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  1. So for my AP project, I'm creating 3 lacrosse teams from scratch. Each team will have 4 things. A logo, uniform presentation of some sort, game day graphics, and a website. And I want your help so I can get the college credit.
  2. AP Graphic Design Work **Critisism Wanted**

    I tried simplifying it and I totally agree, will get on that.
  3. AP Graphic Design Work **Critisism Wanted**

    First Team and their logo are the Virgina Voyagers.
  4. Sport Template Help!

    Ok, so here's the issue. I just entered AP Graphic Design and I've run into a dilemma. So because we are creating a "professional" portfolio, everything has to be 90% created by yourself. That means you can use host images but you can not use anything copyrighted whatso ever, and as a sports designer every idea I had flew out the door. So I created the idea of making a lacrosse league by scratch but my teacher doesn't really know the ins and outs of making a sports template on photoshop. Preferably action shots. So I'm reaching out to you guys some who have made tremendous templates to learn your ways. Please someone save me!
  5. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    Exactly the comment I needed I'll try to get stuff fixed.Thank you!
  6. After a long year of school, I finally have summer break and coming back with new concepts for you. I can't wait to get back in the game with a little more experience with my graphic design class. So here we go.
  7. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    Got a lot on this one. Also the LV is for the move in a few years.
  8. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    Not going to lie a lot of inspiration to this set was from past Notre Dame Shamrock Series uniforms. Even the helmet has a chromish finish. I also added a bolder gold and made the black more of a charcoal color. But honestly, it pulled together and made one of my favorite creations.
  9. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    Sorry, it took so long.. football started up. anyways i think its too much yellow but ill let you decide on yellow or white horns.
  10. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    For consistency, i agree. It looks a little off, ill post one with the yellow horns, but im more sold on the white ones.
  11. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    Got the rams all finished up!
  12. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    Nice! ill get rams and saints done as soon as possible.
  13. NFL 2018 Changes

    Just start of pre-season and i thought it was time to make a new one. Who do you think could get the next redesign. And maybe it was just me but didnt i hear something about the Titans possibly getting new uniforms.
  14. NFL 2018 Changes

    I disagree can't a man be eager for new uniforms. Footballs back!
  15. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    anyone else... i pushed out 3 concepts i would like a couple more comments before i post something else
  16. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    I'm currently working on the LA Rams and I have a Saints concept in mind.
  17. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    Now I wouldn't call this one exactly original, I think I saw the dots somewhere I'll give credit if someone claims it. Just trying to modernize the Colts a bit.
  18. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    My last reincarnation is a jets concept based on a recycled bombers logo I made in my last concept. Jets
  19. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    Next up is my chargers concept just want to bring it over here and drop the other one. Chargers Sorry lost the SVG to the first one so its not as updated as the rest
  20. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    Changed the system a bit. New background, that my chargers concept had. I'm basically combining all of my past work into this thread. Plus each team has a throwback now. Dolphins
  21. Post your pic!

    me and my lady from the marching band trip to new york city
  22. Post your pic!

    Am i the only one that thinks mockba looks kinda like sal from impractical jokers
  23. LLFHockey's Return to the NFL (7/32)

    Updates to miami as long as other teams coming soon to a thread neer you
  24. Advice on a Logo

    Make the background a basketball if ypu were trying to make a knicks look