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  1. MLB in 2020 - 30/30 + Requests

    These are really sharp, I would like to see a home white version of the uniform with the word INDIANS across the front and possibly have the block C uniforms as a weekend alternate, what do you think?
  2. Minnesota Twins Concept

    These are absolutely perfect.....nice job!!!!!
  3. Houston Astros

    These are very nice and clean cut....I do have one suggestion, on your 2nd road set of uniforms with the orange letters, I would have a blue hat with an orange bill to help accentuate things
  4. Cleveland Cavaliers Uniform Concept

    these are nice.....have you ever considered a gold alternate for home games??
  5. Washington Nationals Concept

    These are outstanding.....I would like to see a navy blue road alternate with the script Washington on it and a vest combo with the interlocking DC on it

    I love this concept.....this is probably the most true to the heart Browns concept we've seen......I just have one question......can we get a side profile of the uniforms so that we can see what the stripes look like
  7. RetrOrioles

    I agree, these are beautiful and I'm in agreement with everyone else, have the orange jersey for the home alternate, and the black one for the road alternate and this would boost the Orioles to the top of the list for best uniform
  8. New Browns Uniforms

    now seeing pictures of this uniform, I have to admit that it is a rather clean but yet conservative looking uniform. Not bad at all. I would likt to see a thin orange white orange stripe on the brown pants however. If some could put this on the board for the Browns fans to see it would be greatly appreciated. I also wonder if they're going to where the pants with the thicker stripes at home and the thinner stripes on the road......jump in anytime Browns fans!!!!
  9. LA Dodgers

    I actually like these, I would like too see a sleeveless look with the interlocking LA
  10. Hello uniform creators. I was just on a Browns website and discovered this...click the link My Webpage.......can some one on this page create a uniform concept using the white helmet with the B logo....please advise
  11. ESPN Radio about the Chargers' Throwbacks

    if the road uniform is the problem, why don't they just add a set of powder blue pants for the road?
  12. My Take On The St.Louis Rams

    In regards to your retro version, I would like to see blue pants on the road as well as the white set you posted earlier
  13. Browns Concept

    try these updates.....add orange & brown pants for the road, and change the face mask to brown, and see what you have
  14. If the Browns really wanted to go retro, I would put numbers on the side of the helmet. For all of you Browns historians, from 1957 to 1961 the Browns had brown numbers on the sides of their helmet
  15. Buffalo Bills 2006 Uniform Concept

    once again, very nice work. No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills......PS.....CAN YOU HOOK UP MY BELOVED CLEVELAND BROWNS