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  1. I grew up in Buffalo, NY and the one thing that makes me relive my childhood all the time is when im on the mothership and look at the sabres red and black era. So I tried mixing old and new (or older technically). Here are 2 attempts at this plus another one with a different striping pattern.
  2. any Adidas hockey svg templates floating around?
  3. I'm a huge fan of linkin park and never got around to see them live which is very unfortunate for me. He has such a powerfull voice and even people who aren't fans will agree with me on this statement. His voice and musicality will be deeply missed.
  4. Modernish Jack Eichel, LeSean McCoy, Ryan Miller, Fred Jackson ((or Kyle Williams) toss up between the two)
  5. Jim Kelly, Bill Polian, Ralph Wilson, Derek Hasek
  6. I was scrolling through the NFL page because of updates and once again I stumbled upon the bombers logo. I tried my hand on it. It has a little inspiration on the Winnipeg Jets from the plane, but I really tried to capture the old bombers logo and give it a good update. Uniforms coming soon if wanted.
  7. no just a background
  8. 205 views and no comments? im open to any criticism bad, good, any.
  9. nhl

    looks like an ugly sweater for christmas in a good way
  10. Love the kings! really looks good on them One suggestion on the avalanche is the away on the sleeves. Try adding a little marron some where it seems empty.
  11. Everything was pitch perfect than i saw the Capitals. Man, im telling you now that does not work. If your going to do many horizontal stripes it needs to be canadiens or ottawa alt style. Its not good. I love everything else though
  12. Thank you, Thank you in no mean i tried to do that but thank you
  13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers was a big day too
  14. looks like Sacramento Kings logos were unveiled that day but im not buying.... mabye it was the boards update?
  15. My feeling right now towards Adidas
  16. or the fact they said that alternates are now a thing of the past
  17. they said that when nike did the nfl..
  18. black lines on dark charcoal
  19. true! honestly never thought of this one its simple for the people who think Johnny is too detailed, and its 100 times better than the orca +they still have the team name on the front but alot better built
  20. After a long year of school, I finally have summer break and coming back with new concepts for you. I can't wait to get back in the game with a little more experience with my graphic design class. So here we go.
  21. llfhockey

    ok i tried to fix it a bit the white outline goes throughout the whole thing so I hope that fixes the sun issue. It looks really blank on the helmet without it though.
  22. Anything on that new secondary look the sharks came out with last year? I've never seen it used.
  23. llfhockey

    how so? what about it is weird that i can fix on it?
  24. If the Bills don't make the playoffs by the time im 25 (their 26th year out of it), then yeah its quite a possibility.
  25. llfhockey

    Let's start with the Dolphins! Pros I'm in love with the new sunburst which can be seen on my "new" Dolphins logo, and also on the shoulders. Cons New numbers just look weird, so I didn't exactly bring back the old font but never less the drop shadow and outline are back. The new color scheme seems empty, so I a darker navy as an outline color. Let's get to the elephant in the room. No one is a fan of the new logo. So I brought back the old logo with some easy modifications such as getting rid of some white. New I'm a big fan of the bills with the logo on the back and I feel like it fits with the Dolphins. Be prepared to see this with more teams like the Lions and others. So I started with the orange M on the helmet like the logo but it felt really empty so I made some changes which just ended up making a new secondary logo. I hope you enjoy my modern retro-ish twist on the Dolphins. And please C&C! Logos Home Away Color Rush