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  1. I'm all for any change that eliminates the penny; when even vending machines don't accept them anymore it's a sign to move on
  2. Phoenix Suns New Uniforms

    It's cool that the Suns are finally wearing the right color balance, but the uniforms themselves are as generic and lifeless as they can get. The old set didn't get the color balance right, but at least they had character.
  3. Minnesota Lynx New Logo

    It's a nice look, but I actually thought their previous logo was very solid. The old logo probably needed an update, but it does still have more character than the new one. Lateral move; hopefully some of the bottom-tier looks in the league change up their logos too and Nike lets them have unique uniforms.
  4. Minnesota Timberwolves

    These would be great if they were for the Mavs. Huge wasted opportunity to embrace the lime green; looks like the Blazers are the only team so far to come out ahead this summer and even they blew a golden opportunity to bring back the bauhaus font.
  5. 2017 NBA Offseason

    Just get rid of the max while keeping a salary cap. Let a team offer top 25 players 2/3 of their salary room if they want and make it impossible for teams to swim Gilbert-deep past the cap; it'll be the best way to motivate stars to stick around without making it a league full of multi-millionaire indentured servants.
  6. Pink Uniforms

    Maybe it's just the lighting (well not in Palermo's case), but only the Wahoos and the NFL BCAM accessories really look "hot pink". I think the stupid "pink is for girls and gays only" stigma is fading enough that a major team in maybe Miami or Vegas could pull it off. Maybe Miami's potential MLS franchise goes black/pink
  7. Nuggets unveil new uniforms*

    Good thing Nike is axing the sleeves because this offseason has been a monsoon of L's otherwise
  8. NBA Changes 2017-18

  9. What Grinds Your Gears...

    Just find a picture of the default icon and use that instead
  10. Lights Out's NBA 2017: Knicks (p. 3)

    That's pretty much what I was hoping from Portland when they first announced they were gonna change; beautiful.
  11. Football and CTE

    I played football at both pee-wee and high school level, and I'm certainly okay with limiting participation until at least high school. FWIW I wouldn't be against limiting it through high school, but Hell would sooner freeze over especially in places like Texas.
  12. UFC Thread

    The real champ is back! Jones sealed the post fight interview perfectly with the Brock call-out too; the fight itself has little chance of materializing, but as May-Mac has shown, sometimes if you keep hyping up the outlandish it eventually becomes real. Pretty surprised that Lawler-Cowboy went the distance and that it took Cyborg that long to finish Evinger.
  13. Lights Out's NBA 2017: Knicks (p. 3)

    DSJ approves
  14. Football and CTE

    I think a lot of people in the US bet on the NFL because it is the most popular league here, not the other way around. If football had lower scoring games but still remained the top dog I don't think it would affect the number of people who bet or play fantasy football by any significant margin.