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  1. C_Malk0

    Next MLB Overhaul?

    I think Rockies are the most needed change from a total branding perspective. I've never been a fan of their look.
  2. C_Malk0

    NBA Project 32 - Timberwolves Update

    Top middle would be interesting but bottom middle is best
  3. C_Malk0


    Fantastic work, Ren. Hoping you could do my old school high school's logo..... If you could give it a shot it'd be greatly appreciated!
  4. C_Malk0

    Uniforms You Associate With One Game or Moment

    I don't think I've seen this one yet either
  5. C_Malk0

    Uniforms You Associate With One Game or Moment

    Another memory...
  6. C_Malk0

    Uniforms You Associate With One Game or Moment

    As an Astros fan, I think of this before I do the 2005 World Series season.
  7. C_Malk0

    Looking for ideas for football team names

    Boston- Cod, Colonials, Pride Tampa- Sharks, Sailors ?? Minneapolis- Moose, all I can think of Houston- Humidity, Hurricanes, Mosquitos, Apollos Chicago- Pioneers Colombus- Capitals? Pittsburgh- Mills
  8. The piano side panel is very clever. Nice touch to complete the brand
  9. C_Malk0

    The Baseball League of America (Fictional)

    Alright, I took the unanimous advice and tweaked the Miami home and away jerseys:
  10. C_Malk0

    The Baseball League of America (Fictional)

    Here are the Mighty Miami Citrus. A team that joined the league in 1985, the Citrus have a past of bringing championships to South Beach. Being a new team, not a whole lot of people feared the Citrus in their inaugural season. Proving to the doubters that they weren't a team to be taken lightly, Miami came second in their division, making the playoffs in their first year, a feat in which no other expansion team has completed. That season sparked a run of making the postseason four out of the next six years, winning their first championship in 1990. After a couple of years, rookie shortstop Halbert Tooholes took the league by storm, leading Miami to another title in 1995, then again later in his career in 2002. Now, the Citrus aren't anywhere as talented as they used to be, flirting with the Eastern Conference basement the last five years. Although the Citrus have been struggling as of late, they do have all stars Eli Fitzsimmons, 26, and Benito Sanchez, 23. Fitzsimmons is a five-tool righfielder that has a bright future with the team. Sanchez is the Citrus's ace of the staff, a righty that throws 95+ with a dominant sinker. The team just hired Richard Phillips as manager for this upcoming season. He has spent the last three years as third base coach for the New York Beavers. Here are the logos and uniforms for the Miami Citrus:
  11. C_Malk0

    The Baseball League of America (Fictional)

    Thanks fellas. And generalshepherd141, I try to throw little puns in there haha
  12. C_Malk0

    The Baseball League of America (Fictional)

    Thanks! In your opinion, which team is the best so far?