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  1. Not bad. Kinda busy but not bad
  2. Bring back the Fiesta colors!!! And find a cool way to incorporate it into their unis without looking too 90s!
  3. I think they scrapped it last minute for no apparent reason. Personally I'd prefer these as black alternate uniform. I love the Chicago script as an alternate jersey.
  4. Say whaaaaaaaaat????!! Spurs!!!? Very interesting!!
  5. Today has been a good day indeed for NBA uniforms!
  6. @BringBackTheVet @panthers_2012 Pages 71-73 lies your answer but my source but mainly this post by @hendocfc He originally posted on page 71.. "A number of teams are rebranding next season,one of them is going to be a... shock,and one of them could be a gift from the heavens. Can't say much more for now" he then revealed the above quote..there you go. Sorry if it isnt up to your standards..but you can see(read) within these pages this isn't a lie..
  7. Thanks a lot @JerseyJosh! @panthers_2012 sorry I just didn't feel like digging thru the old thread for need to sound hateful. I'm sure a refresher from @Conrad. is due within the next month or two as for who's getting new threads. But then again Conrad dud say we may have to wait until Adidas' contract is officially up (est. June/NBA Draft)
  8. This thread from months back...Vet out know this!
  9. Rumor has it that NIKE is overhauling a whole lot of teams!!
  10. They wore the reds like 2x..I believe they HATE the red ones.
  11. I like the logo with black..but that's just my opinion. Favorite Suns jersey of all time was this But they mucked this up in their oh well.
  12. Moments like these ^^^^^ why I come here! Hilarious
  13. You can include the Thunder,Pelicans, and about 1/3 the NBA right now.
  14. I disagree.. the teal vs purple was a good color matchup. But it is confusing since Charlotte wears purple too. Other than it looks like a glorified scrimmage.