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  1. That's just... ew. At least they somewhat fixed the sleeve and hem stripe. Replace the grey with white (as a nod to the 90's collars) and I can tolerate it.
  2. Oh for the love of god... if tie downs are going to look like that, can we get the 1994 collars puleeze?
  3. Well there you have it...
  4. For me: Left field: an inverted Warehouse at Camden Yards (minus the scoreboard) Centerfield: the stacked bullpens and Ashburn Alley at Citizens Bank Park Rightfield: stacked decks in The Ballpark in Arlington
  5. If the rumor of no lace collars is true, the Rangers better go with this collar (plus NHL logo):
  6. Or *gasp* the Panthers do it too.
  7. Yeah, I'll never unsee that now...
  8. It could be just me, but that looks like a white collar with a filter on the edges of the photo.
  9. That's a shame. I quite liked that look.
  10. I actually think the Speed Flex looks much, much worse than the Revolution
  11. Straighten out the sleeve stripes and add a green outline on the numbers and that doesn't look half bad.
  12. Or the snapchat photo posted earlier had a dark filter on it...
  13. According to, the Cowboys will be wearing navy at home more often, next season.
  14. Will there be a big 30-team reveal of the Nike jerseys like the one Adidas is doing for the NHL?
  15. Or replace the navy with red and match the sleeve stripes...