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  1. coco1997

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Los Angeles Angels Added

    Wow, this is easily my favorite concept in this series so far. The Lakers as an MLB team? Sheer genius. My favorite look is the home alternate with the gold billed cap. You definitely did not disappoint with this one!
  2. coco1997

    MLB changes 2018?

    @Victormrey figured out exactly what the Angels should do to fix their uniforms:
  3. coco1997

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Los Angeles Angels Added

    Eh, I think I prefer the original "DC" logo. It's nice to see the wishbone design, though. Ready to go west!
  4. I wonder if you could get @JJSCOTT's permission to borrow his wonderful Rockies triceratops cap logo for your Rockies concept.
  5. Yep:
  6. Nicaragua turned out really nicely! The alt is my favorite of the set. Can't find anything I'd change.
  7. coco1997

    Negro League Teams in the Present Day (Indianapolis Clowns)

    The Clowns are really fun. Nice use of the late '80s White Sox "C" for the "Clowns" script. Love the pinwheel caps and the sleeve patch, too. Great job! This series went by too fast. I'd love to see a few bonus teams! There are still a handful of great Negro League identities out there. Personal favorites are the American Giants, Barons, Monarchs, and Clowns.
  8. coco1997

    MLB by NIKE

    I think getting rid of the navy outlines on the road numbers but keeping them on the script is a good compromise. Nice work!
  9. coco1997

    MLB: The Defunct Saga - Los Angeles Angels Added

    The '80s Twin-ified Nats and Senators look great! I really like the interlocking "DC" logo. Really curious to see what the next team is...That magenta and gold color scheme looks mighty intriguing.
  10. coco1997

    Negro League Teams in the Present Day (Indianapolis Clowns)

    Of the two options, I definitely prefer the green and orange one. Coupled with the oak leaves on the sleeves, there's a really nice Irish vibe happening. All in all this is an interesting re-imagining of the original Oaks uniforms which were very traditional. Well done!
  11. Really glad you decided to lose the sleeveless look for the Netherlands. The alternate is out of this world!
  12. Something like this?
  13. coco1997

    MLB by NIKE

    I actually really like what you've done with the Brewers! I'm still not a fan of their current scripts, but simplifying the outlines/losing the drop shadows is a major improvement. The alternates are really nice and unexpected. I wonder if you need the navy outlines on the road script. It might look cleaner if the scripts and numbers were just white with gold outlines.