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  1. msubulldog

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Usually LSU will wear purple at home for games against FCS or Group of 6 teams (AAC, C-USA, Sun Belt, et al). But they always wear white for their home opener, even if it's against one of the aforementioned groups.
  2. Any chance the Eagles will wear black (at least the jerseys) on SNF?
  3. msubulldog

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    I thought this look was a throwback.
  4. The Cowboys retiring Whitten's #82 is the reason they are wearing blue jerseys. I wish they would wear them on Thanksgiving.
  5. msubulldog

    Your Uniform of Nostalgia

    Any Houston Oiler uniform
  6. I would not be surprised if 1) Oakland wears their throwbacks (white jersey with silver numbers) , 2) Carolina wears white pants with the black jerseys (that would be a first), and 3) Washington either uses the throwback or wears yellow pants with their standard burgundy tops.
  7. I thought they were doing mono-aqua vs Jacksonville on the weekend closest to Christmas. At least that's what I remember seeing on their website this summer.
  8. msubulldog

    NFL 2018 changes

    Tennessee has worn navy over white in the preseason. I wonder if they plan to wear that combo, or white over white, this regular season?
  9. Options I would make for the Redskins: 1) Burgundy over White--home; White over Burgundy--road; A throwback Burgundy similar to the Lombardi/Allen era over Gold as an alternate--like "Alumni Weekend" 2) Using gold pants with both white and burgundy jerseys, redesign the jerseys a-la the Lombardi/Allen era. Alternate would be the "classic" white over burgundy.
  10. Don't forget the Cowboys--save for their MNF matchup with the Titans on 11/5/18 (Blue jersey with white #ColorRush pants.
  11. The only time the Ravens donned WAH after September was week 5 of 2008 vs the Titans.
  12. They seem to do that for a big matchup at home in recent years.
  13. What is the deal this season for WAH for non-September home games (this prediction for the Ravens and the Redskins game coming up vs Dallas) and two home dates for the Saints (last week vs Washington and next month vs Philly) after they wore black for all of last season's home games.
  14. msubulldog

    An Eagles Jersey I've Never Seen

    Has anyone seen this before. BTW, this is one of my favorite TV preachers whose church is in Chicago and grew up in Canada.!Av7Z8KsJmndYmkr67J0JV6nbyzik
  15. That would be part of my alternate universe for how the AFC South should look--which also includes Titans using Columbia as their primary color and Jaguars using Teal as their primary color. The Colts would remain unchanged.