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  1. Hapoel Eilat B.C. from the Israeli Basketball Premier League:
  2. Depressingly, the Nets' big red box is a feature, not a bug: Sigh.
  3. The Islanders' AHL affiliate in Bridgeport will not move to the renovated Nassau Coliseum as previously planned, and Nassau County has a different hockey tenant in mind (emphasis mine):
  4. The Nets somehow figured out a way to become even more unwatchable.
  5. Oshkosh it is
  6. Brian Straus at SI has done a really informative, thorough series looking at the backstories and merits of each MLS expansion bid. Just going through the pro-con sections, there really doesn't seem to be a clear frontrunner (I might've leaned toward Sacramento before yesterday). Every strong candidate has a fairly considerable "yeah, but" attached.
  7. Five hats, and none of them is the hat the alligator is wearing in the primary logo.
  8. My alma mater released this video telling the story of researching and developing the typeface they're using as part of their rebranding, which was revived from the archives of legendary typeface designer Frederic Goudy. Even if you don't have any connection to the university or graphic design, it's a great look at a thoughtful, thorough creative process that honors a great contributor to the field of type, and his connection to the client.
  9. On the bright side, we have three sponsors so far and none of them are Ponzi schemes!
  10. Have to wonder at this point how much longer the Heat keep their affiliate in Sioux Falls, especially as a hybrid and not a fully-owned farm club. This season appears to be the final one under their current agreement. Every other D-League team is (or will eventually be) within the same region, if not metropolitan area, as its parent club in a few years, and teams are taking advantage of having their affiliates so close by.
  11. The Lakers' D-League affiliate, currently known as the Los Angeles D-Fenders, will become the South Bay Lakers when they move to El Segundo next season, and will add a light blue to their colors:
  12. Well-timed for the recent debate here on whether minor league clubs should be carbon copies of their parent club or have unique identities reflecting the community they play in, here's a team that has managed to incorporate both into their identity (very successfully, in my opinion): This is one of my favorite minor league rebrands in years.
  13. With the Warriors breaking ground on their new arena in San Francisco today, it remains to be seen if they're going to reclaim the San Francisco Warriors name when they do:
  14. Empire of Soccer has found a few trademark filings indicating possible changes afoot for Orange County Blues:
  15. What's so crazy about adopting a name and identity that gives female athletes an equal sense of belonging and representation with their school and community to their male counterparts? Design-wise, I've always been a fan of Hofstra's elegant solution to the issue of equal gender representation in academic sports logos: