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  1. This seems about right:
  2. Good point on their L.A. roots (I accidentally omitted that), but I don't think decades of connection to San Diego can be cancelled out by one year of Los Angeles Chargers history. And on your second point, should a city's "ownership" of the name/identity should be contingent on their attractiveness as a relocation/expansion candidate? If we're going to say a team's colors, logos, history, etc. belong to the fans/community, shouldn't those things belong to them regardless of whether they'll be used again on an NFL field? Besides, now that L.A. is off the market, the owners are going to need a new city to flirt with to extort money from their cities. I can foresee many years of new San Diego stadium renderings from front offices around the league, hopefully with the Chargers logo at midfield.
  3. The Chargers have now been in San Diego for eight years longer than the Browns were in Cleveland before their move to Baltimore - why wouldn't the way that was handled have set a precedent for keeping the Chargers name in San Diego?
  4. The USL's Arizona United SC are now: Old logo/name:
  5. The first ACC tournament logo of the Brooklyn era is up: Unlike a lot of Barclays Center events, it emphasizes NYC over Brooklyn in its branding. The incorporation of the sponsor logo is super clunky...
  6. The owners of the NASL's Carolina RailHawks have applied for a trademark for "AC Carolina" and added a teaser splash page to their website that's a departure from their current colors...
  7. http://news.sportslogos.net/2016/07/01/brooklyn-cyclones-celebrate-independence-as-coney-island-franks/
  8. It's a mess - up until this season, their on-court and fan merchandise said "Est. 1967" rather than 2012. It's also weird timing uniform-wise, considering they just introduced their Brooklyn remix jerseys that harken back to one of their mid-80's New Jersey looks (which, if they weren't established until 2012, did not happen). They also have a rack of Drazen Petrovic merchandise in their team store so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. In an election between two of the most unpopular major party candidates in American history, our third parties have risen to the occasion with Gov. What's Aleppo? and Dr. WiFi Gives You Autism.
  10. The Nets unveiled their "Brooklyn Remix" jersey today, a mashup of their 80s NJ jerseys with their current look: http://www.nba.com/nets/brooklynremix
  11. To the extent I am a Cyclones fan, it's because I enjoy attending their games and I take pride in their identification with my borough. I am under no illusion that they don't primarily exist to evaluate and prepare players to advance in the Mets' organization, but that is just not relevant to my personal interest in the team. They aren't obscuring their player development agenda by calling themselves the Cyclones instead of the Mets; to my earlier point, they're making the team more accessible to people like me who are not invested in the Mets' or their future.
  12. To add to this - it also opens up the minor league team's fanbase to fans of other parents clubs who wouldn't be comfortable cheering for (or wearing merchandise visually similar to) a pro team they might not like. I can wear my Brooklyn Cyclones hat without a second thought despite my antipathy toward the Mets, whereas my NYCFC jersey makes me feel like half a Man City fan even though I support Tottenham.
  13. Rendering, via the Hornets website:
  14. Saw this trailer for a new documentary on the evolution of graphic design production over the last 40-or-so years: https://player.vimeo.com/video/157620840 As a young(ish) designer whose earliest experience only goes back to the dying days of Quark, I'm really interested in how radically different the job of graphic designer was as recently as the 70s and 80s. The Mad Men production scenes with Sal, and later Stan, were fascinating to me, and I'm glad this documentary is coming along to flesh out what the job was really like back then. It's almost a completely different profession now, which is a good thing because I'm terrible at manual production.
  15. I had the pleasure of dragging my bags through a construction site to get from one LaGuardia terminal to another over the weekend, and I passed this logo for the redevelopment project on the construction fencing: Not great, but nicer than the current logo: