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  1. jacobrgroman

    Your Favorite Teams?

    mlb: texas rangers and colorado rockies and to a lesser extent: houston astros and san diego padres (parent club of our AA club here in amarillo) nba: dallas mavericks and charlotte hornets nfl: carolina panthers and houston texans nhl: dallas stars, carolina hurricanes and colorado avalanche mls: houston dynamo and colorado rapids ncaa: (d-I) north carolina tar heels, new mexico lobos, texas tech red raiders, uc santa barbara gauchos. (d-II) west texas a&m buffaloes. milb: (AAA) albuquerque istotopes local: nahl: amarillo bulls texas league: amarillo tba (name has yet to be announced) reasons? I was born in north carolina, have lived most of my life in texas, have ties to new mexico and denver is close enough to where I live that a lot of people root for denver teams here. plus I've been to a few rox and avs games and have always more or less supported those teams since they began.
  2. jacobrgroman

    Minor League Baseball team names

    zephyrs was an absolutely beautiful name. I did like a few of the options y'all had for the name change. "BC" definitely the worst. I'm from amarillo and while I'm excited for our new team arriving next year I cringe and at the possibility (and all likelihood) of them being called the "sod poodles". I, for one, have vowed to not ever refer to them as that if that's the name chosen.
  3. jacobrgroman

    New Amarillo baseball team announces name finalists

    that's pretty much exactly what I wrote when I submitted it, in so many words.
  4. jacobrgroman

    New Amarillo baseball team announces name finalists

    you know, I don't know. it happened pretty quickly before the season started. they might not have had time to change things. either of the names you just mentioned would have been cool though.
  5. jacobrgroman

    New Amarillo baseball team announces name finalists

    I'm from amarillo and I personally submitted "windsox". we've had independent teams called "dillas" for several years, which was an incredibly popular name and was a big merch seller in town. I don't know, however, if there are legal/copyright reasons why that name can't be or wasn't chosen. and most recently we were just plain "sox" (because another team had the trademark on GOLD sox) for a few years before they changed it to "thunderheads" which is supposed to be another name for a thunderstorm cloud. that last name was originally pretty much universally hated here because they never asked our opinion about changing the name and we were so used to the history and tradition of the (gold) sox name but overtime it grew on us. I know personally I'd welcome back the name "thunderheads" with open arms. now these choices? these choices are crap. plain and simple. I signed a petition yesterday requesting/demanding more options when it had a little over 1,000 signatures and right now it has over 5,000. I know that minor league names are often unique and that they want to cater to kids AND adults and there are a lot of names out there that are pretty good (sans baby cakes...) and get the job done. these five do not.