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  1. I would add the wordmark under the Scorchers logo so then it would be easier for people to see that it was the Scorchers. Other than that, these all look great. I also follow the Big Bash and cricket in general and have been for the last couple of years so its nice to see some cricket concepts on these boards.
  2. This time around, JCR is just giving a season by season review of the WHL. He showed all of the uniform histories for the original teams at the start, as you probably saw and when each new expansion team comes into the league, like this upcoming season, he will show the uniform histories for them. The only involvement from other members this time is helping write up certain seasons. The issue the first time was that it was turning into a simulation-type thread and not a concept orientated thread. Hopefully this all makes sense.
  3. Gold: 8 Silver: 9 Bronze: 13
  4. Gold: 7 Silver: 4 Bronze: 11
  5. Gold: 4 Silver: 9 Bronze: 7
  6. Gold: 15 Silver: 11 Bronze: 5
  7. Gold: 14 Silver: 3 Bronze: 15
  8. Gold: 3 Silver: 7 Bronze: 1
  9. Gold-26 Silver-1 Bronze-3
  10. What a great way to end the series off. I love that the wings wrap around to the back of the jersey. This entire series was amazing and its sad to see that its finishing up. Hopefully we will be able to see more Throwball concepts in the near future. Great work as always.
  11. Great work as always. Love the sublimated Golden Gate Bridge. Can't wait for the last team.
  12. Gold: 1 Silver: 12 Bronze: 7
  13. Gold: 9 Silver: 2 Bronze: 16
  14. Gold-21 Silver-16 Bronze-22
  15. These both look great, but the Boston logo is on the Atlanta court. Just wanted to point that out. Other than that, all of the sets in this series so far is amazing and I cant wait for Milwaukee.