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  1. Not sure I like the powder blue drop shadows, now that I see them. Definitely go with the red undershirts, belts and socks, though.
  2. I'd also like to hear how @SFGiants58 would propose using the light blue for the Indians. The idea intrigues me.
  3. I like it! I think in addition to Chief Wahoo being phased out, we might also see the "Indians" wordmark being used less prominently on the jerseys, so this makes sense.
  4. Love the satin fauxback. As far as the road jersey goes, it seems a lot of Dodger fans find the "Dodgers" road jersey extraneous, and they're correct--Visually they're exactly the same except for the wordmark. I would pick one or the other to simplify things. Already through 1/3 of the league--Keep up the awesome work!
  5. Home jersey and alt are both upgrades to what they currently wear. Nice job!
  6. Great to see this series back! I love what you've done with the Braves and your reasoning behind it. My only complaint is a very small one--the Native American head looks like it's wearing lipstick.
  7. Could we jump to the other side of town for the Cubs next?
  8. The only thing the fauxback is missing is the trim around the neck hole.
  9. The updated Sox aren't showing for some reason. EDIT: Now they're working. I really like the '80s throwback in modern day colors!
  10. The Sox look good on their own terms, but I agree that the color scheme is too similar to the Indians and Twins, both of whom are also in the AL Central. If you want to retain one of those colors, I'd recommend the red--that way you could create something that recalls their '59 look.
  11. Sublimated tiger stripes = YES!!!! Any chance we could see the White Sox next?
  12. Great update! And I agree, this new purple for the Rockies is a nice compromise between what the actual team used to wear prior to this season and your original shade. Can't wait to see the Bees!
  13. I honestly prefer the "C" in your previous post.
  14. What do you mean by "double blue?"