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  1. shark

    Austin FC

    "Unused Logos"
  2. For Los Angeles, surprised no one mentioned: Long Beach Poly (CA) Jackrabbits Illinois has a reputation for interesting high school nicknames. Personal favorite: Freeport (IL) Pretzels
  3. shark

    Tradition Evolved: Tennessee Titans Unveil New Uniforms

    Agree with the earlier comment that this set and the feature of the darker blue color in jersey and helmet makes the Titans look like the NFL's version of the Toronto Argonauts. The helmet change brings back memories of the Bills switching to red helmets in 1986 just to make a change. Positives: Jersey number font (although too big), sword on shoulders, pants, navy as primary jersey Negatives: Helmets (non-creative use or transformation of logo on them + gray facemask), light blue uniforms, failure to change outdated wordmark
  4. The standard for the Miami Dolphins to this day...
  5. shark

    2018 College Baseball Uniforms

    Miami and Adidas are introducing a new uniform featuring the Old English M.
  6. shark

    What throwbacks do you want to see?

    These and the old Bucks logo...yes, please. This is their best identity.
  7. shark

    Spike TV New Look New Name

    ...and Homeboys from Outer Space!
  8. shark

    National Arena League expansion

    All that's left for the Cobras is to also bring back the name of their cheerleader group--the Snake Charmers. Nice update of the logo and promising for Maine as well.
  9. shark

    Spike TV New Look New Name

    Good to see the new logo attempted to get the number of stars right with the mountain. As long as they're judicious with rights to some of the old UPN sitcom gems.
  10. shark

    Pistons Logo Change

    Just out of curiosity, I wonder if the horsehead logo more popular with those that aren't Pistons fans than those that are. I don't personally know of a single Pistons fan from Michigan that wants this or anything remotely related to the color mistake from the 90s to return.
  11. shark

    Super Bowl XLVIII

    Quick note for the curiosity on the Jets would-be Super Bowl end zone. The answer should be what was in Canton for the 1992 Hall of Fame Game. Don't have the picture off-hand, but I think they were green and the Eagles were gray like Super Bowl XV. HOF did the Super Bowl end zones until they had turf installed for the 1997 game.
  12. shark

    CFL expansion

    Agree with previous comments here that (1) the expansion should be left to Canadian cities only and (2) some logo matter how good or poor...should follow soon to keep the thread topical. Having said that, wanted to take a quick shot at the 16-team CFL with a proposal that first moves to a 12-team league to reduce risk and test expansion concepts before moving to 16 teams. Relied heavily on other posters' knowledge of Canadian markets for adding cities and teams below. PHASE ONE: After Ottawa, would add an additional team to the Toronto and Vancouver areas to test plausibility of multiple teams in an existing market. Out East, worth adding back the Atlantic Schooners--but perhaps with a twist. Split it between Halifax and Moncton with a portion of home games at each city to create scarcity and allow for one market to take over should the other fail to provide financial support (think of it as a Green Bay/Milwaukee split that existed throughout the 80's). For the division idea below, had to temporarily break up Toronto and Hamilton to help provide stability of three existing franchises in each division (e.g. Toronto with Mississauga for city rivalry someone mentioned). For what it's worth, I'd call Victoria the Victoria Victors. Couldn't resist that one. WEST - Victoria, British Columbia, Edmonton, CalgaryCENTRAL - Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Mississauga, TorontoEAST - Hamilton, Ottawa, Montreal, AtlanticPHASE TWO: Would go with newer markets like Quebec City, London, and up and coming Kelowna to broaden the footprint of the CFL. With one more team needed to reach 16 and balance the divisions, went with a suburban Vancouver team people were talking about (could reduce travel costs in division). Realigned divisions restore the Toronto/Hamilton rivalry. PACIFIC - Victoria, British Columbia, Surrey, KelownaPRAIRIE - Edmonton, Calgary, Saskatchewan, WinnipegUPPER - London, Mississauga, Toronto, HamiltonATLANTIC - Ottawa*, Montreal, Quebec City, Atlantic* - Yeah, Upper as well, but had to break out someone. Feel free to run with any of the ideas here. Thought it would be fun to take a shot at this with all the ideas of cities others proposed and create something based on a multi-phase approach.
  13. shark

    LSU gets a new logo... but I haven't seen it talked about...

    Not sure if this is old news, but saw something that looked like a new logo on the Capital One mascot page that also shows in a small banner on the LSU Sports site. Does this look new to anyone else? (see upper left) Also incorporates the field logo from the last post.