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  1. Oh god...
  2. They make flag arm sleeves now?
  3. The Knicks just need to bring back the 90's jerseys unaltered.
  4. I would guess the orange shorts serve the same purpose as the white shirts on the home kit (although I don't think they've worn the navy ones yet...)
  5. So the Mother's Day pink and black jerseys were technically throwbacks?!
  6. Perhaps I have an unpopular opinion, but I don't understand the love for that 2000's Nets set...
  7. All that jersey needs is a red word mark and red piping... So close yet so far
  8. Is it just me or do we have another mismatched color thing going on like the Jets jerseys? Its like there are three different greys...
  9. hmmm... interesting.
  10. Is that still really the case, considering all of the various ways to communicate nowadays?
  11. Can't find a picture right now but NYCFC played the Red Bulls yesterday with NYCFC wearing the new kit with white shorts and the Red Bulls in the blue and yellow secondary kits and it looked gorgeous!
  12. Wow that Atlanta United home looks fantastic in game action!
  13. Kill it! Kill it with fire!
  14. I still don't know what the Mets were thinking trading Dilson Herrera...
  15. That particular jersey is missing an "I' right?