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  1. man i can't wait to see more from you @Hoopladawg87. These are incredible!
  2. It's not the serious bud. Relax
  3. Already posted in another thread but.. Blazers twitter says "RIP to the sleeved RIP City unis"..
  4. This alt logo is aight. I'd love to see them incorporate more elements from the Indiana flag though whenever they rebrand. Side random note: I'm on NBA STORE everyday watching for those Adidas liquidation sales..can't wait!
  5. Wow those Wizards jerseys are sold out until NIKE takes over. It says that these unis are VERY popular with everyone!! (Even management and shareholders) Guess we can expect a road alternate then.
  6. You got your wish! Btw. Am I the only one hoping for a road version of these beauties from the Wizards?
  7. These are gorgeous man!!!
  8. I love these concepts.. Requests for Bulls,Pacers and Grizzlies please.
  9. Hey @Conrad. what ever happened to those Grizzlies pride uniforms? Are they coming next year with Nike? I guess they shelved the idea. It was meh either way. Besides. I love the MLK alternates anyway.
  10. I agree too. I thought those gold unis were cool and unique. But at the same time that look wouldn't have last long anyway. Their current look and that new stars and stripes look to me is instant classic.
  11. After Minnesota...who else you guys think will be the next to reveal their new look??
  12. I love Minnesota Wild's logo..if they can incorporate some of its features into the TWolves logo then it would work. 1 more day!!
  13. This is easily a top 10 logo..especially the secondary! If only the other Lakers team did this... :-/
  14. Less than a week!! 4 days and counting..
  15. Cosign...this logo is so underappreciated!