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  1. Brooklyn looks incredible
  2. Was posted on page 94 regarding the 76ers uniform
  3. New Memphis Hustle shirt (same as before but different colors;could this mean Memphis Grizzlies are getting new unis too? That hardwood design tho!) ***Don't know how to post screenshots/images of Twitter like Conrad
  4. Outline the numbers and they go from top 10 to a top 5 uniform!! (Which i believe we saw they did)
  5. August is almost here so it's only a matter of time before the huge reveal. Side note: My bad @Ice_Cap for that on a previous post (thanks for the clarification )
  6. mod edit
  7. They can keep all the uniform jargon and whatnot to themselves. All I just care is how they look! Show me some uniforms dammit! 😁😁
  9. One of my favorite "gawty,busy" uniforms of all time...too much going on but hey they won 72 games that year! It's a shame we never saw them break out these..
  10. You definitely wasn't clear about it above. But since we are on the same trying to figure out which Big3 team he might be talking about too! 🤔🤔
  11. You must have been in a coma but @KJTALBOT is referring to the BIG3. Which is a 3 on 3 Pro League with professional & former NBA players. Ice Cube is in charge of it.
  12. I'm tempted to call "wolf" or "source" again but we all know what happened last time @the_Raptors_king posted some info. He's probably looking like this guy now
  13. If I see that same @Max Sang concepts on here posted as the real deal on more time..sheesh that's like twice within a week.
  14. I feel the Same way!!! It looks like our precious logos have just come out of drug rehab.
  15. Watching NBA Summer League on ESPN..they are using the new NBA logo on the video graphics packages, and it's on the logos on the court. Doesn't look bad.