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  1. Just the lighting, IMO. It looked great under the bright lights of the draft when Yamamoto wore it.
  2. I think that's just the new material we'll be seeing on all the jerseys except Philly.
  3. You and I obviously disagree greatly about the Oilers' current jerseys.
  4. You say, you're making the orange more prominent, but you removed it from the shoulder yoke lol. Otherwise, it's a good look, I'm just not personally a fan of any change for the Oil, but as far as concepts go, this is pretty solid. Not a fan of the darker blue though.
  5. Owww, my eyes! That ORANGE!
  6. Hate that the Oilers are going to Orange. Hate it. HATE IT.
  7. As an Oilers fan, I hate that we're going with the Orange jerseys. The Blue and Orange is classic. The Orange and Blue? Not so much.
  8. Never said it was purposeful. I was just saying it has a resemblance. Likely coincidental, or maybe intended to be subtle. Who knows? It was purely a design comparison.
  9. mod edit
  10. I am no Trump supporter, but no, I don't think so.
  11. When I first looked at the Trump President-Elect logo, the first connection I made was to the Confederate Flag. Not the same with the Blue Jackets shoulder patch. I don't know what is is. Maybe the colours and the thickness of the outlines? The colour balance as well.
  12. I believe so, but the symbolism is outdated. The new generation has never used floppy disks (that includes me lol). The whole point of the change seems to be to move forward into the future (following the recent trend, which for the most part I disagree with). To that effect, the update accomplishes what is set out to accomplish.
  13. I don't know if it's intentional or not, but this is my first time looking at this series and I see a LOT of blue and red. Otherwise, it's great.
  14. Yeah, it looks grey and hot pink to me. This would look amazing in the actual colours.
  15. I personally don't think Blue works for the Angels here, for the sole purpose that the rivalry would be better portrayed as Blue vs Red, and Adding blue to the red team eliminates that. However, the jerseys are great,and I do think Blue could work as part of the Angels' scheme, just not for this rivalry. Nice work!