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  1. Sadly I can only find Diecasts or layouts of this
  2. Not sure how popular this is, but the Pelicans need to ditch the Navy, Red & Gold and go with the Mardi Gras color scheme full time
  3. So you'd rather they look like the Utah Jazz (the least visually appealing team in the league color wise) sans Yellow (The lone bright spot in their color scheme) Forest Green & Navy Blue would look horrible together, double dark vary rarely looks good A Dark Primary and Bright Secondary is a good balance
  4. 1. Alabama 2. Clemson 3. Washington 4. Penn State/Ohio State I'd go with Penn State, but I think it's a coin flip
  5. At least the all black helmet makes the black shoulder numbers work a bit better
  6. An addendum, these will be used at noon kickoff game, because ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Supposedly they're going with the black shirts
  8. LeBron got a bigger jersey (It's not skintight like before, it's more like a QB jersey in the NFL), he actually has been requesting them in the Finals
  9. I think all you're required to have is the series and pole logo, everything else is optional but puts you in consideration for certain sponsor rewards. I like the look of all 4, except the font on the 14 and 41 should be italic like it is on the real cars, and maybe a thicker 24 (Not Aardvark Bold like Gordon though)
  10. Created by /u/bmc53rocks on Reddit, thought this was really interesting and something you guys here would enjoy