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  1. When the Internet gets full of memes and :censored:posts related to this, it becomes annoying.
  2. Good job! I really like the Real Madrid design. The overall look has a 1997/98 final vibe, which I love.
  3. NO.
  4. In this thread you can post a pic of that MLB stadium which, in your opinion, has the best backdrop. For me it's PNC Park: The Roberto Clemente Bridge over the Allegheny River along with the skyscrapers (specially the Fifth Avenue Place) create an unique view.
  5. Inspired by the MLB x Under Armour deal announcement and by this article which talks about the need of modernizing the baseball uniforms, I decided to start this series, in which I'll be imagining how the MLB teams could look like within 3 years. Unlike in my tweak series, I won't be making changes based on my personal criteria/taste, but on what I think teams could do, given past designs and current design trends. I'll be using three designs as template: The first and second designs will be used for the home and road uniforms, while the third will be used for certain alts. I know they aren't as "radical" as the article aforementioned suggests, but I'm trying to be realistic, and that's why I've applied just some tweaks which would make the uniforms more comfortable for the players. I'll place the team list and order here, linking each one to its corresponding designs after having finished them: ALE Baltimore Orioles Boston Red Sox New York Yankees Tampa Bay Rays - V.2 Toronto Blue Jays ALC Chicago White Sox Cleveland Indians Detroit Tigers Kansas City Royals Minnesota Twins ALW Anaheim Angels Houston Astros Oakland Athletics Seattle Mariners Texas Rangers NLE Atlanta Braves Miami Marlins New York Mets Philadelphia Phillies Washington Nationals NLC Chicago Cubs Cincinnati Reds Milwaukee Brewers Pittsburgh Pirates St. Louis Cardinals NLW Arizona Diamondbacks Colorado Rockies Los Angeles Dodgers San Diego Padres San Francisco Giants
  6. That's the point! It's supposed to be a mix of the original teal and the current blue. Both orange and blue colours are inspired by the 2017 Spring Training patches.
  7. While finishing the Braves I wanted to settle the new Marlins colour scheme: What do you think?
  8. I love what you've done for the Mariners! Really unique. I love the new scripts and the cap logo, and the colour scheme works perfectly!
  9. I've just had an idea: How about using a cartoon-ish tiger like this Holding on a car exhaust?
  10. For the Braves I'll bring back the lowercase A as cap logo. Should I use it for the "Atlanta" script too?
  11. Here you can see the fabric difference on the sleeves:
  12. Don't forget about Camden Yards Also, not from the Majors, but the Brooklyn Cyclones stadium has one of my fav views:
  13. Nike have released the new Roma and Galatasaray kits: Meanwhile, in Kenya somebody made a design while high on something:
  14. You guys made me jealous! If only I wasn't 5300 miles away from Seattle...
  15. A couple of days ago I came up with a personal logo, using the letters from my first name and first surname. This is how it looks: As you can see, it's clearly inspired by Van Halen. I'm pretty happy with it, not only because I like the final result, but also because it's easy to feature in different ways as a wordmark: Today I was wondering how could I feature my four initials (VMRR) on it, so I decided to do this: I'm not really sure about it... What do you think? Should I stick to the original idea? Should I try other logo idea starting from zero?
  16. You might be right. But I'll use it only for sites like this as well as social media.
  17. I wanted to be (more or less) realistic, and I don't see any Major team going for powder blue on their roads. I'm not a huge fan of the scripts/logos from that era. Also, I wanted to be continuist.
  18. Let's finish the American league with the Rangers! For the Lone Stars I wanted to keep the same style used in my Tweak Series, featuring a set inspired by the 1972 designs with new scripts. Also, i decided to keep the home alt uniform with red as main colour.
  19. Just from the MLB logos and the Orioles/Browns concepts I can tell this will be an amazing series!
  20. This is supposed to be the new Colo-Colo 3rd kit:
  21. What do you think? I like the Mariners in Blue/Yellow (I actually have the blue fauxback cap with the yellow S), but only for "special" designs.
  22. I've not commented here yet, but these has been a really solid series. I love the Marlins set and the Cardinals powder blue uni!
  23. I think it may depend on the screen you're watching. On my PC it seems "quite" light, but on my phone it looks darker. I'll keep the sahde for the moment. Thank you! I actually used a version of the Seattle flag I found at Imgur as sleeve patch. I can't find the original link, that's why I hasn't posted it. How about going for a full throwback? Something like what @SFGiants58 proposed for the Royals:
  24. Time for the Mariners! For the M's I wanted to design a retro-inspired set, that's why I brought back the 1977/80 M-Trident. Thanks to @raysox for letting me use his amazing wordmarks! Apart from the main four designs, I wanted to try a pinstriped uniform, to be used as Sunday alt.