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  1. Thank you so much!!
  2. Purple, green, and gold
  3. NHL 17 team: New Orleans Aces kovalchuck Doughty Karlsson Anderson Tarasenko Subban Simmonds Getzlaf Tavares
  4. looks excellent! much better than the things nike actually made for us this year.
  5. I like all of Lithuania's jerseys tbh.
  6. Could you maybe do New Orleans next?
  7. Fontainebleau Bulldogs? Colors are red and black
  8. 1. Sport(s) Hockey 2. Location New Orleans 3. Team Name(s) Aces 4. Favorite word penny 5. Team Colors (optional) purple, green, gold
  9. I love it but I've never got why the Nike jerseys seem thinner...
  10. I am in favor of the Louisianan takeover. Love the Acadian flag, but idk about the other logo.
  11. I love it, would the silver/grey still be reflective like in the uniforms they use now?
  12. Wow I love that state map logo. It'd be pretty popular here irl.
  13. Old ECHL Louisiana IceGators?
  14. No Baton Rouge Cajuns, it's too much like UL.