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  1. Yeah I'm not a fan of the raised helmets logos.
  2. I'm the opposite. I liked the Dodgers one (still prefer old decals though). And I really do not like the raised StL.
  3. Here's the BP uniforms....CHECKERBOARD!!!!!
  4. They do look good but I think they've worn a version of every uniform already including the cream throwback. Other than maybe the plain white and plain grey. Coastal is solid as always. Kentucky got a couple of new uniforms but I think they started to wear the blue uniforms last year. Black is new this year and they have new "batting practice" jerseys that I bet will be worn in a game. Will have black hats and black helmets also.
  5. Agreed on Mr. Met especially. I liked the orange brimmed hats with the home alternate. Won't be buying that new hat, looks super generic.
  6. Like of all of them except UofL. But I did go to UK so there's that. Adidas has been really good with baseball lately besides the tequila sunrise/ChiSox throwbacks for everybody. Probably won't see Arizona State in anything but pullovers as long as Tracy Smith is there. That's all Indiana wore when he was there too. Love the Nebraska's and really like when NC State actually puts effort into what they're wearing. Meaning not copying other teams they have no connection with or just slapping on a super generic script font.
  7. I can't stand what Oklahoma State has done to their look. They looked like a movie football team tonight particularly with the helmets. Seems like it's been years since they've worn the all white helmets that we're used to seeing with Ok State. Or worn orange for that matter. Their original rebrand with Weeden/Hunter/Blackmon was awesome. But this last one is awful. Every time I see them on tv, Oklahoma State is never my first guess on who is playing.
  8. You are correct. Only have grey in the road blue alternates/hats. I didn't like them at first but they have grown on me esp. the hat. And we have a little history with wearing grey in the 80's.
  9. Good thing I just bought one of last year's stock. LGM
  10. Really like this! I'm still pining for the JJ/Colt Nike uniforms but this is easily the best look since that one. The rainbow look on black looks a little strange to me. They have always used it with green and for some reason it really works well.
  11. Always love your work! Finally able to rep my team in a bowl game!
  12. I guess it's unpopular for UK fans to like the checkerboard....still love it. And I like these unis too. It won't matter anyway. Nike will come up with some new design or new uniform by tournament time and they won't even wear the checkerboard.
  13. You can make more merchandise. Just don't have the teams wear it. If it's hot, it will still sell regardless.
  14. I think the Blue Jays should just have a white home and a powder blue road I kinda agree with this. Only problem is that I like their grays. But the Jays are the only team not named the Royals who can wear the powder blues.
  15. Harvey has pretty much gone exclusively blue on his starts(home or road). There was a couple of times where he chose the white pinstripes at home but that's it. DeGrom goes exclusively pinstripes and greys. Syndergaard is more even between the two. And I'm guessing Matz, being a lifelong LI Mets fan, prefers the traditional uniforms.