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  1. MLB by NIKE

    I think the purple and teal works better with the sand-colored uniform.
  2. MLB by NIKE

    I can live with these updates.
  3. Let's begin the NL today with the NL East! BRAVES: MARLINS: METS: PHILLIES: NATIONALS: The NL Central will be up next!
  4. MLB changes 2018?

    Maybe I'm just blinded by nostalgia, but those TATC jerseys don't look as bad as I remember.
  5. MLB: Project 32 - AL West Dugout Jackets Added

    Oh man, I would pay way too much money for all three of those White Sox jackets.
  6. This might be sacrilege, but how about a navy Yankees alternate?
  7. Nice job on the Mariners! The new teal and navy shades look great and I really like that you brought back their old number style. What if you made the center of the compass white to make it more clear that the logo is an "S"?
  8. That's kind of the idea. I addressed this in the first post. It's similar to how the Players' Weekend uniforms all used the same basic template and number style. I appreciate the feedback, though.
  9. MLB: Project 32 - AL West Dugout Jackets Added

    Love the dugout jacket designs! A welcome surprise addition to this amazing series.
  10. MLB: Project 32 - AL West Dugout Jackets Added

    The new socks on the Astros are an improvement, and the M's look great. Nice updates!
  11. Let's continue today with the AL West! ASTROS: ANGELS: ATHLETICS: MARINERS: RANGERS: C&C are welcome. The NL East will be up soon!
  12. MLB: Project 32 - AL West Dugout Jackets Added

    Fun to see this series back! Solid updates all around. I really like that new Twins alternate. One small suggestion for Houston is to flip the orange and navy on the socks so the bottom portion matches the sleeves and cap. Looking forward to what's next!
  13. This is great! I love the duel green shades, especially on the pinstriped set. My only suggestion would be try to center the "A's" logo within the roundel. I'm really happy this series is back, and I hope you see it through to the completion of the AL.
  14. Up next is the AL Central: WHITE SOX: INDIANS: TIGERS: ROYALS: TWINS: For the Tigers, I decided to do something close to this alternate design so it wouldn't just be an off-white version of their everyday home uni. The Nationals will get a similar treatment once I get to the NL East. C&C appreciated, and the AL West is up next!