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  1. MLB by Under Armour

    I love that new primary logo! Can't find anything I'd do different with your Pirates set. Great work once again!
  2. MLB by Under Armour

    Wow, you've topped yourself yet again! I've never really cared for the "Stingrays" moniker for Tampa Bay, but you've found a way to make it work. Those two shades of green look amazing together. So much better than their bland current identity.
  3. Outlandish yet restrained designs

    What year did the Tigers wear racing stripes?
  4. MLB by Under Armour

    Beautiful job with the Rockies! I LOVE those new wordmarks (huge improvement over their current ones) and it's always a great idea to drop the black. The only part I'm not a fan of is the silver wordmarks and numbers on the purple alternate.
  5. City/State Color Identities

    Ooh, Detroit is a tough one. On the one hand, you can't have a team called the Red Wings not wear red, but on the other hand, I can't picture the Tigers in anything but navy and orange.
  6. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Yankees 30/30)

    I love that color combo and the "OC" monogram logo!
  7. Glad I could teach you something new! Next up we have the Atlanta Braves. The Braves get two different designs, one modern and one '70s throwback. I really like how the throwback turned out. C&C appreciated. Any special requests for the next team?
  8. MLB by Under Armour

    The Twins are really solid. I like the red script on the road jersey. I'm curious now if you'll change the color scheme for the Indians.
  9. City/State Color Identities

    I'm surprised by how much I'm liking that color scheme for the Rockies!
  10. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Yankees 30/30)

    I've really come to love that "Cubs" script. It looked great on @Victormrey's 2020 Cubs concept and it looks great here. That jersey would sell like hot cakes here in Chi-Town.
  11. MLB | Seattle Mariners Rebrand

    This is great. Could we see a full uniform set?
  12. Any suggestions on what to do with the Mets? They pretty much epitomized the BFBS trend, so I'm not sure what I'd do differently. In the meantime, I did tweak another team that notoriously went all-in on BFBS, the Kansas City Royals: This time around, I used the powder blue from their alternate, and I think it works a lot better. Thoughts?
  13. Not many teams left now. Anyone have any requests?
  14. MiLB teams with MLB-caliber identities

    I still can't figure out what that logo is supposed to be.
  15. MLB City Edition Series by Pinch Designer (Yankees 30/30)

    There's a really cool futuristic vibe to this design. I absolutely love that "PHX" wordmark.