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  1. Love that new color scheme for the Bravos! Just curious, you said you'd be adding four teams to the original eight, but the topic title says "2/14." So will there be 12 or 14 teams total?
  2. I should've been more specific. I love their logo and color scheme, but their wordmarks are a little generic. An Olde English wordmark would be an upgrade.
  3. Australia would make sense. Plus their current identity is a little generic.
  4. This should probably go in the Concepts forum.
  5. I've been looking forward to this series! I agree that the Pirates-esque "Caracas" wordmark is the better of the two. For consistency, use it on the navy/yellow alt, whichever you end up going with.
  6. Maybe the problem isn't the cream but that the pirate is too colorful. Try making the pirate's color scheme closer to the 1987 version (black coat, red shawl, black hat, etc.) and maybe make the "Pirates" wordmark solid yellow with a black outline.
  7. I like it, but something about the cream/tan colored diamond seems out of place.
  8. Some cool designs here. I really like Bryan Spangenberg and Andrew Stone's designs.
  9. How so?
  10. An account I follow on Twitter posted this set of Rockies concepts. Anyone know where they're from?
  11. Nice job! I'm really enjoying this unofficial series of MLB logo updates you've been doing. I'd love to see you tackle my White Sox.
  12. On its own merits this is a solid concept, but I agree with @Dan O'Mac that this makes the Fish look too much like the division rival Mets. Maybe go with a lighter shade of blue? I too feel the red in the logo is unnecessary and doesn't contrast enough with the orange. Also not a huge fan of the numbers style you used. I'd either use their current one or find a more 'art deco' numbers style.
  13. Hats off to Malt O Meal, for they've also resurrected Oreo O's cereal.