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  1. If I owned the Padres...

    So the other day I was watching MLB Central and they were talking about the Padres. One of the hosts said something along the lines of, "As the owner of the Padres, where do you go next to fix this ball club?" So I got to thinking, being the sports logo/uniform lover I am, I would start be tweaking the teams identity. I then looked over at my Green and Gold military appreciation Padres on field hat, and thought about how that is my favorite color scheme to see the team wearing. This redesign is what resulted. I wanted to take their current wordmarks/logos and make some color changes, tweak the uniforms, and give them an updated primary logo. My goal was to stay simple and not get too crazy with it, so here it is. New Primary Logo: Home Uniform: Road Uniform: Alternates: BP Uniform:
  2. NCAA Color Rush

    I would LOVE to see these for Colorado State University. In both Green and Gold if you could.
  3. Embroidered Imaging - Requests?

    Could I get one of the CSU Rams logo? The Ram face, not the CST.

    Yeah he is wearing an old letterman sweater. They actually put something similiar to this on our actual live Ram during winter sporting events.

    Can I please get this ram redone in a cool modern way?
  6. Vintage Mascot Logo Refresh- Update: Baltimore Orioles

    You guys do realize this thread has been dead since April 21st? How do you expect to really get your requests filled on a thread that died about 2 and a half months ago?
  7. Qu├ębec Nordiques Logo Concept (Final update may 7 2015)

    I like the idea I guess. I think the owls facial features just seem too plastered on. Like a cut and paste kind of thing. Also it would be beautiful if you could use the baby blue as an accent color. Like in the owls eyes and around the yoke and collar and stuff.

    I would love it if you could do a really awesome update of this old CSU logo. Instead of black and green and what not, could you do it in the current Forest Green, Athletic Yellow, and White?