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  1. I think you need to put a wordmark or logo somewhere on the titans jersey, they look kinda barren. Otherwise they look great
  2. I would have the pants stripe flipped so it comes out of the waistband. It kinda looks like it's stabbing the player wearing it. Everything else is great
  3. JTswag187

    Buffalo Bills Mount Rushmore Image

    They need rougher edges, also where's OJ?
  4. Easy to read?? This is the XFL, nothing is allowed to be easy. Also those Chicago logos are fantastic
  5. JTswag187

    Houston Texans : NFL by honeybadger

    The creativity on this idea is so left field, I love it.
  6. JTswag187

    TNF Color Rush by bbb

    Yeah that yellow Cards jersey is a no for me.... also Gary Barnidge isn't on the Brown anymore
  7. JTswag187

    The Arizona Cardinals of Phoenix in Glendale... Logo Concept

    It's definitely way more realistic without distorting the Cards current brand or aesthetic. Arizona has one of the harder logos to update in the league, but this is my favorite attempt on this forum. Realistically I feel like the teams current logo combined with the relative success of the team compared to their past will make it stay for a long time.
  8. The pants stripes for the Spiders are genius. I've been waiting for the 90s in this series, this is a great way to kick them off
  9. JTswag187

    Atlanta Hawks concept + NIKExNBA template

    No way this a Nike jersey, why is it still in intact?
  10. I came here thinking Detroit's team was legitimately named the teasers.... Also the D in the wordmark looks too much like a backwards G, great work otherwise
  11. This is gold, so many things on this forum that everyone does in their NFL concepts. For example: using copper with the Cardinals bring out the red in the Ravens color scheme striping consistency for the Bills eliminating silver from the Panthers That's all I could think of, but this a hilarious idea and you should run with it
  12. Nice updates for San Diego and Tampa, those blue home jerseys are beautiful. What you could do to fit the Firebirds secondary logo on the helmet is tilt it (the Arizona Cardinals do this currently).
  13. JTswag187

    Nike State Mascot Series

    Would love to see how you would do the Terps. Maryland is such an impossible shape to use
  14. I think the Orange and blue would work great if the orange was more similar to Buffalo's and the blue was less saturated.
  15. JTswag187

    March Madness Concepts

    Putting Skylines on shorts is something Adidas will definitely do in the next five years.
  16. Love the new look for the sharks, I hope they eventually change colors but I can see why they did what they did. One thing about the design that confuses me is if you're trying to distance yourself from the imperials wouldn't you want to wear as little red as possible? If so, the red pants seem kind of out of place. Personally I would've gone with yellow or white pants. Also are we going to see a field design for the Sharks?
  17. I hope that the Krewe wear teal and purple with the unnecessary black in the 90s so bad.
  18. JTswag187

    Michigan Wolverine Logo

    A has a much better head shape. I love the subtle M at the top of the head. Maybe it's me but the eyes seem a bit small for a logo.
  19. JTswag187

    LOGOLYMPIAD 2016 - Event 5 Voting

    5 4 7 HR: 1, 14
  20. JTswag187

    MLB Asian Heritage

    This is awesome, one of the coolest ideas I've seen. If this happened I would by a jersey or two for sure
  21. JTswag187

    mbannon's 2016 NFL Uniform Concepts - NFC North (7/25)

    The new striping for the skins in really cool, but the yellow pants should stay, they just look better.
  22. JTswag187

    Bigmike's NFL Series 2016 (32/32) *MFL leaked logos

    Great concept, but the numbers are too thick
  23. I don't think the BBQ related names for Kansas City are the best idea, they're too similar to the Chicago Butchers