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  1. My nominees for the "fugliest" matchup for week 15--in no particular order: Jets at Saints, Texans at Jaguars, and Rams at Seahawks As maligned as Jacksonville's #ColorRush kit is, I'd prefer to see it (as they didn't have a Thursday night game) with the Texans in navy over white.
  2. NFL 2017 changes?

    I wonder how many fans would like them paired with the regular white jersey?
  3. I can't stand the Giants; but this is an improvement over their regular blue jersey with no red, and their regular white jersey with no blue
  4. Atlanta's red #ColorRush pants would look sweet with their regular white jerseys, to break up the mono-white road look
  5. 1987. It was an annual occurrence from 1980 to 1987, save for the strike year of 1982.
  6. Could Seattle perhaps go mono-gray for the 2nd time this season? With two home games left and one road game at Dallas, we know the Seahawks will wear blue tops for those games.
  7. Teams with similar colors as the Houston Oilers?

    The Kansas Jayhawks' football uniforms have a set that have the Oilers' colors.
  8. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Florida Atlantic going mono-white on their home field in the C-USA championship. It also looks like UCF is sporting gray jerseys in the American championship.
  9. I am getting really tired of that home look, especially when the Texans are most likely going to wear navy pants with their white jerseys. A new kit cannot come soon enough
  10. I was hoping it would be for the Texans game, since they wore black in Houston in week 1.
  11. What if Seattle goes mono-gray? Does anyone know if they're going to wear that combo a 2nd time?
  12. Agreed. Mono-navy at home for the Titans is so mono-tonous--especially where I read that navy over white would be the home combo they would wear most often than naught this season (only seen in week 3 vs Seattle, however).
  13. One matchup I'd love to see (don't know if it will happen, though) is Seattle at Dallas on Thanksgiving one of these years--with the Cowboys in blue over gray, and Seahawks in mono-gray.
  14. Denver's "throwback" is what they use for Color Rush. I have not seen any throwbacks for the other two teams. Seattle has a gray alternate; while the Titans Columbia Blue is considered more an alternate to the current design--not an Oilers throwback