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    Negro League Teams in the Present Day (Philadelphia Stars)

    Love it! Always wonder what the Monarchs would look like if they were in Royals colors. Awesome work!
  2. On the light blue uniform, you accidently put the Brooklyn 'B' instead of the interlocking 'LA'. Just want to point it out to you.
  3. Topherlee2

    Oldschoolvikings' NHL concepts - Flames concept added 7/14/18

    I personally like the first one.
  4. Topherlee2

    Concept Thread Think Tank

    What if several NFL expansion teams that got turned down got in the NFL and see them evolve over time? (Ex: St. Louis Stallions, Baltimore Bombers, Seattle Kings)
  5. As a Chiefs fan, I like what you did with the Chargers. Scared yet interested in what you do with my Chiefs.
  6. Topherlee2

    MLB Scripts by mcrosby

    Can’t wait to see what you do with Kansas City!
  7. Topherlee2

    Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    Maybe the Seals are good enough that there is no need for expansion in 1991 to San Jose due to the Seals own the market. Maybe if Bill Torrey stays with the Seals, the New York Islanders are just another team stuck with constant losing seasons, never get successful and win 4 straight cup. Just a theory though.
  8. What throwbacks from the big four major sports(NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) that hasn't been seen before do you want to see in a game, a season, or for now on? Here's my first pick: The NFL's Tennessee Titans going with wearing the mid to late '60s Houston Oilers uniforms for a game would be cool to see, but that's me.
  9. Topherlee2

    Your Ideal MLB Ballpark Outfield

    I am biased to my hometown ballpark, Kauffman Stadium, in being perfect from left-field to right-field. But here is mine; Left Field: Wrigley Field's Left Field with either Wrigley's scoreboard or Ebbets Field's vintage scoreboard Center Field: Kauffman Stadium's crown (Mix of old and current, primary for replays due to left field choice) and fountains Right Field: Globe Life Park at Arlington's retro double deck My stadium would be placed in downtown KC obviously to get a great skyline.
  10. Topherlee2

    Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    Looking forward to see it.
  11. Topherlee2

    USFL Alternative History: 1985 to...

    I personally like Vipers for Las Vegas and Pioneers for Salt Lake.
  12. Just curious, are you going to update this now with Vegas Golden Knights in the NHL as the new expansion team?
  13. Topherlee2

    MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added

    I would love to see your take on fictitious baseball teams from TV, Movies, and Books.
  14. Topherlee2

    MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added

    I've already suggested it to him and he said he isn't going to do it.
  15. Topherlee2

    MLB: Project 32 - New Dugout Jackets Added

    What would be logical to me since you've done modern takes on the St. Louis Browns, Seattle Pilots, and PCL's Oakland Oaks, if I was you I would do a modern take on the Boston Braves and Washington Senators. For Miami, it would be a hoot, if you did them what they would've looked like in Back to the Future Part II with that logo they had in the movie.
  16. I hope so too and I hope you bring back the 1970s-80s style uniforms!
  17. My vote goes to Marshals.
  18. I like the name Marshalls personally.
  19. Topherlee2

    Complete NBA Jersey History Project

    Can't wait to see the Kansas City Kings uniforms!
  20. Here are the logos I found on one of my NFL DVDs called "Greatest Moments In Super Bowl History" of Super Bowl I and II. I personally think they are rare but that's my opinion. Here they are for everyone to enjoy, sorry for the quality I had to take it off my TV from my cell phone.
  21. I just took a shot in the dark with that guess. Now I guess I'll have to come up with a different team name for KC, unless you already have one. By the way, great work so far!
  22. I've got an idea for a Kansas City team that can connect with Royals and Monarchs baseball teams. How about the Kansas City Knights with a color scheme of green and blue?