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  1. I would't be surprised if it was just the logo and no throwbacks... Last year, there were rumors that the Mets were gonna bring out the black jerseys for Mike Piazza Weekend since the Mets changed all their avatars to the 90s logo, but that never happened either.
  2. Thats the it thing now...
  3. Those jersey were terrible and made the Red Sox look like faux Yankees... Case in point... for the longest time as a child I was under the impression that the Mets had beat the Yankees in '86 because I had seen pictures of the game where all the Red Sox in the frame had they back turned or the "BOSTON" on the chest obscured...
  4. Eh... I can't stand the pinstriped Phillies jersey. IMO the cream alternate is far superior
  5. I meant adopting faux-flannel as their regular away jersey but yeah your right they probably won't do it. I'd love to see the Phillies adopt it but not at the expense of their current alt (which IMO is the best jersey in their set)
  6. I'd be shocked if either the Red Sox or Yankees weren't first...
  7. Oh my god yes! I'd buy the Mets and Phillies in a heartbeat...
  8. How the hell do you have a Winter Classic in Citi Field and not involve the Islanders? Hell yes!
  9. Can I just say that the Brewers 94-99 identity (particularly that logo) looks amazing...
  10. THIS 1000 times YES! Quebec City (and Hartford for nostalgia's sake) please!
  11. Wow. Both kits look amazing in this photo...
  12. The blue Venezuela jerseys look absolutely gorgeous...
  13. Saw a bit of the NYCFC-DC United game. The home kit with white shorts look gorgeous! Only tweak that I feel is needed is to add the sleeve stripe pattern on the bottom of the shorts, instead of the single orange stripe. Speaking of which, most players were wearing the long sleeve shirts which don't have the sleeve stripe pattern on them and it looked so wrong...
  14. How did that happen? IT wasnt even on the Celtics when the NBA logo appeared on the front...
  15. One helmet rule and the Padres were already mentioned so removing the New Era logo from on field baseball caps...