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  1. Could you do Tampa Bay Rays with St Petersburg colours?
  2. A band like that could only come from Belarus Glad to see I'm not the only person on the boards who have heard about them! About the original idea, I wanted to keep it simple, given most of the Doom logos are perfectly readable. However, I'm planning to make a full series from this, creating bands for lots of Metal, Punk and Rock subgenres. I'll be able to go crazy with Black Metal and Grindcore logos
  3. This how the road uniform would look with the sand colour: What do you think? I'm not sure.
  4. How about using sand instead of grey for Los Bravos? Inspired by the Caribbean Coast.
  5. One of the things I like the most is the music, specially Rock and Metal. One of the subgenres that has always caught my attention is Doom Metal, its imagery and style. That's why I decided to come up with a concept for a Doom Metal band. The name chosen is "Luscofusco" which in Galician means "Twilight" and the "Hour of the Witch". Therefore, the band would be based in Galicia. Here's a description I've created: Luscofusco is a three man Doom Metal band from Ourense, Galicia. The band is known for their lyrics inspired by the Galician mythology, the "Meigas" (local witches) and the secrets of the forest. The band takes inspiration from original Doom bands, such as Black Sabbath, Pentagram and Candlemass, as well as modern bands, like Sunn O))). The band logo was created by editing the font Pentgram by Alex Lang, which is inspired by bands like Pentagram and Kvelertak: I also created a concept for an album cover, using the typical dark imagery from Doom and Black Metal: The title chosen is "Unha Morte Baixo O Luar" (A Death Under The Moonlight). What do you think? C&C appreciated!
  6. Thanks, and yes, you're right. My English is far from perfect. Thank you! Just a mistake, there'll be 12 teams.
  7. Let's move on to an idyllic island in the Caribbean, time for Los Bravos de Margarita (Margarita Braves). Los Bravos is a team based on the island of Margarita, located in its biggest city, Porlamar. The team was founded in 2007, as a replacement of the Pastora de los Llanos' franchise, so they are the youngest team in the league. First of all, I decided to change the team's colour scheme, going for a more Caribbean-ish style. On the left you can see the old scheme and on the right the new one: I also changed the wordmarks, keeping the current script style. For the uniforms, I decided to use the style of the current alt to all the designs:
  8. I would like to keep the Cervecería Caracas-inspired style. That way both alts would be retro inspired.
  9. Great idea! I didn't remember that script. Here is the road uniform Pirates-ish font: I used navy because I think it matches better the grey pants, but this is the yellow version: What do you think?
  10. Let's start the series with Leones del Caracas (Caracas Lions). Los Leones are the most successful team on the league, having won the national championship 20 times and the Caribbean Series twice. The team was founded in 1945 as "Cervecería Caracas" (Caracas Brewery), being one of the 4 founder teams of the league. The team's gold era were the 80's, when they won 5 national leagues and 1 Caribbean Series. I decided to change the cap and sleeve logos used by the team: the current caps use the "Leones" script, which I don't think looks good, so I decided to bring back the "C" used in the past. About the sleeve patch, I decided to keep an alt version of their secondary logo used in the 2015/16 season. The home uniform remains the same. For the road I decided to change the white for yellow, in order to make them look less like the Yankees. I completely changed the alts, the home is inspired by the uniform used during the late 70's and the road is inspired by the old Cervecería Caracas' style. Feedback appreciated!
  11. One of the most popular concept threads on the boards are the "MLB Tweaks". Inspired by that kind of series, I decided to do the same with the LVBP (Liga Venezolana de Béisbol Profesional / Venezuelan Professional Baseball League). The main current problem with the style of Venezuelan teams is that they have abandoned the classic White/Grey combination for the uniforms, thing which I don't like at all. Apart from that, in my opinion, some teams don't have the best look or uniforms. That's why I decided to tweak the league of the country where I was born. I'll be making changes to the 8 current teams and I'll add 4 brand new clubs. Given most of the people here may not know the teams from the LVBP, I'll write a bit about each club on the posts, and about the corresponding city/state for the expansion teams. This is the list of the teams (those underlined are the expansion ones) and the map of the league: División Central / Central Division: Leones del Caracas / Caracas Lions (Caracas, Capital District) Navegantes de Magallanes / Magallanes Navigators (Valencia, Carabobo) Tiburones de la Guaira / La Guaira Sharks (La Guaira, Vargas) Tigres de Aragua / Aragua Tigers (Maracay, Aragua) División Oriental / Eastern Division: Bravos de Margarita / Margarita Braves (Porlamar, Nueva Esparta) Caribes de Anzoátegui / Anzoátegui Caribbeans (Puerto La Cruz, Anzoátegui) Mineros de Guayana / Guayana Miners (Ciudad Guayana, Bolívar) Salineros de Sucre / Sucre Saltmen (Cumaná, Sucre) División Occidental / Western Division: Águilas del Zulia / Zulia Eagles (Maracaibo, Zulia) Cardenales de Lara / Lara Cardinals (Barquisimeto, Lara) Llaneros de Barinas / Barinas Plainsmen (Barinas, Barinas) Petroleros de Táchira / Táchira Oilers (San Cristóbal, Táchira)
  12. Australia: Dark Grey + Dark Green = Not a good combo. I think with a brighter green the uniform would look much better.
  13. I totally agree with you. In Venezuela we feel the Burgundy is our "identity card", being (almost) unique in the sports worldwide scene. So I think it shouldn't be changed, because we will end up looking like Colombia or Ecuador.