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  1. Victormrey

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Houston Astros (6/30)

    Thank you very much. Here they are! For the Astros I brought back the Tequila Sunrise in the same styla than the White Sox's chestband, using the current script straightened as wordmark. While in the home design the front design pops up, in the home what stands out is the sleeve pattern.
  2. Victormrey

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Houston Astros (6/30)

    Thank you! Time for Detroit. The Tigers set feature a subtle tiger pattern. I decided to use the "Tigers" wordmark, apart from the traditional road script.
  3. Victormrey

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Houston Astros (6/30)

    Thanks! I actually made the road pattern darker, because I couldn't see it. This way I have no problem... Maybe it depends on each screen. IMPORTANT Due to the lack of time, from this week I'll be posting only one design per week (every Sunday).
  4. Victormrey

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Houston Astros (6/30)

    Thanks! Time for the Indians. Given the team nickname, the main motif of both uniforms is the Iroquois flag, one of the most important tribe in the area.
  5. Victormrey

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Houston Astros (6/30)

    New week, new post! Time for the Chicago White Sox. The Chi Sox designs try to to bring back their famous 80's uniforms with a twist: the front chest band uses the same style than the pattern from the sleeves and pants, inspired by this jersey. I decided to try a new colour combination, going for powder blue and deep navy blue. I also decided to use the batting man logo on the front for the second design.
  6. Victormrey

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Houston Astros (6/30)

    Thanks! The designs don't have to be mandatorily one-colour, but I think that's what Nike'd do. The pants can be interchangeable, but I'm avoiding using white pants to make something different. Here's the Orioles set with the pants changed: Thank you! Well, I think one man's meat is another man's poison. The designs are heavily inspired by Nike's soccer style, which I reall like. Thanks! The striping pattern comes from Nike latest designs. As I said, I'll avoid using white pants, except for certain teams. As for the striping, I wanted to focus the designs on the front patterns, that's why I've removed it from both sleeves and pants. I also tried to combine it with the Aeroswift sleeve pattern, and they didn't look very good together. I completely forgot about Red Sox's custom numbers! Here's the corrected version:
  7. Victormrey

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Houston Astros (6/30)

    Coming next, the Boston Red Sox: The BoSox will be one of the few teams (probably the only one) to feature two different front graphics: the road design features a pine tree on the front, inspired by the New England flag, while for the home one I've used an "X" graphic, based on the American uniforms from the American Revolutionary War. At first I thought on using the home pattern for both unis, but @Carolingian Steamroller suggested to use a different one for the home design, since it would resemble the British uniforms. The home design is based on the new Wolfsburg home kit and the graph uses green as secondary colour, inspired by the Green Monster.
  8. Victormrey

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Houston Astros (6/30)

    Thank you! You'll have to wait for the Rockies, but I hope the wait will be worth it Thanks! Thank you Indeed, this series isn't supposed to be realistic, but a mix of styles Thanks for the feedback! I know they're not everyone's cup of tea, but one-colour uniforms will be the key element of this series, except for a couple of teams. The sleeve pattern I'll be using will always be in the same colour than the front graphic. Given Nike has make much more pronounced versions, I think this was it's OK.
  9. Victormrey

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Houston Astros (6/30)

    Let's waste no time and get this started! First stop: Baltimore. The Orioles set feature a subtle front pattern which, using diagonal pinstripes, tries to evoke the city flag. As for the wordmarks, I got rid of the borders from both home and road scripts and numbers. C&C appreciated!
  10. After the announcement of Nike taking over the MLB in 2020 I wanted to start a new series, but given the multiple series relating the topic (all of them with great designs), I wanted to do something different. This series will only feature full-colour alt uniforms, whose designs will be inspired by the style Nike is currently using for their soccer kits (that’s where the series title comes from). Every team will use a pullover template, which tries to combine classic baseball uniforms with Nike’s Aeroswift style: The team list and order will be the following: AMERICAN LEAGUE Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Houston Astros Kansas City Royals Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Minnesota Twins New York Yankees Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Tampa Bay Rays Texas Rangers Toronto Blue Jays NATIONAL LEAGUE Arizona Diamondbacks Atlanta Braves Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers Miami Marlins Milwaukee Brewers New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants St. Louis Cardinals Washington Nationals I'll be posting new designs on a weekly basis, every Wednesday and Sunday. I hope you enjoy this series as much as I did designing the uniforms!
  11. Great work! The designs look really nice with raglan sleeves. Much better than this year's designs
  12. Celtic Glasgow used to have extra large short numbers to avoid using them at the back of the jersey, in order not to interrupt the hoops.
  13. This is it guys! I hope you’ve enjoyed the series as much as @MJD7 did while making the designs. Thank you everybody for your positive feedback and great suggestions!
  14. Thanks! And thank you guys for helping us to improve the set. Time for the only African team on the series, South Africa! In order to create an unique set, specifically to differentiate from Australia, we've reduced the amount of green (which now is Kelly green instead of Forest green) and gold used, featuring the flag on the sleeves, using its colours for the numbers and socks. The flag has also inspired the alternate uniform, using the placket from the template to mimic its design.
  15. Thanks! It may not exactly mimic the flag, but here's how the home uniform with white front sleeves: