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  1. That looks great. Thanks. Can't wait to see the other teams that get requested.
  2. Yes it is. We basically took Oregon's helmet and changed the Green to Purple.
  3. These are really well made. Great work. Could you possibly do one for my high school, Oconomowoc High School? If you need a photo of their helmet, I can try and provide one.
  4. I like that you changed the color of the player name to match the number on the front. Looks way better in my opinion. As for the Angels, how would a pair of yellow pants look to match the yellow jersey?
  5. Since nobody else has given their opinions on this, I might as well give my opinion on this so far. First of all, it's great to see that a team will be in Milwaukee and second, all of these logos and uniforms so far have been pretty good. Simplistic, just like it should be since it is the 1890's, but still pretty good. Can't wait to see the Standards logo and unis.
  6. This is absolutely amazing. This would look awesome in real life. The Yankees really should add a little more red into their look, even if it is not as much as you added. Can't wait to see what's in store for Tampa.
  7. What I was trying to imply was make the number on the back Royal Blue to match the front so that the Royal Blue is still shown in all of the uniforms.
  8. Great job on both LA teams. My one issue is with the Dodgers. This is not with you, but with the team. I never really liked that the numbers on the front and back are different colors. Would there be any way that you could switch one of the colors on the Home and Away to make them match? I know this would be against what the team has traditionally done, but this has always been one of my pet peeves for baseball uniforms and I would want to see how it would look. It's up to you on whether you would want to do that. Other than that, great work.
  9. Not bad. It's nice to see you barely changed the Yankees classic identity for this first design. Can't wait to see what you have in store for the second design.
  10. This actually looks way better with the sleeve colors flipped. This would work well as an alternate.
  11. I just looked through the entire thread and great job on a lot of these concepts. I absolutely love Montreal's Third and the Predators don't look too shabby either. My one problem is with Edmonton. I get where you are going with the color scheme, but the Orange just seems a little too dull for my taste. Maybe try and brighten the Orange a little bit while still making it work with the rest of the color scheme, that's just my opinion, though.
  12. I have to agree with @coco1997. The Pinwheel Cap is pretty good, but the Half and Half Jersey may be taking it just a bit too far even for Las Vegas.
  13. I also say keep the black. It gives the Aces a nice dark touch to an otherwise bright color scheme.
  14. The Aces look absolutely amazing. I agree that the color scheme screams Las Vegas. Are the caps interchangeable because I think that the Black Cap would work well with the Away uniform.
  15. I must have forgotten about all of those examples. Anyways, great work as always.