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  1. Aside from Reddick, those are all at best role players - losing them is hardly "blowing it up". I think Griffin is a likely goner, but I don't know what is the best path of action for the Clips. A Paul/Jordan duo is too good to tank effectively, but if one or the other leaves along with Griffin they are likely regulated back to being the #2 team in LA now that the Lakers have some promising guys to build around.
  2. Not totally out of question, because the Bills did pretty much that during the Twitter era. I'd imagine it would be extremely rare though; good point.
  3. That's disrespectful to the Blazers
  4. Must be watching the wrong half then...
  5. No way, it's totally the NBA. If the Pats moved to, say, Omaha I'd definitely stop rooting for them. Maybe I'd start following the Saints or Falcons (lol), but with my interest slowly dwindling as is I'd most likely be done with the NFL.
  6. I think the second part has more to do with the first part than Rask himself. Has been some pretty sus reffing throughout the playoffs so far, but no excuses. B's need to buckle down on defense.
  7. It's basically a bunch of bros alternating between posting D-level hot takes and pictures of hot college girls. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  8. I can't believe a team as agonizingly un-clutch as the 2017 Bruins managed to get into the playoffs. What a damn joke
  9. What does that have to do with hockey though? Up until Beijing's KHL franchise, the highest level of hockey in China was played in Asia League Ice Hockey with South Korean and Japanese teams.
  10. More like hhgr egg; I can't ever unsee the fried egg. Anyways good riddance. Can't believe how long they've stayed in business despite never bringing much to the table. At least Sears has/had Kenmore to fall back on.
  11. Only a matter of time. I think a Russell/Ingram/Randle/Ball core can make some noise a few years down the road.
  12. 9. The three biggest challengers in the East aren't built to defend the paint against the Cavs.
  13. Easily the best Nike look yet; my only gripe is the inconsistency in outlines between the two shoulder wordmarks. I've seen a good lot here put down the number font, but I think it completes the uniform. If they had used a regular block I think it would look out of place next to other modern features (sleeve wordmarks, chrome silver facemask). Considering how many Nike uniforms so far have fallen victim to crappy number fonts (Bucs, Vikings, Browns) it's good to see distinctly modern yet tasteful numbers here. Color rush jersey looks awesome. Too bad it gets paired with gray socks; GGGB would be a nice combo. The throwback manages to be the worst look of the four. Solid work Nike and Lions, 9.5/10
  14. Since the Mavs-Wolves connection is being brought up, I guess it is worth mentioning that since the Wolves chose to go navy/lime instead of royal/kelly, it leaves that color combo open for the Mavs to use. I don't mind the double blue Mavs as much as many here do, but I think if anyone in the league should be royal/kelly, it should be them.
  15. I've really enjoyed this Celtics season and would have never thought they'd be in this position at the start of the season. However, the team as of now is kinda built to collapse in the playoff: bad rebounding, shaky 3-pt shooting, and an offense that lives and dies by a guy under 6' who will have to deal with double and even triple teams nightly. I'd love to be wrong, but... GS: 4 POR: 0 LAC: 4 UTA: 3 HOU: 4 OKC: 2 SA: 4 MEM: 1 GS: 4 LAC: 1 SA: 4 HOU: 2 GS: 4 SA: 3 BOS: 4 CHI: 2 WAS: 4 ATL: 3 TOR: 4 MIL: 2 CLE: 4 IND: 0 WAS: 4 BOS: 3 CLE: 4 TOR: 2 CLE: 4 WAS: 1 GS: 4 CLE: 3