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  1. I excluded any past or present NFC East team simply because of the Cowboys' pre-eminence with WAH since 1964. And I excluded the Falcons in the Reeves era due to him being in the Landry #CoachingTree.
  2. I am thinking Carolina will wear their alternates in Tampa and one home game, since they can only wear them two times max in the regular season. I also have a feeling they'll wear them for the 2nd preseason game in Tennessee--like they did last preseason when they faced the Titans in Nashville
  3. When are teams like the Texans, Bears, and Panthers going to announce their jersey schedules? They normally do so once July 1 has come and gone.
  4. One I forgot last night when I started this thread: The Texans between 2002 and 2009 for the preseason and first half of the regular season, even if the roof was closed.. Thank, goodness they only do this with a #LibertyWhiteOut for the first regular season game.
  5. Giants in 1980 for all home games. Eagles in 1995 for all home games--along with 1971, 1973, and some occasions in the 80s when they weren't necessarily playing the Cowboys. Falcons in both 1986 and 1989 for all home games. Buccaneers in 1996 for all home games. Panthers in several post-season games in Charlotte Saints in 1981 and 1982--the first two seasons Bum Phillips was coach (considering he had the Oilers wear Columbia Blue in the Astrodome). Saints in the Sean Payton era for the first half of the regular season and at least one preseason game. Bills in the first half of the 80s Jets for one game in the 70s at Shea per season. Jets in the Meadowlands the last half of the 80s. Dolphins for prime-time games in 1977 and 1996. Patriots in the mid-80s. Bengals in 1970 and 1971. Oilers for random home games in 1973 and 1974. Oilers after Bum Philllips left until midway through the 1984 season. Titans for all but one game in 2014. Colts in 1980 in Baltimore Colts for the first pre-season game in Lucas Oil Stadium since moving there. Chiefs in 1980. Chargers during the #AirCoryell era, and again in 1991. Rams the first few years in Anaheim whenever they played an AFC team and/or a prime time game. Rams for all but 3 games in 1978. Rams in 1982 and 1993. Rams in St Louis (few and far between at that) 49ers for preseason games at Candlestick, when the weather that froze many baseball fans during that era would not really justify WAH. 49ers in 1976, and again during the first couple of home dates when Bill Walsh started coaching.
  6. During the Dan Reeves era they went WAH quite a bit--like the 2nd regular season home game. They did it several times in 1997, but backed off.
  7. Why don't the teams that wear powder blue tops pair them with powder blue pants?
  8. Circa 2001 I saw a jersey like this for Emmitt Smith at a Greensboro, NC, mall.
  9. They wore this on the road at Miami last season, apparently to be more comfortable in the heat than if they wore navy. Based on their schedule this upcoming season, this combo may be seen in both Jacksonville and Miami.
  10. Or put a stripe on the black pants.
  11. Any jersey like that looks better with the gold pants than the current ones.
  12. Looks like the Titans mono-navy and the Jaguars mono-black will be their default home choices when they don't wear white or alternates.
  13. Does this imply WAH for the Browns this season?
  14. The only #ClassicLook the Titans sported last year was in the Preseason at Oakland, when they wore white over navy. The majority of their games were mono-navy or white over Columbia--with the occasional mono-white. They also did their #ColorRush with Columbia, along with Columbia over white for one game each.
  15. I just voted for the Colts game for the 2nd one. I was torn between that game and the next home date from there vs the Redskins. I didn't want the throwbacks to be worn vs Seattle like last season.