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  1. Hell, if for what ever reason you need even more proof the world is going to crap, read some of the comments from that article
  2. Probably will be sold to Chinese owners; Yao-era set lives on for eternity!
  3. The name change is incredibly dumb, but at least the logo looks way better
  4. Well that could simply mean that their insecurities are indeed deep rooted. It isn't all that uncommon for guys that are loud, fun, and the center of attention to be complete trainwrecks once the people are away and you talk to them personally. It's all a facade, and those who have the most to hide often put the most effort into their masks.
  5. Not a fan of the shorts there either, but they had one of the most underappreciated wordmarks in sports; modern but not overdesigned. Slap some checkers on the sides and that's their perfect look
  6. Some great changes for the NBA next season: 2 timeouts can be called by each team during the final two minutes of the game (was 3) 14 total timeouts per game (was 18) 2 overtime timeouts instead of 3 No more "half" and "full" timeouts; all timeouts are now 75 secs Trade deadline is now 10 days before All Star Game instead of after I'm iffy about the trade deadline change, but at least it rids of the potential awkward All Star Game trade such as the Cousins trade.
  7. Yeah 213 went from potential Card of the Year candidate to just another card after losing Cerrone-Lawler and Nunes-Shev; I am ecstatic that Whittaker won though, and if *fingers crossed* 214 holds up it'll be ridiculously stacked. I've heard rumblings that a lot of the mismanagement under the WME/IMG era isn't completely Dana's fault; there is a lot of pressure from up above to recoup money fast instead of grow and improve the product. This, coupled with Conor's antics inspiring other champs like Bisping and Mighty Mouse to be less "company men" has put him in a tough spot. I can't say I feel bad for him after all the years of him screwing over fighters, but I'm not placing this all on Dana.
  8. I generally just fill a large lidded pitcher with half ice half water, and let about 5 bags of either jasmine or green tea soak in it for half a day in the fridge. I don't generally bother doing this for regular sweet tea because I'm pretty content with the jugs from Publix, but I'd imagine it would work the same for those sort of teas as well.
  9. Legit the weirdest signing yet this summer: Gay must be one of the least Spursy guys in the league; now watch as Pop turns him into an efficient two-way threat. $17.2 mil for 2 years could be a steal if Pop can work his magic and Rudy stays healthy.
  10. DeAndre Gordon making Boston and Utah right now like:
  11. Gordon Hayward to the Celtics Sorry Utah
  12. The Lakers seemed like an odd fit anyways; the Kings won't be good but they should be a fun team to watch next season EDIT: Z-Bo too
  13. FWIW, Taj Gibson is a free agent LOL they actually did it
  14. It sounds like Ainge wasn't offering Indiana anything more than a bag of donuts unless PG13 signed an extension. I'm guessing Indiana was afraid that adding Love would keep them in lower seed limbo, and that somehow a semi-tank with Oladipo and a promising Sabonis along with lottery luck can yield better results? I suppose we'll find out. Should be a fun year in OKC until George bolts next summer
  15. FWIW, Taj Gibson is a free agent