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  1. coco1997

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Chicago Cubs (18/30)

    The Braves and Cubs both turned out great! The Braves are like if their ‘70s set was taken one step further and this was the result. Can’t wait for the Rockies!
  2. It’s so awesome seeing all the different possible Giants relocations together in one place. It’s a real testament to all the hard work and creativity you’ve put into this series.
  3. Wow, great job with the different variants on the TB Giants! I’ll break down my feedback by each version. Version 1- I really dig the “half-arched” wordmarks. The drop shadowed version is pretty hard to look at. Neo-retro Version - The primary with the Sunshine Skyway Bridge = chef’s kiss. One small nitpick: is it possible to round off the openings inside the “B” in “TB” so it looks less like a modified ‘8’? ”Florida-fied” version - This is easily my favorite. I’m not sold on the “Tampa Bay” script, though. I wonder if you could use the “TB” logo as a crest, or even just reuse that gorgeous “Giants” script on the road as well, similar to how Rays use the same wordmark on both their home and road jerseys. I’d also like to see a white crowned cap, maybe as a Sunday home option? Great work, and I look forward to whatever’s next!
  4. I always thought that was an underrated look for the Mariners. Nice job!
  5. The new cap logo is a HUGE improvement. Adding the Pirates/Giants serifs is just what it needed. Can't wait to see the Tampa Bay Giants next!
  6. The “SJ” monogram doesn’t really work for me, and I feel like I can’t properly articulate how to fix it. I wonder if you’d consider just promoting the actual San Jose Giants cap logo to the Majors, as it’s pretty fantastic. Maybe make a version in black with an orange stroke for the secondary logo? I know you said the logo didn’t fit with the rest of the design, but I don’t think that should stop you from using it. P.S. I love the TB Mariners in royal and gold!
  7. coco1997

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Chicago Cubs (18/30)

    The D-Backs look outstanding. I could actually see them wearing something like this as a more “evolved” version of their current home uniforms. Great work!
  8. Nice job, and worth the wait as always! The logos and scripts all look strong. I love the shoulder stripes on the dugout jacket! I am curious how the set would look in the M's' original blue and gold, as that would feel more "Mariners" in my opinion.
  9. Quick mock-up of a new Marlins PW look based on their new redesign:
  10. I think I actually prefer the '90s version of the Whitecaps, but the more modernized design looks great, too. Looking forward to the Tampa Bay Mariners!
  11. Great identity and a great color scheme! The cap logos in particular for both the Florida and Tampa Bay versions are strong. He is indeed. For years Herb Kohl's Milk House was the highlight of the Wisconsin State Fair. Mmm, root beer flavored milk...
  12. Now that’s a magnificent color scheme!
  13. Oh man, the Panthers are totally ‘90s in the best way possible! The colors, the primary and the secondary logos are all excellent. The only part that doesn’t work for me is the tertiary logo. It just looks like a couple disparate ideas (the state outline, panther face and “F” logo) floating together. I think you could simplify the logo or just drop it altogether and the concept wouldn’t suffer for it. Pumped for the next expansion team!
  14. coco1997

    MLB x Nike Aeroswift - Chicago Cubs (18/30)

    Great job on both Texas and Toronto. Looking forward to the NL!