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  1. The Minnesota Timberwolves should drop part of their name off, and "Minne" is not it. Hopefully it's just their "Pride" or Nike equivalent jersey, though Twin Cities would have been way better.
  2. Make all Big 4 teams (and college teams) limited to 2 alternate uniforms.
  3. I can't be the only guy who read "Face to Face Triple H" and wondered for a hot minute who Face is
  4. I used to think Yuengling was a Chinese beer for the longest time until it recently became really popular. Love that they have brand uniformity now, though the only one I've ever had is the regular one.
  5. It doesn't.
  6. Don't think there is a non-event specific boxing thread here. I'm floored that they gave that fight to GGG. I was cheering for him, but outside of that one knockdown Jacobs was controlling that whole fight.
  7. The Memphis Pyramid Arena takes the cake for best arena. Barclays is the worst looking arena in major sports, even though their court is among the NBA's best. Love the herringbone pattern; it's a shame it is housed in such a craptastic structure.
  8. Every time I hear the name Baby Cakes I can't un-associate it with this guy: Plus, they are called King Cakes, which happen to have a plastic baby in them. Branding miss IMO, unless they start playing this song during rally time
  9. *shrug* Sex tape hackers are :censored:ty people, but you'd be a jackass to film yourself having sex and expect it to stay private in this age of oversharing. It doesn't make it right because it sure as hell isn't, but you'd be naive to think otherwise.
  10. Well yeah, I don't think anyone is debating that. But don't leave the front door unlocked if you don't want to get robbed.
  11. Why did they have to mess things up with the gradient? It would have been a huge upgrade otherwise
  12. I don't hate or love a team because of their uniforms but I will generally cheer against a team if they have genuinely awful uniforms like the Bucs, Clippers, and Jags. The teams I actually hate tend to have beautiful uniforms for whatever reason (Habs, LSU, Lakers, Heat, Red Sox, STL Cards)
  13. Are my eyes just deceiving me or do the Hitmen only have pant stripes down their right legs?
  14. Branch tends to get brought up with those other names, but I think it's notable to point out that he was replaced with Bug-Eyes Caldwell and the passing game suffered until they reloaded with Moss/Stallworth/Welker (speaking of which, Moss is another fit for that list). Branch never lived up to his post-SB contract, but he was still a low end #1 receiver with the Seahawks. As for the mistakes, Martin was a different era. Samuel and Law never regained their previous form with their next teams, and Gostkowski ended up being a solid replacement for Vinatieri