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  1. Kaz

    Possible Miami MLS Logo Leaked

    Eh. Juve wears black and white, Inter wears black and blue, and AC Milan wears black and red; I don't think black alone is the defining color for any of those teams. Pink is sometimes used by Juve in their away kits, but again, not their defining color. If Inter Miami ends up wearing black and white vertical stripes then sure, but otherwise I think this is a reach.
  2. Kaz

    2018 NFL Season

    LOL I think I'm actually done with the NFL this time. There has to be a way to approach player safety without making the on-field product completely unwatchable
  3. If the Pats are a Boston sports team, then the Jest can be considered a New York sports team. Now if the Giants played in a stadium in, say, Queens or somewhere in NYC while the Jets still played in NJ you could have a case.
  4. Kaz

    Possible Miami MLS Logo Leaked

    Such as Atl├ętico Madrid Miami? An international city like Miami should have an international, timeless name. I love that teams like the Sounders and Timbers have their own Americanized names that have a bit of history behind them, but it just doesn't fit Miami.
  5. Kaz

    2018 NFL Season

    lol I didn't know that the Browns hired Williams to be their DC. What a dumpster fire
  6. Kaz

    Possible Miami MLS Logo Leaked

    Yes! It doesn't really need the teal, but it looks good here too.
  7. Kaz

    Possible Miami MLS Logo Leaked

    The flamingos are really beautiful; I kinda wish they had forgone either the shield or roundel so that the flamingos are a bit more viable. The name and colors are perfect though. Now they just need to secure a stadium site and get this thing rolling for 2020.
  8. Kaz

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Does Texas need 3 teams though?
  9. Kaz

    Popular Defunct Teams

    Don't get me wrong, if I had a bajillion dollars I'd buy the Canes and move them to Hartford and I think it would be an improvement to the league. There just isn't any obvious lure for the league or any owner to do so unless they have a connection with Hartford or really like the Whalers' logo or whatever.
  10. Kaz

    "Bad Design" that actually works

    I don't quite get this thread. I thought it would have uniforms that aren't cohesive or designed well but still look good; instead it looks like Unpopular Opinions 2.0 What I had in mind:
  11. Kaz

    Popular Defunct Teams

    I feel like that one period a few years ago when it seemed like there was a tiny-yet-real possibility that the Islanders were going to move out of New York in general instead of just Long Island was really Hartford's last chance. I don't doubt the Whalers' cult popularity - when I lived in Hartford I saw Whalers hats everywhere and people would still mention the team in conversation fondly as their lovable losers - but with their market sandwiched between the Bruins (plus their ass of an owner that would make the Whalers 2.0 a headache anyways, but that's a whole separate issue) and three New York teams I just don't see it happening. This isn't Winnipeg in the middle of nowhere with no real threats to their market, so while I see the similarities in the fanbases and cities in a vacuum I don't think it is an apples-to-apples comparison, even ownership and arena issues aside.
  12. Kaz

    Football and CTE

    Funny that you mention them