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  1. The Lakers' D-League affiliate, currently known as the Los Angeles D-Fenders, will become the South Bay Lakers when they move to El Segundo next season, and will add a light blue to their colors:
  2. Well-timed for the recent debate here on whether minor league clubs should be carbon copies of their parent club or have unique identities reflecting the community they play in, here's a team that has managed to incorporate both into their identity (very successfully, in my opinion): This is one of my favorite minor league rebrands in years.
  3. With the Warriors breaking ground on their new arena in San Francisco today, it remains to be seen if they're going to reclaim the San Francisco Warriors name when they do:
  4. Empire of Soccer has found a few trademark filings indicating possible changes afoot for Orange County Blues:
  5. What's so crazy about adopting a name and identity that gives female athletes an equal sense of belonging and representation with their school and community to their male counterparts? Design-wise, I've always been a fan of Hofstra's elegant solution to the issue of equal gender representation in academic sports logos:
  6. The womens' team is following suit, with new jerseys featuring the old-school script on a modern template: The script on the women's jerseys and the throwbacks from the Georgetown game is thicker and wider than on the originals. Original: Throwbacks, 2016: Even the jerseys they wore in 2014 with the mismatched blue shorts were more true to the original script:
  7. This seems about right:
  8. Good point on their L.A. roots (I accidentally omitted that), but I don't think decades of connection to San Diego can be cancelled out by one year of Los Angeles Chargers history. And on your second point, should a city's "ownership" of the name/identity should be contingent on their attractiveness as a relocation/expansion candidate? If we're going to say a team's colors, logos, history, etc. belong to the fans/community, shouldn't those things belong to them regardless of whether they'll be used again on an NFL field? Besides, now that L.A. is off the market, the owners are going to need a new city to flirt with to extort money from their cities. I can foresee many years of new San Diego stadium renderings from front offices around the league, hopefully with the Chargers logo at midfield.
  9. The Chargers have now been in San Diego for eight years longer than the Browns were in Cleveland before their move to Baltimore - why wouldn't the way that was handled have set a precedent for keeping the Chargers name in San Diego?
  10. The USL's Arizona United SC are now: Old logo/name:
  11. The first ACC tournament logo of the Brooklyn era is up: Unlike a lot of Barclays Center events, it emphasizes NYC over Brooklyn in its branding. The incorporation of the sponsor logo is super clunky...
  12. The owners of the NASL's Carolina RailHawks have applied for a trademark for "AC Carolina" and added a teaser splash page to their website that's a departure from their current colors...
  13. http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/07/01/brooklyn-cyclones-celebrate-independence-as-coney-island-franks/
  14. It's a mess - up until this season, their on-court and fan merchandise said "Est. 1967" rather than 2012. It's also weird timing uniform-wise, considering they just introduced their Brooklyn remix jerseys that harken back to one of their mid-80's New Jersey looks (which, if they weren't established until 2012, did not happen). They also have a rack of Drazen Petrovic merchandise in their team store so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. In an election between two of the most unpopular major party candidates in American history, our third parties have risen to the occasion with Gov. What's Aleppo? and Dr. WiFi Gives You Autism.