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  1. AntCurtain

    College Football for Non Football D1 Teams

    I'd say for the black helmet, one possibility is to put the horn that you put on the yellow helmet on it, then put a yellow stroke around it. There's also something that I really like about the one with the shield on it.
  2. AntCurtain

    Fictional Basketball Team

    I'll see what I can do for the alternate logo, since I can see what you mean. If you look in the top picture, the name actually has to do with a certain statue in Charlotte that is sort of a "landmark" of the city. The alternate logo is a variation of what is on its chest. I looked into simplifying the silver flames in the center, and "emboldening" some of the line work. What's next is obviously not a finished product, but it is definitely closer to what I want with this logo. Let me know what you guys think. More suggestions and comments are welcome!
  3. AntCurtain

    Fictional Basketball Team

    Hey guys! Its been a while since I've posted here, but I've been on a role making logos recently, and I had made this one, but something seems off. I would love to get some c&c so that I can figure out what exactly needs to be improved. Thanks!
  4. Looks pretty good! I do feel like it gives a little bit of a Pirates vibe, though. Also, maybe you may want to try making the word mark and number font match with the cap logo.
  5. AntCurtain

    My Soccer Concepts

    They look really good! I'd be interested to see what you would do with the Carolina Railhawks.
  6. AntCurtain

    Soccer sigs- starting with MLS

    One thing that I love about these is that they aren't just "copy and paste" signatures. You are putting a lot of thought into each one to make each one unique, but still in the same style. I would love to see how you would do D.C. United and Arsenal. I probably won't be using these in my sig, so take your time with getting to these.
  7. AntCurtain

    National Women's Soccer League Concepts

    The OP has very thoughtfully explained this in an earlier post. Please read the comments of the author and other posters before asking a question that has already been answered. Thanks! Sorry 'bout that. I just quickly glanced through the thread to see if he had answered that and missed it.
  8. AntCurtain

    National Women's Soccer League Concepts

    Why is everyone sponsored by ChromeCast?
  9. AntCurtain

    Miami Hurricanes Adidas

    I actually really like it. My only criticism is that there may be too many pants options.
  10. It really depends on how the other boxes will be. If you are doing stuff that represents the teams, but aren't logos, then C. If you are doing unique backgrounds for a lot of the teams, then A or B. D is my favorite, though, but that I because it is cleaner and would fit in more with the rest of them if you are doing single-color backgrounds. So, it really depends on what you are doing for the other teams.
  11. AntCurtain

    OKC Thunder "City Pride" Alternate

    In my opinion, I sort of feel like the OKC is really obnoxious. What you could do is take the OKC text from the logo and use that (not the entire logo, just the text). Then again, that may make it look more like the Warriors. IDK, I say try it out and see how you feel about it.
  12. AntCurtain

    NFL Done By MCH: Take 2 (Baltimore Added)

    I have been wanting that look for the Dolphins for years. The sunburst around the shoulder is a perfect opportunity that they have been missing. Looks great, but I think that you may only need the outline around the sunburst on the aqua jersey.
  13. AntCurtain

    Fins new uniforms

    I love that white helmet.
  14. AntCurtain

    PHOENIX: Rise (Phase 2) VOTING

    Eastern Michigan Tulsa Tulane Memphis Middle Tennessee Honorable Mention: When voting, I was able to lower it down to 6, and struggled for a very long time between all 6 figuring out which should go. Eventually, I chose to not vote on the fabulous Appalachian State concept.
  15. AntCurtain

    PHOENIX: Rebirth (Phase 1) VOTING

    1 20 23 9 14