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  1. This goes in the concept section..sorry. Still very nice tho! 8/10
  2. Why you being such a hater? It looks good to me. They don't have nowhere to go but up from previous horrible versions. Now as far as uniform aesthetics go...Obviously they can't show any images of the new Nike uniforms,etc so they have to go off of 2017 NBA content. Come on guys..we should all know that. Next video probably have Minnesota but with their current unis and that's ok. EA sports back with NBA LIVE is good for competition so 2k sports don't become stagnant. We all know they have their issues too.
  3. Link to that NBA live 18 clip??!!!
  4. This logo is far superior to their G-league counterpart. Unis still suck except for the pride fauxbacks.
  5. I think the Suns are tweaking the black on the home unis to purple. Black will be saved for the alternate uniform.
  6. Anybody else we waiting for to reveal their new logo??
  7. Just posting cause... 1)I thought the hats look cool 2) if the Kings came out with Silver unis they could be sweet 3) looking at the Twolves and the Mavs..especially with the history of the green for both franchises. The WOLVES hat looks like an inverted Mavs hat but with the animal rotated. Just my $.02 (Posted this in the wrong bad)
  8. I'm probably the only one that thinks this regarding the Blazers and Pistons "new logo".
  9. You hit the Pelicans court out of the park.. the crescent moon is the cherry on top. The Heat court is too red..looks like the Raptors..all red nightmare a few years back. If you would also incorporate some Miami themes like Palm trees,etc.
  10. Love the Spurs..i would suggest a silver outline on the wordmark and numbers..just my opinion tho.
  11. I was thinking the same thing...this simple modification EASILY makes the Clippers logo better..adds the water aspect to a marine team.
  12. I'm dead LOL Btw. FTW! If only if they removed that horse and used a cleaner would have lasted longer IMO
  13. Much better and a lot more cleaner!! I also loves your take on the Hornets especially with the stripe on both sides of the shorts and subliminal honeycomb. Requests? Will get back to ya. Keep it up!
  14. No more silver?? Oh well I will always have...
  15. Am I correct to assume all uniforms that were sleeved are getting transitioned to sleeveless?? Rip City, Bulls black road, Rockets grey, Pistons navy, Memphis pride,NETS pride white,.etc. There are plenty of sleeved unis that would be classic if they removed the sleeves.