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  1. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    Those Palmeiras kits all look beautiful but how would any of them work as a clash kit?
  2. 2015-16 Soccer Kits and News

    Rayo Vallecano's second kit... will be sure to get people talking https://twitter.com/rvmoficial/status/616193912810655744 Sorry, don't know how to embed pictures on mobile
  3. 2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    Yes, plus Atletico Madrid had that exact template this past year. I'm thinking fake
  4. 2014 FIFA World Cup

    This is great- an interactive infographic showing each country's uniforms for every World Cup. Really well done, and you can see just how crazy USA 94 really was for all these teams http://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2014/may/30/-sp-world-cup-kits
  5. 2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    Rayo Vallecano 90th Anniversary kits- absolutely beautiful. I love the collar, and the fact that the manufacturer logo only appears on the sleeve (how rare is that!)
  6. 2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    Aaaaand... here's the away and third kits. Sigh, just sigh. I remember when Porto was a good-looking club
  7. 2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    WOW! FC Porto to Warrior? Now I have seen everything. Warrior must have been handing out some serious cash to attract clubs for 2014/15.It looks okay, nothing spectular. It looks like a mid 2000's NHL jersey, with the awkward horns. Or a lacrosse jersey, which makes sense considering it's Warrior. Absolute :censored: compared to their past couple Nikie jerseys
  8. 2014 FIFA World Cup

    This is a really lame excuse. First of all, red vs. blue is a really nice colour comnbination. Somehow, it wasn't a problem during the last Euro final (Spain vs. Italy). Secondly, if Spain has to change the kit why won't they simply use the black one and let the Dutch use orange? $$$$$$$
  9. 2014 FIFA World Cup

    From the article: "FIFA had asked all 32 participating 2014 World Cup teams to prepare two very distinguishable shirts, one predominantly dark and the other light-colored. Apparently Spain's red 2014 World Cup Home Shirt and the black Away Shirt didn't meet these criteria, as a result the international football federation have asked Spain and Adidas to carry a white shirt for the group match against Netherlands. Following this case and the strict interpretation of the rules by FIFA, we could see more not yet unveiled shirts in the 2014 World Cup starting next month. Cameroon, in a friendly yesterday, already wore an unknown white kit, which could possibly have been requested for the match against Mexico in Brazil." Looks nice though
  10. 2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    Barcelona away
  11. 2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    nice very classy and traditionalExcept for the giant Qatar Airways logo, but I guess it's too late to complain about that
  12. 2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    A couple La Liga away leaks Atletico Madrid: \ Athletic Bilbao:
  13. 2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    Something different for Inter
  14. 2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    Liverpool away and 3rd also leaked. Not as crazy as past years
  15. 2014-15 Soccer Kits & News (too early? nah)

    Bayern 3rd