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  1. When the Internet gets full of memes and :censored:posts related to this, it becomes annoying.
  2. Good job! I really like the Real Madrid design. The overall look has a 1997/98 final vibe, which I love.
  3. NO.
  4. That's the point! It's supposed to be a mix of the original teal and the current blue. Both orange and blue colours are inspired by the 2017 Spring Training patches.
  5. While finishing the Braves I wanted to settle the new Marlins colour scheme: What do you think?
  6. I love what you've done for the Mariners! Really unique. I love the new scripts and the cap logo, and the colour scheme works perfectly!
  7. I've just had an idea: How about using a cartoon-ish tiger like this Holding on a car exhaust?
  8. For the Braves I'll bring back the lowercase A as cap logo. Should I use it for the "Atlanta" script too?
  9. Here you can see the fabric difference on the sleeves:
  10. Don't forget about Camden Yards Also, not from the Majors, but the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium has one of my fav views:
  11. Nike have released the new Roma and Galatasaray kits: Meanwhile, in Kenya somebody made a design while high on something:
  12. You guys made me jealous! If only I wasn't 5300 miles away from Seattle...
  13. You might be right. But I'll use it only for sites like this as well as social media.
  14. A couple of days ago I came up with a personal logo, using the letters from my first name and first surname. This is how it looks: As you can see, it's clearly inspired by Van Halen. I'm pretty happy with it, not only because I like the final result, but also because it's easy to feature in different ways as a wordmark: Today I was wondering how could I feature my four initials (VMRR) on it, so I decided to do this: I'm not really sure about it... What do you think? Should I stick to the original idea? Should I try other logo idea starting from zero?