this one Cleveland: Sooooooooooo, like, why exactly do y'all care about the "tradition" of a 20 year old team? @raysox is older than the Browns, I should be allowed to go crazy for one of these. Dallas: I'm bored at this point. Denver: Honestly, like, who needs originality? the old sets were fine, slap on their current navy and BOOM! original content! Detroit: Lmao nvm no one cares about this team (sans I assume @drdougfresh and I think @ZionEagle. Correct me if I'm wrong) Green Bay: Why exactly were they using Reebok fabrics again? That is a serious question, someone please answer. Houston: So like, the Oilers, but not. (EDIT: Never mind, it's just the Oilers) Indianapolis: Jacksonville: I'm not even lying, I genuinely hate y'all for loving double outlines and hating the new Jags logo. Kansas City: this is the second time I had to create my own brush in illustrator, i.e. I'm working too hard on this. LA Chargers: This. LA Rams: you know what's great? the ability to copy a previous set off of gridiron uniforms and passing it off as an original design. Miami: I'm missing out on some pretty iconic striping patterns in the name of consistency. I hate that. Minnesota: Joke patent pending New England: Oh? You don't like the way the 1 is serifed? You sure? Shut up and deal with it. New Orleans: should I make a Mardi Gras alt? (EDIT: Let's try this again.) NY Giants: So like my Bills concept, but not? P.S. here's an alt. NY Jets: Please help I left my phone in a friend's car Oakland: I'll make tacky vegas uniform with more gold than their hockey team. Also, I have ranked the 9 lids stores i could find in Houston, and by hat selection alone, I'd go to the willowbroook mall one by the food court or the Memorial City one by the Target.
  2. I did a thing, y'all!

    Tbh, my thought process for it was: "Colors for miami? seems like it would be the 80's heat uniforms with the vice blue." "design for the numerals? I think I remember seeing a bunch of art deco esque concepts on the boards. But also, football laces and bevel so I look like I'm trying." "The font itself? I'll do whatever I can fit into the grid thing in illustrator" I need a better thought process.
  3. I did a thing, y'all!

    So I think I'm going to post random sports-related things I'll do in my spare time to this topic, because I mean I don't want to flood the board with topics but I want to at least put out what I've done. Speaking of original content, I did a thing inspired by (and some logos ripped from) @Silent Wind of Doom and his Sports signature topic and I made a playoff bracket from it yeet I apologize for those with 4k monitors, as I'm sure this hell with 100% magnification Did you laugh or did you lose? Comment below and make sure to SMASH that like button for more random stuff I do in the future
  4. I did a thing, y'all!

    Can someone do the thing to I can post on dribbble? I mean like, I dont know what the hell I'd post, but I know it'd be kinda okay at least. Not @davidson levels of quality, but it wouldn't be cancer.
  5. City/State Color Identities

    I'd make the weird rocket things on the side of their jerseys white and their numbers black maybe with a white outline. Otherwise I love it 10/10
  6. I was originally going to go the @llfhockey route and go full BFBS and fighter pilot design, as I remember everyone that and concepts similar. I do think I went too original, though, as I don't think I've seen that many jet accent stripes on the boards.
  7. do horizontal stripes on the (yoke?) and you'll win a creamer for best concept
  8. Yeah, so, does this work? or are y'all going to yell at me again?
  9. Y'all can get your first ALT IN THE SERIES You want tradition? HERE YA GO I WANNA DIE
  10. Whatever I'm tired I don't have school for 4 days and all of those days will end up being used for the shoulder stripes on the Jets I hate this.
  11. I couldn't go back to the old stripes bc it doesn't fit S T R I P I N G C O N S I S T E N C Y
  12. Me: they had black pants for like, a dec- Y'all: *grab me, throw me in a body bag, hit me with mardi gras beads until I remember that something "outside of the box" is hideous*
  13. Are black pants okay as an (AWAY) alt? I think black pants are okay as an (AWAY) alt.
  14. hypebeast hockey

    Needs more camo and throw in some off-white just because "it looks cool"
  15. hypebeast hockey

    add an extra zero
  16. The daily sacrifice to the Gods™
  17. I did a thing, y'all!

    Here's a jersey swap or whatever I'm only kinda proud of.
  18. So like, this one was kinda annoying to do. I was debating if I should go in a few separate ways, so I just said F it and did what I think would get me the least hate.
  19. this is a helluva lot better. I love it.
  20. I know lmao i just did it for the meme CCSLC: GET RID OF THE AQUAFRESH LOGO CCSLC: THE DOLPHINS SHOULDN'T USE NAVY CCSLC: THE OLD MARINO LOGO WAS ICONIC ME: Hey, y'all, you know that high quality logos are accep- CCSLC: GO BACK TO THE CAVE OF WHICH YOU CAME FROM
  21. Take a vote: Should the Rams have pants with horns on them for the sake of striping consistency or nah?
  22. I did a thing, y'all!

    U P D A T E Thank you @Silent Wind of Doom