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  1. MLB Redesigns Series (Final Updates: NL West)

    This has been an amazing series to follow. All of the concepts were executed to perfection. I would have loved to see Louisville as one of the expansion teams because I think that Purple and Red are a great combination.
  2. This is by far my favorite set out of the three you have released and I feel like this will remain my favorite set. All four jerseys look amazing. Simplistic, but amazing. The White/Red jersey gives them their own unique look and the Yellow jersey gives them the unexpected twist that people might not have seen coming. Keep up the amazing work.
  3. Premier Rugby: Buffalo Bolts

    This is absolutely outstanding. I love the double bolts on the Home kit. This is definitely one of my favorite sets so far.
  4. Stock Car Designs - NARL

    I like where this is going. I hope to see more of this in the near future.
  5. Well I was half right, but either way this should be a great Victory Bowl. I'm gonna say the Guardians keep the Victory Bowl in Ohio and I'll even go so far as to predict the score. 20-16 Cincinnati.
  6. I'm glad that you have an updated Stadium Map. It is cool to see where each team would play within their respective cities. I have a question about it though. Is there any process behind where each stadium is located within each city or is it random? Also, I'm going for a battle of Ohio Victory Bowl with Cleveland and Cincinnati winning in the semis.
  7. National Floor Hockey League

    All of these teams look good so far. I personally like Colorado's whole identity and New York's third jersey. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it were real. LA looks pretty good as well. I like the simplistic look of it. Can't wait to see the rest of the league.
  8. MLB Redesigns Series (Final Updates: NL West)

    The Mariners look stunning. I agree with the idea of using two shades of teal. It really does give that Oceanic feel which really suits them and the area. Can't wait to see the last 5 teams in this series.
  9. This looks really promising. The league and division logos look great so far. Can't wait to see where you take this.
  10. MLB Redesigns Series (Final Updates: NL West)

    I'm digging the Pinstripes on the Home and all Yellow Away for the Bees. Portland also looks great. I do prefer adding Green to the color scheme. Can't wait for the last few teams.
  11. Premier Rugby: Buffalo Bolts

    This looks absolutely stunning. I love the out of the box look for the Harlequins. By far my favorite uniform set so far, granted there have only been four teams released so far. I also have a question. Where is the "boundary" that splits the USRU and the ARA? I know you said the USRU started in the Midwest and the ARA was mainly on the East Coast, but where is the line that splits the two leagues? If you don't want to spoil any teams by doing that, it's fine. I'm just wondering.
  12. Premier Rugby: Buffalo Bolts

    This is an amazing idea. I have started to become a fan of Rugby over the last few years and it is so cool to see somebody make a Rugby League, especially a League in America, on these boards. Illinois looks fantastic. Can't wait to see how the rest of the league unfolds.
  13. MLB Redesigns Series (Final Updates: NL West)

    The Mets and Yankees both look stunning. Glad to see you tried to stay as close to tradition as you could with the Yankees and I absolutely love the color scheme for the Mets. I honestly think that Pink should be used a little bit more in color schemes in sports. The sock striping for the Mets is awesome as well. Keep up the great work.
  14. MLB Redesigns Series (Final Updates: NL West)

    New Orleans looks absolutely amazing. I have always wanted a team in New Orleans to use this Mardi Gras inspired color scheme and you have perfected it. I didn't get a chance to comment on Nashville and they look fantastic as well. Can't wait for the next team.
  15. All of these new looks/third jerseys are amazing. I especially love the Milwaukee Third and the Wizards new look. That new wordmark looks sick. Can't wait for the '95-96 Season to kick off.