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  1. Kaz

    Unpopular Opinions

    This is awesome.
  2. Kaz

    Seattle NHL Concepts

    I'm not sure if the slight differences in color are enough to be different from Vancouver, and of course I'm not sure that the Sharks would be willing to lend the old Golden Seals logo to Seattle. The look in a vacuum is pretty pleasant, but it would be better to see something made in a format that lets you have more creativity rather than fill in templates.
  3. I think the Buc's flag logos - both the original and the update - are bottom-tier NFL logos. The skull and swords would be a much stronger - although quite generic - primary look, because it looks rather tacked on in both the flag logo and the ship logo. Kinda reminds me of the full-body logos for the Panthers, Jaguars, Bengals, etc. Their old look is wonderful otherwise, but if Nike can't make shiny pants anymore then why bother? Bronze ≠ Brown, and it really drags down their current look (among other things).
  4. These athletes really need to comb through their social media and delete their dumb posts; FFS you'd think everyone would get on it after maybe the 154th time this has happened. That being said, imagine being such a loser that you make a hobby of going through the social media of anyone who finds success just to find something to drag them down.
  5. Kaz

    XFL Return, new logo

    That sounds awful. I'm really glad these kind of things don't happen on a daily basis
  6. Kaz

    The Freedom Football League

    Sounds like they opened a self-help book and named their teams after the first catchwords that popped up.
  7. How are Bucco Bruce and the Flying Elvis even remotely similar other than both being NFL logos with a human mascot?
  8. Kaz

    Seattle has an NHL team

    Jeremy Jacobs and the Bruins own the Boston Garden, not Wyc and the Celtics
  9. Why did every lego basketball player have to look like Shelden Williams?
  10. Kaz

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Everyone is gonna call them the Seattle Gays and that inaugural season patch is gonna get turned into a dick.
  11. So he shouldn't transfer because he's an agile, explosive QB with maturity issues like Cam Newton, Michael Vick, RG3, Donovan McNabb, Byron Leftwich, and Dante Culpepper?
  12. Kaz

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

  13. Kaz

    Best Logo Refreshes

    The old logo being more square proportion-wise is what makes it better than the update. I like many of the individual updates of the new logo such as the skinnier N and the tape stripes, but in the vast majority of cases a hockey crest simply looks better and fits a sweater when proportionally square.
  14. Kaz

    Seattle has an NHL team

    It would seem early. However, there has been word from NHL Seattle CEO Tod Leiweke that they may reveal it sooner than later.