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  1. Unpopular opinion, especially for a Celtics fan, but my top 5 is Jordan, Wilt, LeBron, Kareem, Magic, with Bird and Russell probably next but outside of the top 5. Wilt gets a lot of heat for only winning two titles, but he was LeBron before LeBron, and usually had a worse supporting cast than post-decision LeBron has had.
  2. The Celtics are likely the only team in the east that has a chance of catching the Cavs any time soon, but they are still years away and it's sure as hell not gonna be because of Crowder or Smart. The Wizards are good, but I'm not sure how much better they can get. The Bucks have Giannis, but are otherwise a non-factor. Raptors are paper tigers.
  3. Actually Fultz did miss some games due to a knee injury last season. I think Washington, like LSU the year before, was simply a train wreck.
  4. Or the Patriots
  5. Jackson is a redundant prospect with Jaylen Brown being a very similar player, and I think Taytum is gonna be another Rudy Gay. If the Celtics are gonna try to be cute and not draft the #1 guy in Fultz I'd rather they just find a way to package the pick for Butler or George. I wouldn't be terribly worried about finding rebounding help in this draft; bigs don't seem to be the strength of this year, but next year looks to be pretty stacked with guys who can grab rebounds and protect the paint.
  6. Thanks Brooklyn!
  7. The only thing the Braves should do is go back to the lowercase a; maybe put more emphasis on yellow as a tertiary color.
  8. Lowry this summer: "I'm taking my talents to The Land"
  9. Well to be fair, they still haven't brought back unique retro warmups which would almost certainly sell like hotcakes, so it isn't inconceivable
  10. Well of course it is; just the wrong mouth when he helped recruit Durant last summer. I'm half expecting Ginobili to write an article in the Player's Tribune about how flopping has negatively affected the integrity of the game.
  11. That new Blazers font is total garbage and completely unnecessary when the rip city font is sitting right there for the taking. However, the pinwheel is the best it has ever looked. Naturally, one of the few teams that would look better with a roundel for a primary - like I predicted earlier - ended up bucking the trend. Hoping they don't muck up the uniforms.
  12. He is also concerned about the competitive balance of the league...
  13. Hot take alert.
  14. That never stopped Phil Simms...