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  1. Just saw this on Twitter from a Montana congressional race - it's not perfect, but I thought it was refreshingly different from other candidate logos: The way his name is written reminds me of the kind of treatment you'd see for a band name on a 70's rock album cover.
  2. Renderings for the next generation of subway cars also incorporate the same colors:
  3. DC United: http://mls.teamworkonline.com/teamwork/jobs/jobskey.cfm?s=d.c.+united#113373
  4. Even if a team's intention to "honor" is legitimate, they don't do much to further these intentions by deciding if/how to represent a group of people without asking them if/how they want to be represented. To me, the best path forward for teams that want to keep Native-inspired names but move past imagery/traditions that are out-of-step is to follow what the Spokane Indians did. They didn't just back up their "honoring" rhetoric by respecting the tribe's right to have a say in how they are portrayed; they recognized that they could use the team's visibility to boost awareness of the tribe's culture and history, and use that culture and history as a resource to enrich the franchise's identity. And, not coincidentally, they ended up with one of the best, and most unique identities in the minors.
  5. Hawaiian Airlines has updated their logo and livery: New Livery: Old Livery: Logo history:
  6. Yeah, I want to like those bits because I love the show and enjoy Bomani and PFTC individually, but it just comes off like an awkward, poorly-executed homage to Phil Hendrie.
  7. Life imitating art: (for those who aren't acquainted with him, PFTCommenter's entire persona is Tank, right down to the grammar and spelling, but done ironically)
  8. Does this make us all Tnak hipsters? "His earlier unhinged rants were much better, before he became mainstream."
  9. One day, we'll be telling our grandkids we knew the eventual 47th President of the United States before he did his first pain reliever commercial. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/mets/mets-fan-angry-nj-transit-car-tix-friday-game-article-1.3019421
  10. Hapoel Eilat B.C. from the Israeli Basketball Premier League:
  11. Depressingly, the Nets' big red box is a feature, not a bug: Sigh.
  12. The Islanders' AHL affiliate in Bridgeport will not move to the renovated Nassau Coliseum as previously planned, and Nassau County has a different hockey tenant in mind (emphasis mine):
  13. The Nets somehow figured out a way to become even more unwatchable.
  14. Oshkosh it is