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  1. “Oh, :censored: you, Luigi.” — Mario, 1987

  2. they’re fake #FLCL

  3. @ClowsGames Definitely not 15 years after this thread either.

  4. #PS4share https://t.co/JAkcrijLVf

  5. why didn’t they make one for the N64 nevermind I take that back https://t.co/xdI5upqOXq

  6. @Foone https://t.co/2PG7C43TQX

  7. RT @isthisaGOODBOT: https://t.co/iF5x4Dmy1U

  8. Literally taking images from the Robocop movie and turning them into “sprites” does not constitute as “parody”. Nei… https://t.co/ZcfPxjfZph

  9. @FinalBeyond I always hear “hawk she read”. I have absolutely no clue what that could mean.

  10. basic bitches celebrate The Simpsons reaching 636 episode, lemme know when it gets up to where the king, Conan Edogawa, is

  11. a journalist turning out to have :censored:ty opinions a few years ago and some people only discovering it now is not bec… https://t.co/dOuVKYMTBN

  12. Who made WWE millions, still does thanks to merch deals and now makes movie studios millions while being the best p… https://t.co/QROE5T7jvt

  13. @FearlessRiOT Someone who wrote the Cartoon Laws of Science likes their feet, i think.

  14. bring back Hercules computer graphics

  15. Looks just like him, good job EA https://t.co/AyGmDMTUdi