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  1. Well for one, "Why don't you just simply pull off the biggest fleecing of the decade" is just as unrealistic as "Tank until you find the next LeBron/Durant".
  2. It's obviously a drop of scalding-hot water
  3. Wanakers? It kinda reads as Wankers at first glance though
  4. Eh, there's nightlife everywhere though (at least most of the NBA markets). The bigger thing is that the Nets aren't under the constant scrutiny that the Lakers are, so Russell can kinda let be.
  5. Russell+Moz for Lopez is a pretty good deal; the Nets aren't going to be players in FA so the Moz contract doesn't hurt and Russell can develop as a player in a low-pressure environment. I'm not sure if Lopez is really good or just a decent player that looked great on a disastrous team, but salary-wise it lets the Lakers try to Laker themselves into FA. I wanna see DLo try to Westbrook the Nets to 15 wins, could be a fun team to watch especially if Levert takes some strides and they snag a sleeper like Giles in the draft.
  6. Hmmm...that makes this all the more interesting. I can't imagine Griffin would have been forced out otherwise; maybe he really is stepping down?
  7. Looks like Griffin was LeBron's scapegoat this offseason. The NBA has like 2-3 GMs that are great, another handful that are good, and a large pile of leftovers that are prone to committing franchise-crippling mistakes on a regular basis. Griffin likely falls under that second category and I'm curious who they think would be available and an upgrade over him.
  8. Plot Twist: Sam Hinkie's underlings take over the Sixers in a coup. Sixers shock everyone and draft Harry Giles at the #1 spot, who ends up missing the season. The Process lives on in Philadelphia.
  9. If anything just move the draft back to align with the start of free agency. It's kinda weird that none of the draft day trades are actually "official" until a week or so later because of how the league timetable is set up.
  10. That's a pretty steep downgrade on both fronts
  11. Sounds like the LA pick is unprotected while the Kings pick is. I'll flip a :censored: if Fultz is the next Kyrie, but the possibility of having 2 of the top 4 picks in a draft that so far looks to trend towards bigs can certainly be enticing for a team with no quality bigs aside from an aging Horford. The big question now is what that #3 gets turned into; I doubt Ainge is done wheeling and dealing if he's gotten this far.
  12. If the Sixers are actually dumb enough to trade one of their 2018 1st rounders and the #3 it would only make sense for the Celtics to take the bait. The drop-off from Fultz to Jackson is probably well worth the potential of picking two from Porter Jr, Mo Bamba, Ayton, and Doncic next draft. I can't imagine the Sixers are that desperate though, but whatever.
  13. I think those talks are mainly just people trying to justify his non-signing as something other than his political stances. He likely isn't gonna be a star anymore but he's still a mid-tier QB in a league with many crap-tier QBs.
  14. I'm far from a conservative, and certainly do not condone it when they do either.