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  1. Could qualify for the worst matchup of the year if the Saints go white over black.
  2. Bummer. I guess they love that combo for most home games. It also seems where they will only wear the light blue on the road early in the season where the home team chooses white..
  3. Bills or Vikings I'm thinking is color rush, while I read in the summer where the Broncos would don their blue alternates vs Cleveland.
  4. This would be the second straight week they've worn them. Since they can wear them three times tops, i'm wondering if they will wear them in Dallas week 16 or at home vs Atlanta week 17?
  5. Could the Titans perhaps break out their Columbia Color Rush Thursday night vs the Jags?
  6. Not with the new unies. The last time they wore that combo was in the 2014 preseason
  7. This summer the Panthers indicated they are wearing white tops in Tampa, hence the Bucs wearing their colors finally for a home day game
  8. msubulldog

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Texas is probably the home team as they defeated OU in October
  9. In their last home game vs the Pats on 11/11, they wore this combo and pulled off a huge upset. I guess they believe they can get their second-straight home W in this kit.
  10. The 1998 Oilers not only wore white for all 16 regular season games, but also for their four preseason games.
  11. 1) I won't be surprised if Dallas wears Color Rush on Thursday night, like they have the past 2 seasons for their first post-Thanksgiving game. 2) The Bills are supposed to wear their throwbacks again in Miami.
  12. msubulldog

    Uniforms you're most thankful for

    The Cowboys' combo of navy jersey with white "Color Rush" pants
  13. I want to see the Panthers wear white pants with black jerseys at least once, as the new owner is experimenting with combos never worn under the former regime.