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  1. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Smh, Sabresrule is finally okay with a sports outcome and everyone is rushing to tell him he’s wrong
  2. Watch Seattle retire the number 7 before their inaugural season even starts
  3. Why would there be an expansion draft for a relocation?
  4. 2018 NBA Post Season

    Their offense outside of Lebron lives and dies by the three; it isn’t inconceivable that when they hit their shots they are unstoppable and when they don’t they suck. Boston is also a rather streaky team because of how reliant their offense is on a rookie and two youngsters who were mere role players in the playoffs last year.
  5. 2018 NBA Post Season

    It wasn't even LeBron going ballistic though; no one on the Cavs was missing shots and the Celtics couldn't buy a bucket. Games 2 and 3 really highlighted that the Cavs need their shooters to be on point to win, even if LeBron goes off.
  6. Sporting Madison Wisconsin Icestorm United FC Colors: Red and White
  7. No, it's called a yanny wreath I think the laurel looks better than the spear on the shoulders, with maybe a spear stripe instead of the laurel (and the Centurion head for the helmet logo). Do the helmets use a variant of the head logo sans the wreath, or is it just the scale/angle?
  8. Hall of Very Good

    Plenty of running backs from the 2000s that may never be in the HoF: Priest Holmes Jamal Lewis Tiki Barber Corey Dillon Edgerrin James
  9. And the Patriots and Bengals, just to add common rivals for both of those teams.
  10. 2018 NBA Post Season

    He did not make the jump this season that Capela did though. Last year was his breakout year; this year was just incremental improvement building off of that year - which isn't what the award is for. Dinwiddle seems to be just be there to fill a spot compared to Capela and Oladipo; I admit I wasn't following Nets games very closely this year but he seemed to be more of a mere beneficiary of extended touches when Lin and DLo (and even RHJ at times) were out than a revitalized player.
  11. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    Logowise, that's exactly what they should be doing. Colorwise, they really need to go back to the Melo-era powder blue and gold with minimal navy accents.
  12. Correct, everything in sports is actually Pittsburgh and Boston's fault.
  13. At this point it's either 4 or 8 teams for playoffs; anything over 8 becomes overkill, because how you spread out the games is limited because of the physical nature of football versus basketball and other sports with large tournaments.
  14. What if VGK actually wins the Cup, and the Raiders win the Superbowl in their first season in Las Vegas?